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  1. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    I agree and so does Marc mesier.
  2. Jets are done methinks
  3. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    I like Tampa. They have legitimately built a great team there. But my first choice for the cup would be the Caps. I Think Ovechkin deserve a cup probably more than any one player in this league. When that team has choked in the past he has shouldered the blame when really that wasn't justified. secondly would like to see the jets win it as well as they are Canadian and i like there team and there fans are cool. with that being said i must be some sort of hypocrite because the last team i would want to win the cup is the leaves. Although the coaching staff and management has done a great job in Vegas i didn't like the way the expansion draft was handled. so wouldn't want to see them win it either just yet. Its really hard for me to get fully behind any team other than the Canucks. I often wonder if something happened to the Canucks if i would continue on with hockey. Been waiting since the early 70's for the canucks to win a cup. sheesh
  4. March 8, 1979

    we must be bored to death
  5. The Canucks - your story

    When I was a kid some dork bought me a Habs jersey for a gift. So I considered myself a habs fan and started watching hockey night in Canada after getting home from playing street hockey Saturdays (east Yarrow against west Yarrow) Then my mom took me house cleaning and when the home owner came home he ridiculed me for wearing that jersey of those frogs and told me I had my own team here now the Vancouver Canucks. Jeepers I must have been about 8 yrs old . But I took him serious. Anyway some time later someone bought me a Canucks jersey. I've been a faithful follower ever since Idolized suitcase Smith
  6. [Discussion] What is Tanev's value?

    Tanev is worth somewhere in the range of 20-30 pick .
  7. On acceptance...

    I went to a game through my high School in Chilliwack for 5 bucks. And that included the bus ride (nosebleeds tho) But I look at it this way, the access I have to watch every single game is pretty cheap. And I enjoy the TV games and my pvr. I can record, pause, ff through commercials and skip any commentary with guys like tony gallager . And back in the day of the 5 buck tickets I had no cdc either. My sister annoys the hell out but I still love her. Kind of like my relationship with cdc or I wouldn't be here. Everything has changed and it's changed for the better overall.
  8. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    Crappy statement? I should have put a question mark behind it because that's what it was . Lots of.people ask questions here without going and research the topic. I've been under the impression that it's an exchange of bodily.fluids that can make you contract that disease. So as others have explained that's not the case and now I'm informed.
  9. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    Isn't there a threat of aids with licking. Seems like it should be a rule for an automatic suspension. Extemely inappropriate as far as I'm concerned
  10. So glad the leafs lost thank you Boston. The next team I want to thank is Tampa
  11. Did we just predict the winner of the amount of games also?
  12. Why is grapes such a leafs fan ? I thought he was bruins .
  13. Provorov was playing with u buggered shoulder aparantly. Was crying after the game . Felt bad for the young player
  14. Assessing the Canuck D: Some Interesting Numbers

    Really good observation on pouliot.