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  1. close, but Del Zotto seems a bit smarter player, more sense, not big but strong for his height....
  2. he got accused from a porn star of texting her too much looking for "dates" for his friends,
  3. I disagree. Lack put up good numbers here. .911 behind a crappy Torterella coached team and a .921 avg on a Vancouver team that actually made the the playoffs. This is because we have built an Amazing Goalie Development System by hiring the best coaches like Rollie and Cloutier ("who is living up to the adage "those who can't do, teach"). For those who remember, Vancouver was once thought of as a hockey graveyard, but now no more... Lack was poorly coached in Carolina. He has the tools to be a solid backup or even a 1b. I agree with Dan Woodley, he breaks down Lack's tenure with Carolina here: listen from the 12:43 mark... http://www.tsn.ca/radio/audio/woodley-dipietro-does-goalie-911-better-than-most-1.790402
  4. I get the feeling that Eddie was being pressured into being a "pro" but not towards his work ethic, training, or on iceperformance but because he didn't want to be an idol, a rockstar, or an elite. Eddie Lack took his on ice job seriously, no one spent more time and as much of their own money on goalie coaching when other players were on holiday breaks or post season. What some jerks had a problem with was with him hanging out with regular joe's and playing video games with reporters...
  5. "Bring back Eddie Lack!" is my new chant. I agree with what Dan Woodley: Carolina signed him then told him to play to his biggest weakness of his game, his skating, it made no sense, they made him pay an outside in game instead of Goal line out like Melanson had taught him. The .911 goalie behind a bad Tortarella team, the .921 goalie behind the good team that went to the playoffs is still there and could be back with the right coaching and the right system... listen from the 12:43 mark... http://www.tsn.ca/radio/audio/woodley-dipietro-does-goalie-911-better-than-most-1.790402 Also Hartnell is a FA today. He would be an upgrade on Dorsett.
  6. I like how he plays the point on the power play, and I like his drive. When you watch the highlight package you don't really expect to see a lacrosse goal, and when the awesomeness of the goal jumps out and hits you I dare you not to say "OMG!!"
  8. I feel sorry for Vegas having to choose one of those plugs off our list! lol LOL Screw you Vegas that was our plan all along, field a team unworthy of you getting a good player! On another note, if Willie was their GM, how fast would Megna be GONE out of here?!!!
  9. Exactly!, I love our prospects, Corrado isn't even in the league now, Boeser looks like a beast, Tryamkin is great to watch and only going to get better, I feel VERY encouraged.
  10. +2
  11. his name says it all, chicken ball-less "man"
  12. https://canucksarmy.com/2017/04/07/comets-release-mckenzie-from-ato/ BRETT Released from his ATO
  13. me neither +1
  14. Plus ONE +1
  15. too much "whinging"? I expect better from an OCD spelling Nazi like you...