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  1. You might be right. And the more I think about the SSS line, the more I like it. Sutter takes the draws on Henrik's weak side. Sutter goes to the net similarly to the way Burrows does, except he is a bit bigger.
  2. I think he more than likely passes through waivers and plays in Utica. Which I'm fine with. He's a decent option on the wing, but he is not an NHL center. Particularly in Western Conference. Particularly when his wingers are Prust and Dorsett.
  3. I think that will be the on-ice configuration on Henrik's weak side when taking draws. Opposite combo on Henrik's strong side. Henrik is just listed as the 1st line center because that's where he's always listed.
  4. This is the lineup I and every host on TSN1040 wanted after last game. However, that 2nd line simply leaves Jim and Willie's hard-ons for experience unsatisfied.
  5. Given this lineup, plus Vrbata's comments about chemistry, plus Willie D's game day presser, here's what I expect (hope?) opening night to look like: Sedin - Sedin - Burrows Baertschi - Horvat - Vrbata Cracknell - Sutter - Hansen Prust - McCann - Dorsett Extra: Virtanen Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Weber Sbisa - Bartkowski Extras: Hutton, Corrado Miller Markstrom Notes: - I think they can take a flyer on Vey with waivers. ~75% chance he isn't claimed - the Sutter thing is probably just a gimmick, unless Sutter manages to instantly fit in a way Burrows and Vrbata haven't managed yet - unlikely. Sutter will be back at center on opening night - given Vrbata's comments about chemistry and Willie D's comments about liking the Horvat-Vrbata combo, I think this comfirms Horvat as our 2C, and Sutter as our 3C. Horvat has been our best forward throughout the preseason, and Sutter with Hansen is great shutdown line which can score in transition - McCann, Cracknell, and Virtanen will fill some combination of 4C/3LW/extra until Higgins returns. - Willie D has cast doubt on how many 19-year-olds the Canucks will carry, but Virtanen I think is a lock for the roster, and McCann has thoroughly outplayed everyone in the preseason except Horvat. Virtanen and McCann make the team, but will not play in the same games. - the Corrado/waivers issue is solved for now by carrying 8 D.
  6. Prust-Sutter-Dorsett.... the $8.4 Million 4th line. Woot!
  7. The PITB guys (who were very bearish on Ryan Miller all through last season) put up a great piece detailing Miller's in-depth stats and arguing that they indicate an excellent goaltender who simply struggled with some technical changes he was trying to make on perimeter shots: The TL;DR version is this: Ryan Miller was 8th in the league in SV% on high-danger shots (shots between the faceoff dots, below the hash marks). His high-danger SV% was in fact the second highest total of his career - second only to his Vezina-winning season. What dragged his SV% down, then, were his medium- and low-danger SV% numbers. These were exceptionally bad - around 40th in the league among goaltenders who played enough minutes. For a veteran starter to struggle this mightily with easy saves is a total anomaly - one that I don't think will repeat this year. The knock on Ryan Miller last year was that he seemed to make the toughest saves with ease, yet inexplicably let the easy shots elude him. The numbers bear this out. This can be explained by Miller making significant changes to his technique on these shots (incorporating the reverse-VH, for example) which is a process which takes time and repetition. As Miller was carrying the bulk of the starts, he had less time to work on technique with the goalie coach. But he has now had a full season and an offseason to work on them. I'm going on the record here: I think Ryan Miller is going to have a great year in 15-16: 30+ wins, top-10 in GAA and SV% and 8+ shutouts. I hope Markstrom lives up to the faith Jim Benning has in him, but for now, I think the net is in good hands with Ryan Miller.