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  1. Get any good dman you can even if you have to overpay. Just not to long a term or no ntc. Makes us able to trade tanev at the deadline
  2. Objectivity is always welcome plus 1
  3. This is a good approach. If this franchise doesn't do something to improve how is there financial situation going to get better?
  4. I would have easily traded tanev straight up for serg.
  5. This is absolutely correct. Very douchy if you ask me.
  6. As long as serg doesn't pull a Russian tb got the better end of this deal
  7. If that was the case try would have stayed because wd was fired. Besides if thats all it took for him leave them hes not a team guy.
  8. Call me greedy but it would really bug me to lose any player of significance......sbisa or gaunce would bug me. I'm not exactly clear on how the ED works but from what I understand if we trade sbisa for example next in line would be gaunce. Does this trade give us something in return for these players and serve a purpose for both us and the avalanche? Sbisa and gaunce to the avs Beauchamin and Colorado's second (32nd OA) I'm thinking that normally this isn't fair value but maybe under the circumstances it is. Keep in mind we would otherwise lose on if these players for nothing. Francois can be dealt next deadline for an asset depending on what kind of clause he has. I don't think Vegas will snag him from us. Anyway everyone around here seems to be looking for a home run deal with tanev. Maybe something a little simpler would work too .
  9. I wonder if anyone outside of vancouber believes vancouver should have won that cup.?
  10. Sure. But at the ED we lose sbisa right. So now do we still trade Tanev? But if we trade Tanev before the ED then isnt the added bonus that we can protect sbisa??? Doesnt it make alot more sense to trade Tanev before the Ed?
  11. I have neverseen such a vast gap between fans for valueing a player like what we see from cdc on tanev. Could it be that gms also arent sure how to value him. Personally i think we would be lucky to get the 3rd overall and niemi fir him. I would take that right away.
  12. But if you subtract all the give aways if we trade edler and sbisa Imagine how our goals against would drop. We would win most games without those two
  13. The grease drips will get decent value for eberle. More than what ppl on this board are saying
  14. You would never get him for that