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  1. Thatcher Demko for Shea Theodore You have to give something good to get something good. Both players are roughly the same age and have all the makings of potential stars. The difference and reason I propose the trade is because Vancouver is suddenly a whole lot deeper in goal then what they were last year and outside of Juolevi who was HIGHLY questionable during camp and pre season, we have nothing else coming from our D prospect pool. Theodore is a stud and has all the makings of that #1 D man vancouver has never had and Vegas desperately needs a goalie for now, and for the future. Never said acquiring a d man like Theodore would be painless
  2. Pretty curious to see what a lot of CDC'ers think of Galchenyuks value. At 23 there is still plenty of room for improvement and the only team that seemingly mishandles their best young players worse then vancouver is Montreal and tonight hes on the 4th line. Travis Green could very well have a huge impact on his game like he has on Jakes thus far. Hutton for Galchenyuk straight up or Tanev for Galchenyuk plus a pick
  3. Sekeres throws BS shade at Goldy

    Sekeres and Price are the only show the team 1040 had that in my opinion were any decent to listen too, but I had a lot more respect for them yesterday then what I do now. Completely out of the dark, Sekeres throws it out over the radio that Goldobin would consider bolting back to the khl if he doesn't make the Canucks. Goldy is the type of player fans have been crying out for on this team. Skilled, got some cocky swagger to his game, full of personality, and likes to score goals. How is he treated by our local radio shows? Out of the dark complete bs rumours that moved strong enough today that Goldys agent felt the need to address them. Low blow sekeres. The last thing we want is to chase another prized prospect back to the KHL.
  4. Seems to be a bit of a war going on between the NHL and KHL right now to attain each other's players
  5. Shows opportunity and playing time was his #1 priority.
  6. You gotta wonder how this stuff has been getting past our screening process at all though, like do they not go do a thorough sweep through each persons electronic devices? Phones, laptops, USB sticks or whatever else? That seems like common sense to me
  7. Mason Raymond Scores a Crazy Goal

    I tried to tell you all if we had traded him Ballard and a 3rd we could have landed Crosby AND Malkin but nooooooooo
  8. Redo: 2009 NHL Entry Draft - #6

    You should be ashamed as a Canuck fan if you're voting Kadri..
  9. Well if that ain't a "Show Me" contract
  10. Anders "The Spider" Nilsson

    This came out like a week ago..
  11. what cars have you owned?

    1993 Mazda mx6 1997 Kawasaki Ninja 2005 Mazda 3 2006 Toyota Yaris 2011 Jeep Patriot
  12. what cars have you owned?

    You had some rough years between 78 and 86 eh???
  13. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Thoughts: If Kane has another decent year, he's going to be asking for the moon and he's the last guy I want to pay that too. Agree and really like the amount of skill and scoring forwards we have in the system. We do need some more "jam" on our forward group though. That projected top 6 is pretty soft. Hopefully Virtanen, Gadovich and Mccewen can really contribute there. Defence definitely has depth issues. Maybe it's just me and granted I haven't watch a lot of these guys so far, but I'm not sold on or sure why anyone thinks Briesbois, McEneny, and Chatfield project as NHLers. I mean I never would have thought Tanev would either until you watch him play, so there's always theory. But they certainly won't be point contributors at this level which is what we need. Overall, I love Bennings drafting ability and his ability to find players who play a style that will be effective in the NHL. Shinkaruk for Grandlund. I'm not sold on his decision making in free agency. But I think Benning is learning and improving like the rest of this team
  14. Eff I hate James Cybulski. At least it's not Cybulski and Bro Jake doing a show together.
  15. LOL wtf kind of lineup is that???? You really think Boeser and Erickson are gonna alternate on the 4th line???? With any luck, ganger will be playing 3rd line center and Sutter will move to his wing with Boeser and Erickson playing in the top 9.