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  1. We are looking for active users! Need a few minutes everyday, we sim on NHL14 and we are currently in the midle of a season with a few teams available. Here is the link: After you make an account, post in the sign up thread at the top and say Geno71 brought you here. Thanks! If you hae anymore questions, feel free to pm me.
  2. Ahahahaha nice try Drouin
  3. Thanks. Vanek is available! Loking for a grade A spect (winger or defence) under 20 + first rounder or 78ish 21-24 year old
  4. #Schemin Anyways, Commish, Can you please check if I traded away Vanek? Forgot if I did with all the other ones going on aha
  5. Whens the next sim
  6. Big deals going down!
  7. Everyone over 25 on Calgary can go for picks and spects. That includes these players and everyone else: Cammalari 87 Vanek 87 Moulson 86 Giordano 85 Stafford 84 Bolland 84 Glencross 84 Bryzgalov 83 Etc.
  8. Oh alright, the CPU sent it. We can undo it if you want, it was a 2nd and 2 bad spects.
  9. Oh shoot, sorry my bad
  10. Moved Kipper to nyr, hudler for Stafford? I'll send it around 4-5. Can we trade with CPU if they offer the trade?
  11. Just sim, we can talk after this sim
  12. Cammalari, Vanek, Moulson?
  13. Kipper? lol sorry for the double post, didn't see your second one.