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  1. Benning Extended (Official)

    Figured they would wait until after the trade deadline either way, but I suppose they are trying to let him do his job without having to think about an extension. Anyways, I like it. He and Linden are building an organization where prospects can come in when they are ready, and hone their craft in college, AHL or Europe. And with his scouting prowess, he is identifying good young players that are going to come wave after wave after wave for years to come.
  2. Gino, Brashear, Hunter, Bertuzzi, and Tiger Honorable mention - Dan Cloutier
  3. Yeah, I think Hischier is going 1st as well, but more because I'm skeptical about Patrick's health.
  4. 1 year ago, we saw Taylor Hall traded for Adam Larsson. ANYTHING is possible. As for the pick at #5, I'm liking what I'm hearing about Glass, Mittelstadt, Vilardi, Makar, Heiskanen, even Pettersson. And if Hischier can drop to us, even better. I think Patrick is risky. I didn't like Mittelstadt at first, but hearing that he has elite hockey sense, and that he's already over 6' 200lbs, I decided that I can get on board with him.
  5. Expansion Draft, Who's protected, Who's not

    Crazy idea... why not ask the Sedins to waive their NMC? With some discussion of course. And the Canucks can protect two different players. There is NO WAY the Knights take an aging and expensive Sedin, especially since the other isn't part of the deal. JB talks it over with them. Everyone and their dog knows that the Sedins are much better together than they are apart, and either on their own is an average player at best at this point in their careers.
  6. Tankards TOAST to the 2017/18 Season !

    You can still get quality players in later rounds whether you pick 33rd or 36th (like Demko), a good draft guru doesn't worry about what number he picks. I'm just trying to point out that tanking is not a worthwhile strategy.
  7. Tankards TOAST to the 2017/18 Season !

    Well... congrats to the tank supporters, you got absolutely NOTHING for your wishes, well maybe WD's firing. We lost Tryamkin, respectability (whatever was left), and dropped 3 places in the lottery. The NHL's new lottery system has done exactly what it was meant to do - discourage tanking. Now... let's do what we should be doing - developing quality players, drafting hidden gems/late bloomers, and making solid trades. Perhaps Dallas has their eyes on a player they think will drop to 5th, and we can jump to 3rd. Throw a late pick their way and a prospect for one of their prospects, and ignore this whole tanking business.
  8. This will be the best series of the entire playoffs. 2 excellent teams about to write the next chapter of Crosby vs Ovechkin. I think the Caps will pull it off... in 7.
  9. Would prefer the Sens, but I think this is Lundqvist is going to give them fits. Rangers in 5.
  10. I managed to guess wrong for both of these teams in round one. I think I like the Preds a little better, mostly for their overall stability. Preds in 7
  11. Going with Edmonton. In regards to marketing the game, the NHL needs to have its biggest future superstar playing. Anaheim will be called for every penalty available. Oilers in 6.
  12. The series I care about the least. It will be done probably 2 or 3 days before I even realize it. That said, Minny in 6.
  13. I don't usually pick sweeps, but Chicago is rolling, Nashville only played well enough to get in, and it's Chicago.
  14. This is my surprise pick of the playoffs. I'm sure most people are expecting a long series, but I think the Pens will win the first two, Columbus wins game 3, and the Pens close it out in 5. All will be close games.
  15. I'd prefer the Habs to win, being the best chance Canada has at ending the streak of U.S. based teams winning the cup, but AV will find a way to stick it to his former team. Rangers in 7.