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  1. I dig it. The tone on his DM vote justification is wolfy. Also worth noting TL and Arm probably aren't w/w after Arm just called him out.
  2. Answer the questions and you'll see why. Yes I know I put TL on my list but I haven't had anything from THIS day to call him out on. Reads change. I didn't like some of your recent posts where you talked about reviewing the thread. I'll put a stop to this now. I've already been investigated by the sheriff as town so I'm not getting lynched today. You can ask JJ to confirm.
  3. Agreement in what? I quickly changed bmy opinion on you this round. Kinda hard to FoS TL when he's been MIA. He's gonna be busy with the championship game so I don't expect much from him anytime soon.
  4. Pretty solid on my BJ town read unless he's significantly changed his scum meta. I like the read on Arm but he's still in the null-scum range for me. Not enough hottakes to be town.
  5. Not necessarily. I think there's a good chance at least one scum was bussing DM. Also my hottake on the wagon wasn't going to determine my entire read. It was just a thought. What do you think of those opinions?
  6. Not enough people are talking about hashtag vs DM imo.
  7. Tf when your "pal" calls you a woman and minuses your post
  8. vote2 j23 Obviously he's not a special now.
  9. Check inbox mate (NSFW)
  10. I'm a dude.
  11. I'm worried about your safety, BJ. Don't mafia and drive, bro.
  12. I'm pretty sure I've seen you do all those things as scum. Also try applying that reasoning to your scum read on me.
  13. I'm joking btw I know what you mean. I think you have a different understanding on the term derpclear. That refers to someone making a mistake that implies they are innocent. E.g. Zfetch not knowing the game starter because he didn't receive a PM.