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  1. Yes, it is. They've had a great start, no doubt, but it's a long, grueling season. I, like every other Canuck fan, want to see all these kids succeed but there could be some flatlining as the season goes on and each game becomes more heatedly contested. Much like calling Baertschi a bust, it's way too early to call Hutton, McCann and Virtanen successes. This being said, I do remain cautiously optimistic.
  2. Virtanen van Riemsdyk
  3. Big changes will always call out the doubters. The Oilers were, once again, bottom feeders. Any change at all has to make them a little better.
  4. By my count, Vancouver has two roster spots open and have made no effort to fill them. Baertschi gets one. Who gets the last? I think it's Greniers to lose. He put up great numbers last year. He vastly improved his defensive game and was a force physically. He's exactly the player we need to be in the line up. He may not be a Calder candidate, but he will be a very valuable player to us moving forward.
  5. This decision, right or wrong, has made the NFL's governing body, an invalid power and will affect all sports bodies. Suspensions in all sports will now be scrutinized in courts of law, if even the smallest glimmer of hope can be seen and, in the eyes of players, will be won. Just another annoying thing to watch in pro sports. The law should've kept it's nose out of it.
  6. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Baer Horvat/Sutter Burrows Dorsett Horvat/Sutter Hansen Prust Vey Grenier I don't believe Sutter is a lock for the 2C role. Horvat had a pretty impressive rookie campaign and has a year with the core players on this team. I think he gets the inside track for the job. I think it's going to come down to who establishes the best chemistry with the wingers.
  7. I, absolutely, believe both players have what it takes to become elite players in the NHL. Baertschi has the potential to put up higher numbers than Virtanen but Jake should become the more rounded player bringing it on all sides of the puck. I don't know that they'll ever be on the same line but both could be anchors for this team in their own ways. As it's been sayed a lot already; time will tell.
  8. I have a line up that looks a lot different then many I've seen, including the one proposed in this thread and is one that, I feel, four lines can be used full time. JB has indicated he wants to bring more youth to the line up. This is the only way I see that happening. Opening night roster (Forwards): D.Sedin H.Sedin R.Vrbata S.Baertschi B.Horvat A.Burrows D.Dorsett N.Bonino J.Virtanen B.Prust L.Vey A.Grenier The top line stays the same. They were our top producers last year and will continue to be this year. Burrows has had a couple seasons of turmoil. His contract is a tough one to move, given his lack of production in recent seasons. Playing along side a speedy duo of Horvat and Baertschi should give him the chance he's been looking for to rejuvenate his career and end it with a bang. Looking from the other perspectives, Baertschi and Horvat get to play with a vet who can move the puck and has the experience to be an effective mentor. Let the head shaking begin. I've put Dorsett on the third line. To me this makes sense. Last season Derek put up decent numbers on the fourth line and was very noticeable virtually every shift. Putting him on the third line gives him the opportunity to add more to his offensive stats and spreads out the grit in the line up. It's been said that management wants to give Virtanen 9 games to see what he can do. Playing with Dorsett and Bones seems logical in the fact that they both carry the traits that are in Jakes game. Young, aggressive players like Jake can easily become targets in the NHL. Dorsett will be an effective back up for him. This line gives our young prospect a chance to show himself without having to produce big numbers. The fourth line is a bit of a question mark for me. I put Vey at it's center but only due to lack of options. I don't like him at center and would prefer to see him on a wing in the future. I think a vet like Jarret Stoll would be a much more effective middle man for this line. He is a solid defensive forward who is still available and, as time goes on with no offers, may be available at a very affordable hit and provides an effective gap filler until more youth can develop. I believe Grenier is getting a spot this year. He's been very good in the "A" and is ready to make the jump. His size and aggression will be a great compliment to our line up and, along with Virtanen and Baertschi, will usher in the new era in the Canuck story. I believe Higgins days in Vancouver are numbered and he will be dealt by deadline day. If Virtanen shows himself to be an effective NHLer without being a danger to himself with over zealous play and questionable choices, Hansen will be an attractive asset at the deadline as well. Burrows has to bounce back in a big way. I've loved watching him play in Vancouver but with as much as he's done for this team and city, the business point of view dictates that it may be time for him to move on if he can't return to, at least, most of his former self.
  9. I believe Kane was picked up with the full intention of drafting McDavid. Unfortunately, the hockey gods crapped on Buffalo's plans and they got Eichel instead (who is an awesome player in his own right). It's going to be interesting to see how their roster shapes up and whether Kane fits within their system. If their present trend of losing continues, I can see Evander becoming available in a couple seasons. Until then, I believe he is untouchable. Lucic is another player who's availability will depend on his teams success. If he plays well and fits in LA's system, he will not see free agency next season, unless, he chooses to do so. If he doesn't fit, he will be available at trade deadline. My personal opinion has the first option being the outcome. Personally, I hope we can obtain him at some point. He brings a whole lot of nasty, that Vancouver could surely use. His presence and physical play are what make him so valuable. A future line of Lucic, Horvat and Grenier could be a very inviting prospect. The perfect mentor for Grenier.
  10. I agree that NTC's are handed out much too freely these days, but the fact is that Higgins only has 2 yrs left on his with a very friendly cap hit. He's a 30-40 point guy with a reliable defensive game. His game makes him a perfect third line player. If he'd stuck with the third line with us rather than being switched from line to line, I believe he would've served us much more effectively. The only reason I see him being expendable is because of the desire to bring in youth for the upcoming season (understandable). If he had the versatility of Burrows, maybe it would be Alex who would be gone. I do like Higgins more for his defensive side, but because we are becoming heavy on the left wing and he doesn t play on the right side, he ends up being the odd man out. Too bad. I'm confident a deal will present itself; Just have to be patient.
  11. Merlin Malinowski.
  12. I liked this guy when we first drafted him. I've watched hilights when they've been available and I'm really liking the way he's developed. Every season he's improved. No peaks and valleys, just nice, smooth improvement. I'm glad we're locking him up and I'm really excited to see him with the big club. I think he starts on the fourth line and moves up as he improves. I think he's a way better option than Kassian. He knows his role and performs accordingly. There's no hesitation, which shows great amounts of confidence in himself and his skillset. I see definite third line w/ potential for second line power forward.
  13. I'm going with a UFA like Jarret Stoll. A defensively responsible, shut down type center that is entering the twilight of his career. He's won two cups and brings great leadership for our young players. Doesn't bring a lot of offense, but that's not where his value lies. He could be a great short term option that allows time for our prospects to develop.
  14. Agreed 100%. This kid is the real deal. Given proper time to develop, he's a top two center all the way.