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  1. Only 5 more years of greatness guys. Glad to see everyone heres enjoying it
  2. Speaking of the Ghetto.... Look everyone,Its @kingofsurrey
  3. I dont see why they should pay taxes..Look how much money they're pumping into your economy and housing market
  4. You need to make the playoff before anyone starts declaring the rebuild's over.
  5. Yes. Trudeau could care less about the prairies at least sheer wont totally forget us. I dont even care about the oil talk at this point. We need investment in infrastructure or something to get people back working. All i hear on the news is his apology tour and how busy Canada is Like said don't care about the oil $&!# anymore but the blue collar/working class suffer under Trudeau and the Liberals.
  6. Oh thank god for a second i thought another team was helping the leafs