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  1. I'm not going to make fun of them until we are better than they are.
  2. I think it would be green to go
  3. I would want to only plày for Canucks my whole career. If I çould get 6 million somewhere else I'd play for 4 to stay in Vancity
  4. Once your established and hit Ufa you will want to play in the best city where you can make the most money. I dunno . Go ask Lindros
  5. You've done a really good job bringing this up. Good post. I've been saying it for years that despite Edmonton being poorly managed they are a tough teàm to manage anyway. I think there are few high profile players that want to play there. But remember back when there was no cap. Didn't the Rangers try to buy a team and had little success with that? There are still alot of variàbles. I believe that we will win a cup. I am dreading it if Toronto does. But the deck is definately stacked way against a team like the Oilers.
  6. I didn't know Alf was in the NHL? Isnt debrincat french for bring me the cat?
  7. I found it hard to watch the show on SN featuring the Flyers training camp and AV speaking to his players. Best coach along with PQ in Canucks 50 years
  8. Wow. You can really see the tide turning on TG popularity lately Was it the comment on the dirty hit on Boeser. I'm joining that party. Not a green fan.
  9. I want plug ins on the seat arms so we can plug in a headset and listen to the play by play
  10. With how popular Blob Mackenzie is you would think some of the other Yahoo's would take notice and want the same rep as he has . Instead some of these other guys continue to spew garbage and don't get the same notariety that good ol' Bob does. Good job Bob.
  11. Who cares . It's the leafs. The announcement shouldn't even be here .
  12. I thought abusing an official was a positive around here?