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  1. Wasn't that win tainted tho because he broke a Russians ankle or something?
  2. I like rough and tumble hockey and fighting as well. But I thought the Flyers back then we're a dirty team. Bob Clarke is one of my least favorite hockey people of all time. I don't think he knew the difference between a hockey stick and an axe. After his playing career he was classless. I wasn't opposed to how he handled Lindros though.
  3. You know you love your team when it still hurts 26 years later
  4. You know you love your team when it still hurts 26 years later
  5. You know you love your team when it still hurts 26 years later
  6. I really don't care. I have our 9-3 win over Boston recorded. I just keep watching that. How do you finish out the season without screwing up next year? So if we go straight to the playoffs how would you feel about us winning our first ever cup in that scenario? I'm more concerned about next season with the mindset that is out there. Having a hard time imagining 20,000 people together in an arena again. Maybe the powers that be who have orchestrated this whole thing don't like pro sports.
  7. I know your post is old but I'm curious what you have against Israel
  8. I would also like to mention Brad marchands licking days are over.
  9. In October my brother in law drove a bus load of Chinese exchange students. He spent November and December sick. Now he's wondering what he had as well. I hope your okay now .
  10. Seems odd to me that you couldn't get tested after all that.
  11. During the great depression there was spawned alot of wealth also. People who had no debt and money in the bank were thriving. One company couldn't weather the storm, went under, so another bought up there assets for pennies on the dollar, took there employees on the cheap and as well it increased there clientele because they took what clients they had left. Then when the depression ended there asset went up. I heard on the news last week that some hotel chain owner they thought was going to be in trouble made a statement about a particular stock he thought was going to drop. That caused it to drop and when it did he bought it. He made 2 billion in a week. Can't remember the exact details but if you know what your doing in these times you can thrive.
  12. I think I am going to spend thee next twenty years learning that language. Sounds harder than Chinese
  13. I would like to buy out Lou Eriksson twice. Just to make sure .