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  1. @Aladeen @King Heffy @Two one one get in here. Anyone know if Armby's account was banned permanently or not?
  2. I'm near the top of this list aren't I?
  3. Nice strawman.
  4. Let's all be friends.
  5. Do my eyes deceive me or is there actually no PMing?
  6. Yeah I agree with this. I think you have to either GK or sub people who aren't playing the game otherwise you'd end up with end-game scenarios involving people who aren't playing. I do think we should talk about what actually is acceptable activity. I know just voting once every two rounds isn't anywhere close and I think we should come up with some kind of standard for activity. Maybe something along the lines of a 5 post minimum per round? Anything less is hardly enough to really be a part of the game if I'm being honest.
  7. But Zfetch is hosting.
  8. GG mafia. Definitely deserved to win this one. Thanks for hosting MR. Fun game and amazing flavour once again
  9. No he's right lmao. You were supposed to lock in your votes and lock the kill to win the game. This entire round was for nothing and the DPS was going nuts ahaha.
  10. Yup that Protomartyr song is great. I listened to the leak of Avey's new album and it's alright but it could honestly get cut by half an hour and be a better EP. I liked a lot of the songs near the beginning but it really drags on. Yeah it definitely is more similar to stuff on their back catalog. I think the combo between the folky acoustics and his sampling/synths is nice but his singing doesn't do that much for me on this. The new Japanese Breakfast is really good. It's a bit short like the last one but most of the songs are wonderful especially the three singles.
  11. Armistice while we purge the game of inactives?
  12. I think we need 13 extension votes and we only have 6 or so. Might want a backup plan.
  13. extend Not that I think Boise's results will help the extra time won't hurt.
  14. T-rex is gonna get GK'd if we don't extend but is that really a bad thing considering how scummy he's been?