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  1. I'm lacking faith they can pour pee out of a boot with instructions written on the heel. But it can still happen. A grand slam isn't needed. Even a single hit works. wait and see.
  2. I'll wait to see what moves happen at the deadline. Fact is if we stand pat we risk exposing a forward we want to keep at the expansion draft. Whether it's Hansen/granlund/bae. Will anyone here be okay with having Vegas take them for nothing just to squeeze the extra 20 games out of them?
  3. No moves at TDL imo. Would you uproot your life with a weeks notice from your boss? Last year was no moves at TDL and overpaying for a 5th defensmen. Standing pat this year would at least mean the bleeding has been stopped
  4. Op just trying to give a positive message to all fans of this team and bring us all together and the first thing you do is take a pot shot at a segment of the fan base that has a different opinion as you ? well said OP. We are all canucks!
  5. And that's where we differ at the core of our arguments I wouldn't use the word 'close' to describe our playoff picture hopes. I wouldn't have used it weeks ago. Management needs to have foresight in this rather than waiting till the last minute to decide to sell. (As per our previous discussions. It is now 2 weeks before TDL and not a peep about discussions on the possibility of trades.) They needed to get the ball rolling earlier rather than wait to the 11th hour. I've yet to see the discounts either if we take Sbisa/Eriksson/Miller/Dorsett (even Sutter) into account. These are Premiums considering their production. Again. Tangible results just aren't there. All I'm seeing is a team whose ceiling may be making playoffs, but not a team that will succeed in them. As for loyalties. Its Quid pro quo. Show you are still an asset worth keeping and the club will bend over backwards for you. (I.e Bo) Switching costs aren't as easy in the nhl. There are only spots on 30 teams, if you pout there are thousands of other players willing to take that spot. If they move on because they aren't comfortable with that reality, that's their perogative. This isn't a country club. The goal is to win a cup.
  6. Your argument of not being sellers because the guys worked their butts off and it would be like pulling the rug under them. I interpret that as an emotional appeal. Every team plays hard, there's nothing special about the canucks there. If the argument was that we were projected to make playoffs based on our win rate or our scoring/special teams is converting. That is an argument I can buy to convince me to not be a seller this TDL or last TDL. Judging from what we've see so far...the tangible results of this team trying their hardest. We need to sell.
  7. We're in the same points position as last year with 3 less games in hand. I think the players can see the writing on the wall without management telling them. Everyone in the nhl works their butt's off. And everyone knows it's a business and that it's a privilege to play in the league and get paid what they get paid. Forgive me if I'm not as empathetc on that front but feelings can't play into the decision. At the end of the day the logo in front means more than the name on the back and decisions should be made with the former in mind. It's a hard choice but that's why managers make millions of dollars.
  8. It's not really where we draft that's important but how many times we draft. Which we need to do more.
  9. If we don't want to risk losing one of baertschi/granlund we would need to unload Hansen or another forward by TDL. Agreed. We can't sit still. And for those who say NTCs can't be traded we did pretty well with Garrison and Bieksa. It's not impossible
  10. 6 pts in 30ish AHL games. Best thing for him now is to let him cook in the minors
  11. No thanks, timing is off. this team needs a coach who can develop the young players. And i'm banking on Green being the one to see us through the tough times after Willie. Gallant sounds good too This roster isn't one coaching change away from a playoff run
  12. Hammer WAS the most sought after Dman. That's why Dallas came to us first with the offer. It was because Benning/Aqua wanted more than they circled back to Calgary for Russell. He was plan B. As for the timing, Hamhuis was wiling to waive for Dallas and Chicago. The reason Chicago didn't work out was because they got tired of waiting for Vancouver to get its act together and made a move for Ladd. Having that discussion with Hammer and getting the work done on a trade even a week earlier would have preempted that. Also as a GM you should be able to create demand by signalling hammer was available earlier, but we didn't move fast enough. There wasn't any word of hammer willing to waive until the last week. Those discussions needed to happen as soon as we were 6-8 pts out of a playoff spot. I would have preferred to keep Vrbata had we continued playing him with the twins where he achieved his 30 goals, but the coach had some other bright ideas unfortunately. That both crippled his value and the team scoring. On the winning and trade value front the team mismanaged it badly with him Gudbranson has also proved to be a disappointment. Considering we traded what could have been 3 prospects for him. This team needs to get over Boston. That is the mentality of getting Guds. Speed and skill is where this game is heading, not scrums and toughness. The sooner we get back to that the sooner we can see exciting hockey and success again.
  13. I'd argue the opposite. So far this team has been playing with a short leash with its young guns. Vets have been gifted the heavy minutes and power play opportunities without the production, whIle our rookies are benched after one mistake. This was still apparent even last yr when we were eliminated from playoffs but the coach still didn't give the rookies minutes. Let the rookies play more minutes and play their hardest. Give them room to make mistakes. Let them learn from it. You would have gotten the rookies more ice time to grow from, your vets would less worn down, and you may lose the games that will net you the higher picks.
  14. So because the ticket that had a 7.5% chance of winning lucked out one year we should give up on the one that has 20% chance of winning?