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    if this is the year.. i hope it finishes off like Linden..not quite the spanking but that night was special a ceremony is nice and all ..however ill take the distraction for one game to truely appreciate the last time we'll see them
  2. 100%. Terrorists deserve 10.5 million dollar payouts..
  3. Vegas has Oilers favorites to win the cup

    1. J-23


      I thought it was going to say "Vegas has Oilers favorites to win the lottery." I was like WTF?!

  4. Vodka ifs gonna be a good day though... positive energy
  5. I pray they retire wearing one jersey but myself I'd he happy with whatever they want. They are legends here they deserve that respect
  6. I dont think many are surprised with how the season is going.

    It's what we expected. This is the first time in a very long time I'm expecting and kinda hoping we finish last. 

    In my opinion the coach and Gm shouldn't be fired for what's expected in reasonable eyes also the team shouldn't have a fire sale..Sedins deserve to retire Canucks unless they desire a chance on a contender 


  7. One More Word

    But now I'm here
  8. Going to be quite the off-season for the Jays..


    1. Squamfan


      let JB walk don't need his ego, sign EE to what ever he wants and get Votto and Reddick

  9. Vintage/Classic gaming memories

    Supermario would definatly be my favorite Then for n64 conkers bad fur day..great game
  10. [Official] Battlefield 1 thread

    Worth buying?
  11. [GDT] Carolina Hurricanes VS Vancouver Canucks, OCT 16, 7pm

    Canucks with another greasy win
  12. What's your dog's motto?

    Feed me or I annoy you Bums