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  1. I wonder if Canadians think they are immune to this. Well of course you're not, you have a predator who has been proven to prey on children Whatever Yaniv and it's taken several assault charges before anyone did anything about Whatever, but since Whatever assaulted a Rebel News reporter I guess Whatever will only get a suspended sentence. And if you're thinking well the Rebel News reporter probably deserved it, think how fascist it is to believe someone is less deserving of justice because of their affiliation.
  2. We are already a constitutional monarchy. I personally like the idea of a family being the embodiment of what it means to be Canadian.
  3. It's not their fault we're dumb enough to elect them, over and over again.
  4. The United States would never annex us as the Republicans would know it would fundamentally shift their politics, Canada would get somewhere along the lines of 60 electoral college votes on population alone, then count the number of senate seats, I think we would be reduced from 10 to 7 provinces as the maritimes would be merged. That's 74 votes, most if not all likely to go to Democrats.
  5. I’ve said before on this forum that I’m a loyalist to the crown. Would Canada be more open to a head of state that actually live in Canada? Or does our future lie in being a republic? Considering our history and the pure ceremonial nature of presidents in other countries that have prime-ministers, I would think this is a viable option. I would also be inclined to say that their first born child in Canada would be the rightful heir, not “King Archie”. Believe me, I realize many of you will think this is absolutely silly, no need to point it out.
  6. Dolphins are actually far more dangerous than sharks, maybe not to people, I’m fun at parties. Still, this team has never had a legitimate number one dman, and it looks like we finally do.
  7. Ok mister “I have over hundreds of posts moaning about trump”. Oh sorry, don’t take that too personally, I wouldn’t want you putting me on ignore again...
  8. They do this in Sweden too, deport people who have been here long, integrated into the country, have nice societal standing but were lost in the cracks of the system years ago. But then they won't enforce deportations of criminal elements because of fears of what might happen to them, kinda sad really.
  9. I doubt it, if police are fearful of how society would react to their interpretation of the law based on how it looks politically, that has everything to do with the left and right. "Ignorance is not synonymous with the left or right." I agree.
  10. From the times article: ------------------------- A senior police officer admitted that his force ignored the sexual abuse of girls by Pakistani grooming gangs for decades because it was afraid of increasing “racial tensions”, a watchdog has ruled. After a five-year investigation, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld a complaint that the Rotherham officer told a missing child’s distraught father that the town “would erupt” if it was known that Asian men were routinely having sex with under-age white girls. The chief inspector is said to have described the abuse as “P*** shagging” and to have said it had been “going on” for 30 years: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.” -------------------------------- Yes it is my opinion that we are living in a time where we are walking on eggshells not to offend anyone, an environment created by toxic left ideologues, this is all my own opinion, I don't have "sources". I choose to also believe that people are generally good and just want fair justice, if you're specifically ignoring a group because of fears of cries of racism, that's unfair and that's what is dividing the left and right, sure as s--- not me saying that's how things are.
  11. Oh no, the humanity, I identify as that as well, the difference is I am aware of my own hypocrisy. And as to the bolded point, that's hilarious considering the amount you and your echo chamber do in the Trump thread, Wexit thread, Conservative leadership thread, etc etc. Stop throwing stones in glass houses. Edit, I think it's kind of hilarious that you can't accept that the environment created by the toxic left in this day and age is why the Police ignored it, but if you want to take that as a personal slight, by all means.
  12. Cops should be taken out back as well, a gross negligence of duty. It baffles me why North Americans are so baffled themselves over the rise of the far-right in Europe when stories like this are the tip of a giant iceberg.
  13. Actually an interesting point of view, is this whole impeachment thing just Democratic shenanigans to rig against Bernie again? I don't think they're that smart but one does wonder why the articles of impeachment were passed to the Senate when they damn well know that Trump will be acquitted, evidence or no evidence. Also funny that Sanders blames Trump, lost a lot of respect for him there.
  14. Nasty indictment on society as well that would rather look the other way to a certain culture's crimes because they don't want to incite hatred. Although that's a pretty assbackwards way of thinking since, A, criminals like this bring it upon themselves and B, by ignoring it they made the incitement of hatred even worse.
  15. Article not blocked: Yep that's what you get when the left sticks their head so far up their arse, they get used to the smell of their own BS, but hey it wasn't your daughter, am I right?! They deserved the mob treatment, unfortunately the bleeding hearts will say, "those poor people, they don't know right from wrong, they've been traumatized earlier in their life." Which is of course, pretty racist to say they are incapable of empathy.