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  1. (Article) Vancouver Sports Bar angers Canucks fans

    Its nice that Canucks fans occasionally remind the rest of Canada why everyone hates them.
  2. Wow. Some people don't understand boundaries. Here's a tip: if you meet a pro-athlete, don't hold their arm and hand as if they are a life raft.
  3. Get someone pregnant and have their wife force them to demand a trade. Unlikely, but possible. Pronger wasnt drafted by the Oilers and Edmonton has become a desirable place for free agents because of McDavid. Plus, most plsyers nowadays don't move teams that often so McDavid is here to stay despite the wet dreams of some Leafs fans. I don't think we will see a Heatley situation here.
  4. Also, very few players in the Ducks' roster want to their face smashed in by Lucic. Most of their top guys have a cup ring, and don't care that much or have that kind of a fight in them. Look at how often they been embarrassed in Game 7's.
  5. Becuase they don't want a suspension going into game 7.
  6. What's on Kassian's cheeks?
  7. Doesn't matter who wins this series. They will be fodder for the Preds. Don't see Ducks' goaltending, or Edmonton's inexperience getting them past the Preds.
  8. He was battling the flu in the first four games.
  9. Whoa. No way they are as biased as Bruins broadcasters, especially when it comes to calls not going their way. I think Shorty complains more about calls than these two combined. EDIT: The Gretz and Messier comparisons are a bit much though.
  10. Big D-men are no longer the rage

    When were they all the rage? Hawks always picked fast moving D-men and they have been one of the most dominant teams in the last decade.
  11. I remember when people on this forum were saying McDavid was just another 1st rounder who are always hyped... Even I though Eichel was close but McDavid is in a league of his own.
  12. His hand may have been banged up.
  13. Well, turns out you were right to be pessimistic....