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  1. Boeser is even doing us a solid for recommending Drake Caggiula to sign with us. Brock likeability is almost as infectious as Hutton's smiles
  2. Better hope we sign stammer
  3. http://www.tsn.ca/tsn-hockey-mock-draft-post-lottery-edition-1.481511 Video if anyone is wondering... Craig Button is off his rocker, Logan Brown is a good player but there's better.
  4. Well, time to look onto the next years draft. Nolan Patrick? Yes.
  5. Doesn't help the fact that Edler and Hamhuis were out for extended periods of time. The safest pick would be Juolevi but I would be happy with either of those three Dmen
  6. But you look at his stock and it has dropped significantly. We need a puck moving D the most and Serg fits that the most
  7. Rather Sergachev or Juolevi much better Dmen
  8. How to make Miller attractive: RETAIN CAP, maybe 1 million?
  9. I think this is why, he is a terrible example of being a leader.
  10. Cole Cassels is the future! To think Gillis' final draft is finally producing some talent.
  11. He is outperforming Dal Colle in this series, and personally, if McDavid doesn't win the OHL playoff mvp... Cassels should win it. Then we would have two OHL playoffs mvp winners in the system!
  12. Cassels shuts down McDavid again!
  13. ^ Cassels seems to be shutting him down.
  14. Draft D since the Canucks need it, although Calgary is going to STILL pick before us (ugh) Kylington, Roy, Zboril etc but Benning philosophy is draft the best available player and if Harkins and Meier fall might as well draft em. I'd go for Andersson in the second round if he is available.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Vey had to clear waivers since he is on a qualified deal.