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  1. You have a good mind for the game. Dmen that are good are way more in demand than they used to be. That's why I think what we have ( including in the system) isn't enough. I'm opposed to signing 30 yr old to big contracts too. But petrangelo sure is tempting to go after if we can come up with the dough. We just aren't set enough on D if you ask me
  2. Denis Potvin (going further back) was worse.
  3. True. I think it's alot more difficult being a defenseman these days .
  4. Something's wrong. He just seemed lost in the playoffs. But something is also right when a guy is on pace for 21 goals on the third line. A really hard player to gauge.
  5. It's looking like they won't be getting a goalie from us. Wonder who they get? To early to tell
  6. When do you think we are contenders? If it's four years out then maybe we can wait for what we got to develope. Alot of it depends too on who our bottom six is going to be in two years from now. I think podz n hogs will be ready faster than most picks
  7. I agree with you we don't need an overhaul. But maybe you are making a little light of the needs on defense as well. I don't want to wait till Edler Tanev can't perform anymore and can OJ and Rathbone be ready in time for serious competition? They aren't even gaurantees yet . If we can add a blue chip guy like ekblad we go for it. He's more in sync with his development than Rathbone and OJ When you say we're really only talking about our 3 rhd spot I think your giving our d needs not enough credit.
  8. But we do need to work on our defense though. How much longer will Tanev last? Edler? Do they have another playoff run? How good do you think Myers is old news? We really have Hughes that's it. Rathbone is still a maybe and no matter what needs development. Same with juolevi. We can't really wait for those two can we. ? It seems our d needs to ketchup with the mustard we have in our top six. At minimum I would relish cernac next year. But ekblad would make me jump up in the air and scream hot dog.
  9. I agree . I'd take Debrusk over BB. Like his game better also. Seems like a playoff type as well.
  10. Okay. Alex Edler is 34 and will be making 6 here when he's 35. So we would be paying a substantialy better player another 3 million who's almost 5 yrs younger and a captain of a sc team. Still seem dumb? I was impressed enough with our team this year's PO that I think this could make us a contender . What do you think?? Would we have gotten past Vegas with AP.? AP and Hughes.? That's just to tempting.
  11. You don't like the 9? Or the 5? This is a premier defenseman. Really hard to get. I love this player . This is not LE all over again Oh yeah and a team captain of a Stanley Cup team!!!