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  1. If I die please take a good look at Kaz next round. He's probably my most confident scum read at this point (other than Stamkos).
  2. Look at the second paragraph.
  3. The roles are always supposed to be random and anything else is rigging the game imo.
  4. I might be alone here but it's kind of off-putting to constantly see "RAPE" when reading through a mafia thread.
  5. Players shouldn't insinuate the host is rigging the roles imo. Idc if it's happened in the past, it's disrespectful to the host (unless it's Dral).
  6. I think the case against Dral is weak. He does dumb crap like this all the time as TP.
  7. So you missed all the posts about the font change then?
  8. MIlk is WAY too concerned about how he's being perceived. Christ it's like all he's talking about.
  9. Uhh I've got a town lean on Falcon lol. What do you think of Stamkos, BJ and Kaz?
  10. What about Stamkos?
  11. I mean it's an example of the type of grammatical error that comes about when you go back and revise a statement.
  12. 112, what do you think of the possibility that MR wrote it? They were both ITT at that time and it seems like something MR could have written.
  13. FWIW I think this is a very plausible theory. That sentence looks more like an experienced player trying to sound like a noob than anything else.
  14. @Aladeen See this is actual SHROOP. I revised that statement and look at the result.
  15. I don't see how that has anything to do with him being scum unless you're proposing we should be lynched just because he's a dupe.