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  1. Had to be done
  2. I didn't play the last one because I was busy. That one was acceptable imo but this one is beyond absurd. Just think about how it will play out.
  3. Read that back to yourself when you're sober and you'll see just how retarded that idea is. Seriously that wouldn't even be considered mafia at that point lol.
  4. Yup that's a Dral game for sure. Am I reading the rules wrong or are you saying there's no real town and they win regardless of which mafia team is the last one standing? Probably won't be playing this because it sounds ridiculous, even by Dral standards.
  5. My boy TL comes through! Slayin' that town LYLO demon.
  6. GM connected was by far the most fun I've had gaming in recent memory. That's everything I ever wanted in an NHL game but sadly I don't think it will ever return based on the way EA talks about it.
  7. That doesn't sound right but I don't know enough about Krazz to dispute it.
  8. @Zachfetch?
  9. Nope
  10. Yeah this. I think having a lynch on the player with the most votes each round is a fundamental part of mafia and when you alter that concept the game gets too far away from what mafia really is.
  11. Just imo but you shouldn't really mess with the lynch mechanics too much. The lynch going to the player who receives the most votes should always be one of the constants in mafia.
  12. Well I disrespectfully disagree. Seriously though, I do agree with the sentiment that fake sheriff claims from reg. TPs are too risky, especially on CDC.
  13. It basically made Aladeen out himself as KP. It's on the town for not figuring out that he was obviously mafia.