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  1. It seems to me that softness on the Canucks is a coaching issue. That said I don't like Babcock Can you come up with a better solution as a coach? Besides I don't see the Gm getting rid of green anyway. Moot point Alf. With respect to the P Pif you have a weak powerplay teams aren't afraid to take liberties. It's twofold.
  2. This topic is a coaching issue your right. But Babcock isn't the answer
  3. personally would just like to do what we gotta do to get rid of LE. Are we resigning Tanev? Ill bet JB knows the answer to that question! If Tanev is not resigning then I would sacrifice his playoff contribution for a nice pic. Can we afford to get rid of stetcher? whats he worth? can he be adequately replaced from the Ahl? Benns not playing anyway. A late pic for someones playoff depth. I know I'm depleting the roster here, but I think we need to still suffer a bit for the long term goal and to shed cap.
  4. Here's an idea. Let the whole bench except for the backup on the ice for OT. Now that would be interesting.
  5. Isn't that what we are hoping for.....our star players to sign at a discount? So we can ice a better team.
  6. I agree. We can't take losing Demko lightly. It's the most important position on the team and he's going to be really good. But then we have to trade him don't we? Or trade Marky ? Who needs a great young goalie that doesn't need to worry about exposing there other?
  7. Another thing about markstrom. I think he will sign at a discount. Seems to me the Vancouver Canucks maybe saved his career. He was pretty average for three years here and he kept getting put out there and given the opportunity. Another thing. His playoff performance will have alot to do with his value. If he cracks under that pressure then his value drops. If we don't make the playoffs then that affects his value as well given he hasn't proven himself at that level If I were to sign him today it would be 5 for 4
  8. Lou has been a lazy player for us but lately he seems to be working hard. Thank you Lou for your hard work lately but what about before? Poor lou. Every body picks on Lou
  9. My point is that it seems we should be higher in the standings with the lineup we have. If we're only average which players would you think are not adequate enough to make us higher than we are ?
  10. We have the emergence of Markstrom. Look at the point totals of Bo Brock Pete and the addition of Miller and how well he's Played. Then we've added Myers and Hughes. Who are the two D that we are now without that we've all complained about that were so terrible? I'd say we are underachieving. Oh and Pearson has been awesome as well. And not to shabby a supporting cast with guys like motte rooster and beagle. Virtanen is even better.