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  1. erkayloomeh

    Could Jim Benning pull a Brian Burke?

    What he needs to do is come out and make a statement the only team he will play for is Vancouver because it's his dream to play in the NHL with his brother.
  2. What I see as a problem with gubranson is his inability to make a quick competent decision when he gets the puck on his stick and is pressured . It was the same thing with sbisa. Tanev can do that and can make those decisions. That said though tanev doesn't need Hughes to get the puck out. I don't remember enough about tryamkin to say whether he's a good partner for Hughes. It's tough to say who he should play with. Hughes is a unique breed of D. I'll say this though, as far as his safety is concerned, gubranson is the best we have right now to play with him.
  3. Loved SOB when he was here. Tough as nails and ALWAYS stuck up for his teammates
  4. I don't think Goldy's value was ever high. Nylanders was.
  5. erkayloomeh

    [Proposal] Major swap with the Jets

    Personally I would not trade Bo straight across for Laine . Bo is a very key guy for us in all dimensions of the game and he is our leader. Someday, Bo will score the Stanley cup winning goal for Vancouver Canucks
  6. Does LTIR remove a players salary from the cap hit ? I didn't know that . I thought you were allowed to remove that player but had to replace him with a player of equal value or something like that ? Can you explain how that works ? Thanks
  7. Right now . But probably nylander will pick k up his game. Like someone else said Goldy's value is low right now
  8. erkayloomeh

    [Report] Ducks fire head coach Randy Carlyle

    I wonder what the city will be like when we win a cup. Probably complete pandamonium
  9. erkayloomeh

    [PGT] Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 09, 2019

    Who's that person that made fun of me at the begining of the season when I said Marky would be a top ten goalie in the league by the end if the year?
  10. erkayloomeh

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks | Feb. 07, 2019

    I was just thinking how much I dislike Jonathan toes. Then he scores .
  11. erkayloomeh

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals | Feb. 05, 2019

    Thanks . There is no doubt he touched it.
  12. erkayloomeh

    [Signing] Capitals re-sign Pheonix Copley

    I met a couple who named there twin boys Easton and weston
  13. erkayloomeh

    Optimistic or Pessimistic about Canucks making Playoffs?

    I wouldn't say I have no idea , but your right I don't know that for sure. But let me put it this way, I strongly suspect that Demko wouldn't match marky right now. Especially after markys game against Colorado. And we are lucky to have Demko in the fold. Bodes well for our future to finally have a good duo again.
  14. erkayloomeh

    The Canuck Player who is most Underrated?

    Your right. We do need Lumme. And Lumme says Bo Horvat is the most under rated.