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  1. Faith in Benning

    One year in and we are already burning bridges and jumping off the wagon; everything is a risk and this team has done nothing remarkable since 2011 we had barely any real prospects coming up, and we were riding off old veterans with a no trade clause. Now Benning is fixing that and trying to make room for younger players - I rather watch this team tank and have the younger players grow on the team it's a lot better then being a middle ground team with no real chance at the cup.
  2. Mixed feelings: 2013-14 Broken Heart

    When Luongo came to this team we were about to hit rock bottom fans were hitting the escape key, and people generally just didn't care any more we had Auld as our number one goalie just like Lack is now in the same exact position. This team is basically at the same place it was 8 years ago when Luongo came to town, but this time around we have no one coming in with bold promises, willing to make sweeping changes.... no we are left with empty promises and a aging core with no bright side to it. Yes Luongo is a great goal tender and at one point he was consider the second greatest goal tender in the world right next to Brodeur he was so close to even setting the NHL record for most wins in a season. But lets look at the bigger picture and not just one guy. What Luongo did was bring hope to this team a team that never had an Elite net minder, a team known for it's tombstones of goalies, a team that was getting sick and tired of past bull GM's never addressing the most dire needs when the team was good enough to make a run for the cup. Luongo did his part he made us believe, he gave this team his all, and he pushed this team to the brink of winning it all even with all those failures, and struggles he had to endure while playing here. The man is no longer an Elite, the man is no longer in his prime, and he's never going to be putting up the same numbers as he did once before. This may even be the last time we see him post 20 wins in a season. We can't lose sight of the bigger picture Luongo is out, the team is a in a down ward spiral making way for a new beginning good or bad I'll be there watching it all happen.
  3. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    I say allow him to develop for those 2 year with good young players, then we can take him off Edmonton's hands when he's ready to play top 4 min.
  4. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    What happens if Shultz play 3 season with Edmonton plays the way we expect him to then signs a life time contract with Vancouver. Everything is a possibility if given a chance; I still think there's a chance for the 5 teams to still sign him even if people from Toronto say no.
  5. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    I'll believe it all when he sign's to be honest; there's been to many bashing on the canucks that I can't take any reports seriously any more. If he doesn't sign with us that's okay I rather have the D in our system right now rather then have a player who thinks so highly of himself more so then his home town.