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  1. I sat on my knees and prayed to jesus and thats what he told me Not sure wth your talking about
  2. I asked God about team size and hes not going to tell us..just so ya know. We'll have to figure that out on our own My guess 3. I would have been fine with 4 with the losing streak the bad guys are on
  3. Out of the players who voted at that time LL , Ceres and SA all are garnering the most attention so far Im not ready to scream scum on anyone of them just yet My top 3 players of suspicion is likely:You, LL and Ceres Alot of time between now and nightfall for that to change.
  4. Lucky lager is flailing in the wind not being able to claim/false claim Jk lucky
  5. All the players with the most suspicion warranted or not,have voted and are in that group
  6. Most players probably pick the easiest tp option at that moment..someone who's garnered quick attention someone like Kurisu(dick) maybe a few other more experienced players will use that time to vote teammates to check the box for future
  7. IMO as scum its easier to vote early then later on. Voting late tends to get you in trouble etc and a early vote is more comfortable especially in the beginning of the game when people just throw votes around like crazy Thats my random opinion of its but without that probability says no
  8. Why your worried about making mistakes as a town member hmmmm?
  9. Definitely similarities with his questions and not really throwing his own opinion/thoughts into things I also dont like his fishing expeditions on me throughout so far..seems to be trying a little too hard there
  10. Not trying to defend SS but he usually is a late poster in previous games