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    I know that part of the settlement from that 2005 lawsuit was that if the NHL were to ever not play for the Stanley Cup because of a lockout, or whatever reason, some other form of tourney could be arranged by other teams.
  2. Were his hands clenched up in fists of rage?   
  3. I'm sure this has been brought up, but how much cap are the Canucks charged if he's waived and clears?
  4. South Africa to Criminalize Racism

    This must be what it's about right? Oh wait? Them 90% feeling oppressed again despite an overwhelming political majority? Jesus. If white people still remain successful in a political climate built against them, then uh, maybe it's time to start pointing the finger somewhere else.
  5. No Vacancy Signs Start to Appear In Europe Their time will come. At least Canada was smart enough to only take in families and real children, not the fake 30 year old teenagers that are flooding the Med.  As I said before, no more Canadians should have to die in Europe when it eventually falls into war again because this continent is run by a bunch of communist retards. 
  6. No Vacancy Signs Start to Appear In Europe

    And the mayor of Cologne, who is a woman no less, is a giant see you next tuesday. Can't believe they're victim blaming. 
  7. Help me find a song

    Lets hear it.
  8. Help me find a song

    Found it, Peanutbutter Jelly by Galantis.
  9. Help me find a song

    Ok this song has a voice that sort of sounds like... you know when you slow down music and the voice goes lower? K it sounds like that and it goes between that and a higher pitch I think, like it speeds up.  I think it's a recent song but the melody parts sort of sound like it's from the disco or just after post disco era, the song does seem like an era mashup kind of song. I used to hear it all the time at work but because of the noise at work I was never able to make out what the lyrics were so I really can't give you much except I think they might say something like, I got something new or I have something to do over and over again, and the highpitch voice sounds like its saying, my bad, my bad, my bad, my bad.  If it helps any, I could hear the song being played briefly during the new years fireworks from London.
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I give The Force Awakens a solid 5/7 I tried watching that Amy Schumer movie, christ, I think she's pretty funny in real life but that movie was just one big clichéd tripe. I guess it only has a good score on IMDB cause strong independent feminists have no taste, or something.
  11. Jared McCann Talk

    I just came on here to post this, the way they're playing now pretty much makes no difference. He'll get to be a big fish in a small pond and maybe it will allow Gaunce to come in the lineup and play some games.
  12. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    Euro 2016 now with 50% more teams, and Scotland is the only one to fail to qualify from Britain and Ireland... that's gotta burn a little.
  13. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    Saddest part is this isn't even an exaggeration.
  14. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I'm aware of the away goal rule, living in Europe I find most Europeans are generally happy if their club returns with a 0-0 result, there is more pressure on the away team to score.
  15. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I don't know why all the doom and gloom? A scoreless draw on the away leg of a first match in Europe is considered golden.