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  1. The suits have left, but the arena seats are still priced at the 'suits' level, they need to lower it to adjust to the product accordingly. Toronto got away with $300 seating when they sucked because of sheer population, Vancouver can't. Lower the prices and make it more affordable for the fans. That, or i can just camp outside for the first period and get my seats for $20 from a scalper
  2. Here, have a Member Bure
  3. It's not a light switch. This team is bad, period. Reality is, the 'let's not tank and compete now' crowd is getting what they want. Management is making moves reflecting that strategy, and we're still 28th in the league. What does that tell you? If we're going to end up 28th anyway we may as well come away with some extra picks.
  4. I don't like it. As fans, we can get sentimental on players, especially the Sedins, for their years of service, but Linden is paid the big bucks as President and he needs to be able to set sentimentality aside and make the tough calls and have those tough conversations for the better of the franchise. I'm not saying trade the Sedins, but the franchise doesn't exist to serve the needs of the Sedins. We need to rebuild, and hearing the president make a strategic decision based on sentiment doesn't sit well with me.
  5. 8x4 or 8x5. Lock him up!
  6. This is on the coach i think to deploy the youngsters in more prominent roles and relegate the sedins to the 2nd line role. And not for the sake of being young. Horvat has matched the Sedins' scoring facing the tougher assignments and zone starts. he has earned it. Sedins need to start earning their time too
  7. Not a big fan of Edler but it's not fair to rag out on him because we're forced to play him 27 minutes a game. Ideally, the coaching staff needs to spread the ice time more on the pairings. Edler at 23 minutes vs Edler at 27 mins is a huge difference.
  8. In terms of the draft lottery, the Canucks were punished for the sins of the Oilers.
  9. 20 games in is generally a good time to assess how your team is projecting for the rest of the season. Prognosis isn't good.
  10. A lot of it stems from his role in losing to the flames in 2015 playoffs. The Sbisa/Bieksa pairing was brutal. Secondly, was the contract. I agree, he is a serviceable 5/6 defenseman and he has improved. Are they worth 3.6 million a year? He has yet to earn that IMO. His contract also inadvertantly cost us Hamhuis (which is another topic all together)
  11. No moves please. Keep our picks.
  12. Standard interview, he said a lot of things i expected him to say. So pretty much meh. that being said, two things didn't sit well with me. 1.) Giving Utica call ups the priority over waiver wires - waivers are very situational, if a good player (Parenteau/Griffiths) is on there, you pick them up. It costs you nothing. utica right now is struggling, let them keep their players and develop down there. Anyone we call up now is basically a 4th line grinder at this point. 2.) Harder to develop players on the west coast than east coast - Can't buy that, Anaheim has a great farm in San Diego and just sounds like an excuse to me.
  13. He's a decent player, and I don't mind him on our team. The problem isn't so much his play for me, it's that we shouldn't have had to pay a premium for him knowing Florida's cap situation and his upcoming RFA status. Or barring that, we could have just kept Hamhuis as he did a much better job of sheltering Hutton than Guds is. It says a lot that Florida was the one that contacted Benning to initiate the trade. They knew their audience well.