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  1. As I've mentioned several times on this board , and to my surprise I haven't gotten much response, I don't blame Gillis for that contract. Wasn't his back against the wall . If he hadn't signed Lou then wouldn't we have lost him to free agency for nothing. Then Gillis would have never hward the end of it. At the end if the day Luo had the power and he used it. Never really cared for him the last couple years he was here and some of the dumb stuff he said .
  2. Hasn't the time to appeal it come and gone?
  3. What's going on with skille. That was a really nice goal
  4. Let's all rent a 727 and go. We'll split the gas and it will be cheaper than going to a home game. I Wana boo lu and watch him get lit up like a Christmas tree.
  5. Im saying this with a bit of a smirk. How badly do the kings want to get rid of brown and his contract.
  6. Is the leaugue even looking at this hit?
  7. Not when there's still another year on there contract
  8. Wow. When your getting sat in Utica you can't really expect to be called up. Sounds like he's just not getting it about his own end of the ice.
  9. So how old will he be for there 50th anyway. If he plays for us we will have to insist he goes. Would we as the paying fans accept this
  10. I think there are a certain number of people that just don't trust what they hear from management. Management doesn't call press conferences to announce they are not trading the sedins they respond to being asked don't they? Wasn't Richards traded the following day after the gm said I'm not trading him (and carter too I think) Didn't Trevor linden of all people say he wasn't going to be president only for it to be announced a few days later? Our beloved Trevor linden lied to us. Kesler and bieksa both lied on camera about Kesler requesting a trade. If the sedins end up taking enough heat in this town I can see it happening. It wold be a difficult to do but could happen. I'd rule it out for other reasons but not because jb said they aren't getting traded .
  11. It's not whether or not we think it's any more or less moral or legal to hit tryamkin over Larsen. But I'm willing to bet you hall wouldn't have wanted to nor would have attempted to hit try amkin that way. Because for his own hide he would have avoided it. Nailing Larsen like that is a bully mentality.
  12. A plane crashes into a pizza place in Italy. Luca sbisas fault.
  13. Not true. You don't have to cream a player who heads down. Hall had a choice. You can take hit like that out of the game and still have a very physical brand of hockey. At least with fighting in hockey most of the time the 2 players choose to fight.
  14. You may be right according to the rules. What I'm trying to say tho is that the purpose of the rules are player safety. So while it's not halls fault Larsen didn't see him coming he still new he was hitting a defenseless player that didn't seem him coming . Hall creamed a player that didn't see him coming. Larsen was knocked out cold on impact. That should tell you something
  15. To me the whole idea of the whole player safety thing was started to protect players. i think theres to much emphasis on the technicalities of the hit. whether its bling side, head shot or not, if you completely cream a guy like that that doesnt see you coming then you are guilty . larsen didnt see him coming and no matter how hall hit him he comlletely creamed a vulnerable player. should be a suspenstion.