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  1. I think 2011 we were a Stanley Cup team no question. To me the 94 run was a bit of a surprise. The Vancouver Canucks were the best hockey team in the world in 2011. Better than Boston As far as I'm concerned
  2. Why is everyone jumping on the op. He may have a point. I've heard also that that stuff is garbage and should t be consumed in large quantities. If that's what there drinking then they should find something else.
  3. So. With a combined payroll of 70 mil give or take I wonder what they give the kid.
  4. Wonder what hes getting paid ?
  5. When i see the pics you highlighted it makes me wonder if we ever had a top 3 pick if we would be better off trading it for a bunch of lower picks. I mean would you trrade nolan patrick for those three guys.?
  6. When all along the search for that second line center has been right under our noses. If Henrik is a 1st line center why not daniel? They are identical right? How's Daniel in the dot by the way? What is his face off percentage?
  7. I wouldn't really call that a brawl
  8. 3 -1 for the canucks Erikson Hansen Sutter
  9. Erikson scores 40^ The sedins get 75 points each. Canucks make it to the second round of the scp. Canucks have winning record against LA and anahiem.
  10. Anybody naming themselves after torts shouldnt have three pages in a thread. Can we end this now?
  11. I disagree with you. When he came to vancity he stood on his head and carried that team. As the team got better I thought he got worse. Worse than spectacular that is. I believe he was never the same after his groin injury.
  12. OK. Thank you. That makes sense.
  13. I agree with you about jake. Hansen though is too good to be a 4th line player. Maybe though if the minutes are more towards balanced between the lines. So the 4th line about 13 instead of 8. Still would want to see him on the third
  14. I dont understand how this works. So if he retires at age 37 (at the end of the 2022/2023 season,) then the penalty is 8190 in 23/24; 12285 in 24/25; and 24571 in 25/26 A total of around 45 million ????? Really?