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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    At what point does this thread disappear ?
  2. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    I thought that because it was said that lind was able to join Utica whereas virtanen and McCann couldn't. So I assumed he was an overager My concern was that maybe he wasn't that good. Kind of how I remember Dane Fox. Lots of points but older than the rest.
  3. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Thanks alot makes sense to me now
  4. After seeing Lous effirt against Boston I'm not sure he's thrilled to be on this team. He seems a little like verbata to me
  5. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Is he considered an over ager?
  6. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Is he considered an over ager?
  7. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    How was motte? I missed alot of the game .
  8. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Can we start a bring back Holm petition . We lost without him
  9. [Petition] Bring Back Nikita Tryamkin

    She couldn't find some Russian girlfriends in a city of around two million people? Especially with the age of technology? My fiance is from the filipines and she FaceTime messenger with her mom back home all the time. She shy and has oodles of friends here.
  10. [Petition] Bring Back Nikita Tryamkin

    I'm sure he's a very good player but he sounds like it's all about him. I hope he comes back to but what happens if he comes back and isn't good enough for to pairing minutes. Will he be happy with less than 15 minutes? Sounds like a risky guy to have on the team no?
  11. Next Year's Line Up?

    Heres what I think when I look at this forward group. Can we really afford to lose the production brought by the sedins yet? Wouldn't we be far better of to do anything under the sun to lose Erikson and gagner than lose the twins? I think lipstick will be on the team but not motte. Bye dowd. And then our first round pick will be in the lineup as well. That could be a D or an F Goodbye biega and Hutton. Sign a ufa D man that can actually play solid D
  12. Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    Your post lives up to your name there buzzsaw. Well said and thank you for saying what needed to be said. Far to many CDC (critical dot com) are way to cranky.
  13. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    What really bothered me about Erikson is his effort against boston Clearly he had a greater effort in that game. It really bugged me
  14. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    You really like that term place holder for bear don't you. You just used it in another recent thread regarding bear. Not sold on him yet after almost two years since you said that ?
  15. Yea. I don't understand all the trade Baer comments. We need what he brings.