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  1. A Manhunt Is On For A Serial Bomber In Austin Texas

    Yeah, like being a Pats fan... badum tsss. Seriously though, I've always wondered how it's even possible for people to get the materials needed to make bombs without alarm bells going off. Of course the Oklahoma City guys used some basic over the counter stuff, still, a mail bomb seems a bit more sophistacated.
  2. A Manhunt Is On For A Serial Bomber In Austin Texas

    Kaczynski wasn't even found because of forensics, FBI was tipped off from a family member of his.
  3. Haha, those look like Swedish prices, never thought I'd see the day.
  4. A Manhunt Is On For A Serial Bomber In Austin Texas

    Forensics are difficult to use if the perp has no criminal record.
  5. Toys R Us To Close All 800 Stores In U.S.

  6. Toys R Us To Close All 800 Stores In U.S.

    Toys and Wheels, or Toy City, that's where it was at in my day. Toy City at the Guildford Mall. The thing I remember about Toy City was they actually had pretty decent prices, then Toys R Us came and it was ridiculous.
  7. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    It'll be his team next year, if it isn't, and I'm patient, even I think I'm done.
  8. I've lead you to lots of studies and reputable articles over the past few years which you always choose to ignore so there's little point in doing it at this point, you obviously know better living where you do how it is here.
  9. It's as if western governments do everything in their power to make us want to hate them when in reality it's the government doing this stupid s---. I honestly don't get it, I never thought Canada would get to European levels of dumb, but here we are.
  10.öpte-tre-bostäder-till-en-man-och-hans-fruar Translate this article and you'll get a gist of things happening in Sweden. Granted this is more of an outlier than the rule, it still raises a point. When the Swedish government recently told Swedes they'll likely need to work to 67, while this guy, who's unemployed BTW gets this kind of treatment, well, there's going to be backlash whether deserved or not.
  11. I remember making a thread about 4 years ago calling out my fellow Canucks fans on the way they treated Kesler on the way out by being lemmings of the troll media and how that would have far reaching consequences. Well here we are. The hate I got for that thread was hilarious, but if anything, the fanbase proves me more and more right with each passing day. A good story for the media is a Canadian team remaining in the basement, not one pulling itself at least into mediocrity, and yet here we are with all the wrist slitting, woah is me types enjoying every minute of it.
  12. Can someone explain what that means?
  13. Please be decent, please be beyond expectations.
  14. Doesn't that usually imply though someone who could potentially make the NHL, this ORegan guy doesn't look like he'll amount to anything to me, but hey what do I know right?