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  1. This is probably what I'm most interested in right now. GRRM has straight up stated he doesn't like the pure evil villain tropes so you have to believe there will be more than one dimension to the Night King. I imagine we'll find out more about him and the rest of the White Walkers next season.
  2. I feel like a very large portion of the viewership doesn't even know that Dany is actually Jon's aunt. Could be interest if they take those characters where I think they're taking them. wink wink.
  3. Apes (2017): 6.5/10 Ugh. So much of the movie was just silly and so many things weren't believable (within the bounds of the story). And this is coming from someone who liked the other two a lot.
  4. I'm disappointed with Everyone Now as well but I wouldn't say it's all bad. I still enjoyed most of the singles and there are a couple great songs near the end of the album. However the songs in the middle of it are quite bad and I'll probably never listen to the whole thing together so I guess in that respect it's a failed project. I definitely like the new Grizzly Bear. I'd say give it some time because even the singles took a while to grow on me. Obviously the synth aspect to this one is a departure from the last two amazing albums but I can still get down with it. Losing All Sense is easily my favourite song off this thing. Aquarian is probably second.
  5. We stand at 4 mafia, 5 tp, 1skTHATS A BIG RATIO GIVEN THE SK LOOK LIKE TP AND YOU GUYS ONLY BOTHER THINKING ABOUT THE MAFIAAnyways, so this round I die.This means Heffy is dead as well.3 mafia, 4 tp, 1skFirst off, you guys are screwed unless you activate the SK purely numbers wise. (3/4 is not the same as 1/3)So here is where we kill MH.You guys literally have no brain so maybe you hit lucky and get one of my teammates.2 mafia, 3tp, 1sk.And that's when you're pretty much screwed.
  6. Yup that's what I thought would happen. I think I'm gonna give in and torrent it tonight just so I don't get spoiled.
  7. I'm still not actually going to be able to play. Thanks anyway though.
  8. Darren Dreger: Sources telling me that BW is looking for a 1 game deal with a no PMing clause. Multiple hosts interested.
  9. I'm HIV Aladeen. Still want my blood?
  10. Obviously my boy beejer wasn't on my ignore list for any significant duration.
  11. Non
  12. I'm sorry but I'm so disappointed in that last episode. The plan to capture a Wight to show Cersei is just so stupid that it ruined the entire thing for me. Pretty sure they all understand that she's borderline insane. Also, I don't think she even has a decent standing army at this point so I don't get why they'd be worried about her or want her help. Also how the hell did Jaime escape that battle?? Did they think he died in the lake? Obviously Tyrion didn't because he knew Jaime would be in King's Landing. Basically the story has completely lost the organic quality it once had. Interesting that they dropped Jon being the legitimate Targaryen heir. But having it revealed by Gilly in that manner seemed inappropriate.
  13. Why do people put me on the sign ups when I don't even sign up? Stop that. I'm truly retired for good.
  14. How about four different mafia teams with no villagers and all the mafia think they are the only mafia team. Oh wait, dral already did this