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  1. Canucks Apparently Want to Trade Miller, But Can't

    How to make Miller attractive: RETAIN CAP, maybe 1 million?
  2. [Report] Todd McLellan to coach Oilers

    I think this is why, he is a terrible example of being a leader.
  3. Cole Cassels Talk

    Cole Cassels is the future! To think Gillis' final draft is finally producing some talent.
  4. Cole Cassels Talk

    He is outperforming Dal Colle in this series, and personally, if McDavid doesn't win the OHL playoff mvp... Cassels should win it. Then we would have two OHL playoffs mvp winners in the system!
  5. Cole Cassels Talk

    Cassels shuts down McDavid again!
  6. ^ Cassels seems to be shutting him down.
  7. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Draft D since the Canucks need it, although Calgary is going to STILL pick before us (ugh) Kylington, Roy, Zboril etc but Benning philosophy is draft the best available player and if Harkins and Meier fall might as well draft em. I'd go for Andersson in the second round if he is available.
  8. Does linden vey have a future on the Canucks?

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think Vey had to clear waivers since he is on a qualified deal.
  9. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I think Bieska should retire and take a front office role. That way he can still be a "glue guy" and be a role model for the younger generation.
  10. Need to draft a D man, some quality and good D man late in the first round. Chabot, Roy, Kylington (his stock dropped so much). If I were Benning, I would trade up for Chabot or Kylington.
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    The entire D looked bad. Edler had a sort of resurgence in the earlier games but faded, Tanev looked small and vulnerable, Hamhuis made bad decisions with his pinches and didn't look like Dan Hamhuis, Weber was pretty good but small, Sbisa coughed the puck up too much although he did score a goal. Bieska was just slow and tired, he looked nothing like Bieska of the past.
  12. Sven Baertschi deserves a shot against Calgary!

    Sven would have had an assist on the Bonino goal if a Calgary player didnt touch puck before Vrbata made the great pass to bones.
  13. [Proposal] Have the lottery for 3rd Pick

    How to discourage tanking? Do the NBA style draft and have a lottery for every non playoff team pick.
  14. Sven Baertschi Talk

    Is it just me or has Sven looked like he found his confidence again?
  15. (DISCUSSION) Horvat for rookie of the year?

    That's the problem with these awards... Having the highest amount of points is the be all end all of winning the award. Bo is a deserving candidate of the calder but I think Ekbald will win it because he is so impressive as a D man. Bo is a future candidate of the Selke though.