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  1. Sadly it's not completely untrue, Russian hockey team, Colombian Football team
  2. I find it funny how some people try to mask their insecurities by claiming someone else's jealousy when really it's just total indifference.
  3. Alberta sending their crap to BC again?
  4. Who waived Corrado? Gillis or Benning?
  5. As much as I'd like to see that happen, I doubt it, Earl Thomas is out and the road to the Superbowl is Atlanta and then likely Dallas, if they hadn't stumbled on the goal line like they did this year, get those two wins against Arizona, they'd be 12-4 with a bye. Meh, maybe next year, if they can improve their pass protection then they'll be looking good going into 2017, Legion of Boom will still be together and their run game will be solid if healthy.
  6. I hope Packers win tonight, Giants at Greenbay will be awesome. Seattle should beat Detroit at C-link, but hell, Seattle's conference record this year... yikes.
  7. Had a friend who lived up the street from me who said he had a cousin who's a real good goalie. They were the same age and both a few years younger than me. Well this kid's cousin comes and visits and we play street hockey and he's in all his ice hockey gear. Taking up a lot of the net. Since I'm a few years older I decide I'm going to take it easy on him because I usually did against younger kids, he was pretty good though saved nearly everything. So I take my game up a notch and really start teeing them up and end up putting shot after shot past him, I thought it was funny since they were bragging about how good he was. Anyways, I didn't think much of it since I was a few years older. A few years ago I found out that was an 11 year old Carey Price I was teeing up on
  8. Chinese fire drill, for real this time!
  9. Polish news "Ariel Żurawski, owner of the transportation company to whom the truck belongs, told TVN24 that he had last contact with the driver around noon. "According to me, they did something to the driver, hijacked the truck and they did what they did. This wasn't my driver. I vouch for him, he was my cousin" - he added. "
  10. SJWs
  11. That's why I think coaches are not the be all end all, Babcock is an ok coach, but he was in Detroit at the right time and got to coach Canada at the right time. He's not some magician who's going to make Toronto a dynasty team. Same thing with Quenville. Good coaches no doubt, but hardly saviours.
  12. Idiot parents who son worship and feel he can do no wrong.
  13. Yeah we're so bad we lost to two teams in one night.
  14. As a loyalist I'd rather have the reigning monarch on all the front sides of the bills and have different people on the back side every issue like they do in the UK.
  15. Yeah I guess with QEII likely soon to be leaving us and likely Charles mug ending up on the 20 there had to be a female on one of the bills to placate all the SJWs out there. Hell I really don't care that it's a woman, but A, I had never heard of this woman until this thread, probably half of the voters as well, and B, There are better female candidates.