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  1. leave his family out of this howd you feel if someone disagreed with you and went after your family and broke down your door
  2. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    really? so anyone who voted for him fall under your standard? can you seriously not agree and understand any reason someone supported him?
  3. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    can this topic ever be a real debate and not just a hate trump thread ? i hated Trudeau but i can debate his side in support all day..
  4. she reported the assault to who? Feinstein? this never came out till the committee process was over
  5. What? its called innocent till proven guilty. You cant set precedent that an accusation at the very last second with 0 evidence is enough to take down a supreme court nominee...especially when the victim cant tell you a time date place and etc not to metion every dem thats part of leadership and on that commitee says theyre gonna stop the guy on day 1 no matter what ... how can any one take any of this seriously????a month later when the comittee process is over and it appears theres no way to stop him...all of a sudden, last second we have all these ridiculous claims that stops everything How does he get 0 dem support and Sotomayer and Kagan get bipartisan support come on
  6. they just wanted a investigation to delay the process in the hope of a blue wave come midterms the committee could have done a proper investigation with due process (involving the fbi)for both parties if the dems and feinstein didnt wait till the last possible second to leak But no somehow its leaked from Feinsteins office even though her and her staff say its impossible the committee process at that time was already over so it caused a delay imagine that...something the dems wanted atleast if they couldnt somehow stop the nomination..pretty much every dem on that comittee and in leadership came out the day after his nomination stating they'd do anything in their power to stop Kavanaugh
  7. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers | October 13, 2018

    this is seriously sad
  8. HVAC trade

    its a good trade. Been doing it 6years and now am a foreman at 24... i make 35 in a dead probably make more if it was busy or if i moved around for work following indistury its not for everyone lots of the newbies cant deal with the heavy lifting cuts and etc in sask its slow right now but if your in BC i heard thats the place to be right now...the job aspect is good for sheetmetal..we all need heat and nobody does or knows about sheetmetal cause its not one of the well known trades....if your good youll make a career out of it easily no matter where if you do it try and avoid the huge companies..simply for the fact youll just be a number and wont learn anything..the small shops where you do commercial,residential and shop work is where you will learn many aspects of the trade school is all math shop and theory mainly any questions let me know just saying sheet metal guys dont usually insulate unless its internally in duct (easy)or if its a small job...theres insulation companies for a reason they make less and know how to do it lol..insulating externally sucks
  9. it sucks being an alcoholic knowing you need to quit but dont want to

    what do you do when you cant do it on your own and getting help requires months off work while trying to pay mortgage bills and etc 


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    2. luckylager


      Thanks Coastal,

      I don't drink like my father did.

      I'm not a drunk like the old man was.


      This is the OP's battle though. 


      I'm just trying to relate and let our CDC brother know we all have connections to addiction and know it can be beat.


      I've either trained myself or trained my addictions.


      I have children.

      I remember my Dad being drunk AF when I was a kid. He wasn't a mean drunk, but he was drunk alright.

      My son even remembers my dad so drunk I had to carry him to his gf's car, and before dinner..


      I'm coasting just fine, coastal. You must get the view



    3. Heretic


      I was told hat an alcoholic is someone ha drinks daily - so I only drink at night.  ;)  


      That said, alcoholism is a serious issue and very hard to fight alone.

    4. PhillipBlunt


      naslund is king: I know what you're going through. It's extremely hard to deal with and is painful. You know that it's taking it's toll on you but the pull is unbelievably powerful, and before you know it you're half cut.


      My biggest problem has been the control factor. The more I drank, the more I wanted to drink. Really I was looking to maintain that sweet spot buzz where everything is roses, but I never could. Up to 2 litres of red wine a night at my worst.


      I haven't quit, mind you, but I've toned it waaay down. No drinks of any kind from Monday to Friday. Then on Friday, I'll have some wine with dinner, and maybe a couple of glasses after. I've done my best to disassociate what I do when I drink to break the habitual aspect of it, as well as addressed the causation of the reason which is trying to distance myself from my inner turmoil.


      I wish you the best and hope you find clarity in all of this.


      Western Red: I hope the same for you. I am very sorry to hear about the break up, and the pain it is causing you. Lucky is right to suggest writing everything down. When we put into physical form what is hurting us, we get it out of our heads, and are able to view it as something concrete rather than an abstract thought in our heads.


      Take care.


      It takes a lot to admit that you're in pain.

  10. 100% agree buts its also none of _____ religions buisness to be present in someones life when they dont want it it seems a little impossible when the church is intangled with everything in our civilization
  11. Woo Canada didnt Win(jets)

    Salty canucks fan here yup

  12. Aww i actually have to cheer for VGK Im a bad selfish canadian when it comes to my Canucks
  13. NBA Discussion

    so should the raps blow it up or trade for a 3rd star?
  14. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    i live in Sk, and lived In MB for many many that doesnt slide with me;) I was there for all the excitement of the jets return and also our heartbreak run.. i feel bad turning my back on Canada but i just can't support anyone else After we win ill support them all i promise I wonder if id feel diffrent if i grew up on the other end of the spectrum in BC surrounded by allies lol The Canucks really are hated