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  1. Got to love trim day<_<:wub::ph34r:

    1. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      I hope "trim" means what I think it means... 


      The best kind...the one you wait patiently for lol

    3. Roger Neilson's Towel
  2. I find it entertaining how you made a topic for this
  3. 68 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR King of the road for a reason I'm not even a Ford fan
  4. Crazy.
  5. Patience young grasshopper
  6. First day in a year++ I haven't had a vodka..drinking around 20 litres a month has its effect and Im certainly done feeling them.

    1. Baka


      Congrats. Drinking is a horrendous for your health. 

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Indeed it does, I drink frequently, probably 5-7 days a week (not blitzed, just casual bevvies for the most part), and every year take a dry month for fun, and to practice discipline.  





    3. Salmonberries


      Congratulations friend. I can't imagine drinking 20 litres of vodka very month, I hope stay away from it. Good luck.

  7. Changing rooftop units blow when its+40.

    The day got that much better when I got home and my own ac died on me

    Good day

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      Nuxfan..are you actually serious about the salt?

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Hyponatremia results from excess sweating, & not replacing electrolytes/minerals. Apparently can be fatal, in extreme cases.


      Generally, when it's scorching, some people make the mistake of relying on water only.


      Learn something new everyday.. salt would be the last thing I'd ever think of really.

  8. Pirri would be nice but really I'd be fine with status quo at this point
  9. Tommy from the trailer park. Kids got mad skill
  10. How can you fire someone when we have absolutely no clue what these prospects amount to? It's one thing to speculate..
  11. The old lady almost lost my 15 year old best bud. Thank god for good people out there<3

    1. Baka


      I don't get it? Your mom almost lost your 15 year old friend? Your mom let out your 15 year old dog and someone returned him? 


      Whenever I've heard old lady it's in regard to someone's significant other...sorry for the mix up

      Yes dog

    3. Baka


      She doesn't mind you calling her an old lady? xD 

      I once found a dog playing in the middle of the street and picked her up and returned her. I am part of the good people posse

  12. Distraction bandaid
  13. This one's kind of a head scratcher..
  14. Apple died with Steve.. Find a hammer.