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  1. Only time will tell if we see regression at the 2021 draft (assuming Judd is gone)
  2. I'd fire Weisbrod and find a president of hockey ops to put Benning on a stricter leash. Benning is a good scout but I think he should let Judd and the amateur scouting department to do their work and then they can have healthy debates on who to draft. To be a good leader, you gotta listen to your team mates and let them do what they are good at.
  3. I really like Toffoli but since Gaudette's emergence as the clear 3rd line centre... There was no place for Madden to flourish. At least with the Kings he has a shot. Finally, maybe Pearson and Toffoli can rework that magic again.
  4. Don't quote me on it but I think Rathbone might stay at Harvard for his degree. I read somewhere that he takes his education seriously. Lockwood and Madden are more than likely.
  5. Have to put Podkolzin or Madden apart of it with a first round pick. I don't want to give up either of them.
  6. Why ruin the chemistry we have right now? The D core looks great right now and I wouldn't worry too much about Tryamkin. He needs to prove to Green he is physically fit and he can overtake someone on our team. At this rate, it might be Stetcher.
  7. Man, I am always impressed at Hughes' speed in OT. What a show. Miller is definitely worth that 1st and is not a cap dump
  8. Reward those with spots who failed to show the Canuck spirit (Virtanen and Eriksson) and punish those who played well (Baer)
  9. That giveaway was so brutal, I hope he is on the first canada line to the airport.
  10. Yeah no kidding, wish we had somee of those no compliance buyouts left. I knew Soderstrom was going to be a great player, I was hoping the Canucks would grab him but I am happy with Podkolzin
  11. Are Virtanen and Goldy on the trade block yet? They should be.