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  1. Get rid of national anthem Get rid of salary cap A player passes to another player who passes it back to same player who scores gets a second assist Mike gillis was a good gm
  2. I think because of our free agent signings we will be better than you think. We also have alot better depth to cover us from injuries. I have a good feeling about nilson as well
  3. I always hated Edmonton when I went there years ago. I moved my daughter into an apartment in Edmonton a month ago and have been going there alot and am finding the city very attractive. It seems to me it has changed alot and become a more beautiful City
  4. A couple questions Why wouldn't a player like butcher sign with the team that drafted him? Even if a player doesn't want to play for that team what about the contract? That's alot of dough he's given up over the last 4 yrs no? Secondly. Why aren't these guys considered overagers if he's 22. Is that league like playing in the ahl Txs
  5. I'm going with Nilsson as well.
  6. Ohlund Snepts Larionov Suitcase Smith Bmo Lumme Hansen Burrows Mogilny Kirk MacLean
  7. Karen, Marcy, Heidi, Desiree, Kate, Sarah, Kim, Pauline, Lucy, Caroline, Leah, Mindy, Jennifer, Heather, Sandra, Stacey, Loretta, Joanne, Michelle, Carmen.....Gertrude? That's 20 plus
  8. Ken spider lockett Now we got two spiders
  9. I love these Christian hockey players that drop the gloves. Like Darcy Rota; Laurie boschman and Stu grimson. Best of luck Mike. You deserve all you've got in life .
  10. When are we going to ban his name from this board? Along with Messier .
  11. Wow. Better than JP
  12. Who was there second line when in there prime ?
  13. Is Boeser really that good?
  14. 6 months 600,000
  15. Good trade .