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  1. In retrospect that image may have been inappropriate. Gonna take another long break because I really am too busy right now.
  2. Yes that's the trade off but if the town is somewhat competent they can still form a consensus. You can't deny the fact that the chances of lynching scum increase.
  3. If we actually did the No Lynch then Aladeen wouldn't have been NK'd and that would change a lot. There was no reason to oppose the No Lynch. And leaving the doors open for the mafia to vote last minute is even worse.
  4. I'm not playing anymore with clowns like DM, Qwags ect. Can't expect to win if someone has no clue. I'll forgive J23 this once since he's still young.
  5. Aladeen has several posts outlining why the No Lynch is beneficial. Go respond to those. tl;dr there will be one less villager in the subsequent round and thus our chances of lynching a wolf increase. It's simple math dude. And we don't have anyone who is obviously town imo so the mafia are forced to narrow the PoE for us.
  6. Is there a scenario where both DM and J23 are mafia and leading a mislynch against me together? Probably not imo. I'm starting to like a J23/TL wolf team.