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  1. Even if he did hang himself, they sure as hell made sure he had every opportunity to do so, putting known incompetent guards on a high profile detainee is no coincidental lack of judgement.
  2. What a snake... I honestly can't believe the lengths the media will go to to protect these people, and I'm a loyalist.
  3. Right cause I believe one conspiracy theory means I believe them all.
  4. Millenials are hilariously ignorant and Epstein didn't kill himself. I hope the alleged leaker from CBS sues the pants off of them.
  5. Do the same woke morons who hate the Poppy and what it represents understand the kind of evil our veterans have fought against? Or are they just Outrage and Benevolence junkies? How dare you... hate our veterans
  6. LOL, and the mainstream media wonder's why the middle class doesn't trust them and flocks to alternative sources.
  7. Here's a generalization for you, anyone who condones this behaviour is nothing more than a misguided virtue signalling psychopath.
  8. And yet this person gets the strong and brave stamp, nothing but a Psychopath Predator that should be castrated if they already aren't. *Disclaimer for the psychotic woke, I do not think this of all transpeople... as if it has to be said, you thinking this of me is what is wrong.
  9. Has Demko not earned more starts yet? I have yet to see him let in an ill timed stinker of a goal or play a stinker of a game.
  10. I’m not sure what you mean, but I think Demko has earned more starts, Markstrom has been great, but you can only let a stinker of a first goal in for so long before it starts to bite your team. Same thing happened constantly last year.
  11. Markström is being overplayed, the same thing has happened the past two seasons, lots of blown leads on goals he should be making saves on when playing too many games in a row. Green needs to rotate Demko in more often.
  12. So do you think Albertans are acting like petulant children at the moment or do you sympathize with them? From what I can tell, the same people who are calling them petulant children on this board are supporting you and your disdain for the English. This is not a knock on you or Scotland, but the hypocrisy that exists among certain flanks.