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  1. Why don't you show me the tape of him "dominating". And I'm not just talking highlight packages. Until then, GTFO Pears. I've had enough of you.
  2. Except not really. The website doesn't work for some game logs, although I'm glad Millerdraft made that post earlier. Anyway the game I was talking about he only had 1 assist. I would have no reason to not post that if I knew, since I've posted better stats for him than that before. You're a joke Pears.
  3. So we want to get younger and the Sedins are reportedly untouchable. So IMO this means... Untouchables: Sedins, Kass (Young player and just starting to turn a corner), Horvat, Shink, Tanev, Players we would easily trade if given the opportunity: Edler, Hansen, Higgins, Burrows (Hate to say this, but 0G says it all), Garrison( hasn't worked out here), and of course Booth Players we would rather keep for the retool, but would still possibly trade: Kes, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Richardson (great 4C), Luongo (only for a good vet goalie in return + another piece) This of course is ignoring all NTC's that Gillis handed away. But thats my analysis if we are actually trying to get younger while getting rid of redundant/stale players. Start with Edler/Hansen/Burrows and go from there.
  4. So Gillis pretty much knows that we can't compete with the top teams in the west, but he's not giving up? Give it up MG. Trade 2 of Edler/burrows/Hansen like you should've done earlier.
  5. 0 G and 0 A with 2 PIMs in an 8-1 win tonight. wont let me look at the monday game results
  6. David Booth and Zack kassian. the turnover kings. Edler -3. Just brutal. Only positive of this game was Schroeder. Daniel is garbage. I could've hit home some of his chances lately.' Mike Sullivan called Daniel out. "We haven't had consistent production from him for about 20 games". (Something like that) Burrows ringing doorbells for days. Still a goose egg in Goals and looks horrible on the powerplay. Why is Kassian wheeling the puck at center ice while trying to dangle a Dman with the game on the line??? Give it to anybody else. His turnover in the 1st period was also disgusting. Never would've guessed we would lose to Edmonton at home.
  7. I'm here. Good for him. Its great that he's playing at a 1+ point per game pace but at the same time we will see how he does at the pro level. His speed still bothers me
  8. 1G 1A in the last 2 games
  9. I really hope we get this guy holy crap.
  10. What a gong show. Worst reg. season loss in 10 years, easily.
  11. hahaha 7:00 5 on 3!!!!!
  12. Impossible. He is damaged goods.
  13. This is just comical now. My god this team is brutal right now. Moral victory my ass. I call this 0/4 points earned. MG where art thou?
  14. Bo would eat Cody for breakfast. but Cody is a more skilled player.