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  1. It’s be too long. Can’t wait to cheer for the Canucks once again
  2. @Ceres I think it’s time for my write up on the wiki
  3. Couldn’t have done it without you SS lol at the time I felt horrible but in the end it was critical for the W
  4. I actually went fishing lol. Saturday tho when I got back the Yukon had no cell service due to a mudslide in bc...luckily your great province had it back and running by Sunday imagine if it was out for 24hrs and I got gked
  5. Shoutout to the rocket. You somehow did good and survived as long as possible its tough being scum. next game as town you’ll be able to let er buck and run wild (he was always on in mafia chat btw)
  6. I was in deep from day 1. Didn’t really even see who my team mates were in chat till most them were gone Ripped SS our king pin early then proceeded to pretty much put the first vote on him..put an extra nail in Zs coffin. Kept voting for the rocket Bj let us know about I Toews and since I was in the chat I made the decision of letting him live another day so hopefully it looked like the alliance was good made the decision to keep j-23 alive as well which I quickly regretted but you guys did me the favour and lynched him the next day in the end I knew I just needed my alliance members alive. I killed off bj so if heat came my way I’d make it look like it was k/hoggers since both were Closer to the bottom of his list and me and lucky were the top Todays vote of K was the cherry on the top but I was still confident lucky would side with me and vote out hoggers need be tons of fun. I let lucky live so we can rebuild together as one lovely family
  7. Ugh this is stressful but I agree this is what my guts telling me as well Vote Kurisu
  8. I have no &^@#ing clue. deal with Rocket/ K and hope its game over by then this is stressful