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  1. Really sorry everyone but I've had no time these past few days. I'll for sure have it done tomorrow night.
  2. The Courtneys II is legit. Not even all the way done but I like it. Female lead, power pop band right from vancouver for anyone interested.
  3. New Animal Collective EP is....pretty bonkers. I like the songs more than those on Painting With but I pretty much like everything from them. Vocal styles from Avey and Panda are nice on this too. The Jimmy Mack cover is definitely my favourite part.
  4. It's on the same level as OK Computer for me but yeah both those are among my all time favourites.
  5. mfw I'm about to post and I think to put in the sunglasses emoji. 112, what have you done to me.
  6. Thought this wouldn't be available until Friday. Can't wait to check it out.
  7. It's actual advice though. There were so many horribly imbalanced games from inexperienced hosts last year. Gonna re-retire tbh.
  8. The town may have lost but I have been blessed with this new avatar so I aint even mad.
  9. Might wanna get someone to help because hosting is way harder than it seem.
  10. It's not that hard to believe Falcon and BJ would have in-thread interactions like that if they were teammates imo.
  11. But Baer was investigated as town, silly goose.
  12. Are you guys reading what Falcon is posting? He doesn't care at all that he's about to be lynched. If he was town he'd be acting so much differently right now and he'd actually be contributing.
  13. Everyone ask themselves, does DM vote for his teammate in this situation? Also, I love the irony of him being the 3rd member of that wagon hehe.
  14. I should formally apologize to the great Aladeenis because lynching him over Stamkos in R1 was full blown potato.
  15. Also I'm about 95% confident that Falcon has peaced on this game because he knows he's not avoiding being lynched. I know what that position feels like and it's almost impossible to have the motivation to post when you're in it.