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  1. I've been a pretty vocal critic of Benning, still am as I'm skeptical of how he'll maneuver the cap with the unforced errors in UFA, but yes, this season is a success. The team is playing with house money now and we have a core in place where making playoffs to get experience actually makes sense now. The offseason will be interesting to watch.
  2. I still remember in 2011 when people on this board were arguing about throwing game 6 because they'd rather win the cup in Vancouver in perfect storybook fashion Newsflash: Reality isn't gonna be like that, this year and possibly next year, is not going to be a storybook battle to game 7 like the Blues did vs the Bruins. I don't care if we win it in the cold heartless vacuum of space playing in complete silence and darkness on an isolated crater on the moon. I just want a cup. The others that follow we can be pickier about but the first will always been meaningful no matter the circumstance