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  1. Lots of far right Nazi's from Eastern Africa, why is he even being charged? Ridiculous, play stupid games win stupid prizes, these protesters are so dumb they don't realize how easily they are killing their own movement, I have 0 sympathy for premeditated idiocy.
  2. Nah, this guy was a real piece of work, pro life badge carrier type. So long ago now though, like 10 years, I’ve been on this forum for 20, so I’ve seen a lot of people come and go.
  3. Yep, there was also that religious zealot, I forget his name.
  4. No just in general, I don't see adds on my pc cause of Ad Block, but every second post is an advert on my iphone. Lots of hidden adds as well, looks like something interesting at first but it really isn't and ends up being an ad.
  5. Has anyone seen the kinds of ads on facebook? It's all garbage, it's the only place garbage companies can afford to advertise.
  6. I still wonder if we gave Mitchell 2 years like he wanted instead of letting him walk and trading for Ballard instead, if we'd be 2 time champs right now. I think we would be, and it's a huge mark on what Gillis did wrong.
  7. You're going to commit a pogrom against local Jews?
  8. Those first two pictures have been debunked, it's not the same garage, they're from a different track, again I refer to the 2019 photo, no door between garage doors, different colour and lighting in the garage.
  9. Some people want to see the worst possibility because it gets them in the news? I'm sorry I don't know which of your questions I missed, I was up past midnight last night when I was writing. I honestly think the best thing people can do right now is take a step back and not assume the worst in everything, the FBI handled it, it should be let go.
  10. I get your point, I do, and if I knew for sure that this was a racist attack I would be just as disgusted. But from personal experience and the limited evidence, I think it's innocuous, and I think it's unfortunate that we live in a climate that can't fathom that possibility.
  11. So I guess that means that picture from 2019 is the same stall if it's the only one.
  12. Defensive, lol, it's actually pathetic that people can't recognize that others need help devices in their life and that their was a little person in Nascar, but, hey wtf do I know right? Is it the wrong knot to use? Maybe, but it seems strange that people would rather see the absolute worst in what this could be and not accept it being completely innocuous, it's the only easily adjustable knot I know how to tie, cause you know, back in Canada and here in Sweden, I couldn't get enough of seeing them legs jitter in the air .
  13. You do know that there was a little person that drove Nascar trucks at Talladega right?
  14. Even though it was confirmed by Nascar, the FBI etc etc, or is this another thing where feelings defy logic? Also, none of you understand why a noose works in this instance, or the mechanics of one, it only tightens if you pull on the knot, not on the handle. Why a noose? cause they're easy to adjust for height, I use them, but you know, don't ask people who actually need them, just make your own assumptions and call me a quack.