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  1. How would you like to be the sedins. Having the career they have had on this team and have to go down the home stretch like this.  Would in ever want this year to be done. 
  2. I haven't watched much in the last two months  This is the worst I've seen a canucks team look like in a very long time 
  3. The numbers for the rest of the year (Discussion)

    Your not alone. 
  4. The numbers for the rest of the year (Discussion)

    You'll need just a little more time. Then you will be with me. 
  5. The numbers for the rest of the year (Discussion)

  6. The numbers for the rest of the year (Discussion)

  7. What I keep coming back to in my mind is that in Bennings interview he said something to the effect that they were going to be sitting down here with Dan over the next few days to see what he wants to do.  Kind of contradicted himself there . I believe he's open to trading either of to se two. 
  8. And then two minutes later he says we are going to sit down with Hamhuis and see where he is at in the next few days.  He wants to sell just doesn't want to come right out and say that he would rather come across like he would like to make the playoffs. .....but he knows he won't     jb is a draft choice hound dog. We will sell two players at tdl
  9. I've been to the future.... (caution: SPOILER ALERT)

    Ya. Where is this year's first rounder. Cant make the team in two years. 
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Does anybody want to go through the work of adding up burrs salary over the years as a canuck and adding it up and averaging it out. I'm curious to see if anybody has a different appreciation of the guy. Personally I think if he took a discount in the past we really shouldn't complain.  Seems like a lack of integrity to me to bitch about him now.  But maybe that's just me 
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Well he was hilarious back in the day. I have season one and watch it with my daughter . She thinks he's pretty funny to.  Thanks 
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Lol    as a big alf fan (the real one) I certainly got that. Haha 
  13. [Discussion] Is Benning playing his cards right?

    Weber was a mistake=agreed Bart was a decent signing for the bucks Prust was a product of unloading kassian. Trading two centers like richardson and Mathias was not an option but Mathias should have been traded. Agree with you on that.   I would have traded miller over lack in a heartbeat. He did well on the kesler deal. McCann will be just as good as kesler alone. 
  14. Alex Ovechkin joins elite company. Again.

    Explain to me how you can have a ton of respect for him but nit be a fan? 
  15. I would only want lucic if it was either a low cap hit or a higher cap hit short term. My gut has always told me that would never happen. Just can't see him as a canuck