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  1. Jake is a good prospect but he's not the right prospect for us. Power forwards like Simmonds and Bertuzzi broke out when they were like 25-26. When Benning states that our window is 'now' for playoffs, Ehlers or Nylander would have been the better choice. I still think Virts can be a good player, but we need to send him down to the AHL for his own good. We're in risk of rushing him and turning him into Skille 2.0. However much Edmonton gets flack on this board for tanking, we should also be wary of how they also put their high draft picks in positions to fail and I think we're doing Jake no service keeping him on the team in his current state.
  2. At this point I don't think it would hurt to ice him over Biega or Luca
  3. One caveat at international play is that the fourth line of your opponent's team contains Joe Thornton and Matt Duchene, but yeah otherwise i fully agree with you.
  4. Baerschi Horvat Virtanen Can they score enough to relieve pressure off the twins' first line? I think how far the nucks hope to go this season will hinge on this. Can Burrows still be a top 9 player? How will Larsen perform on the Power Play? Will Stetcher make the team?
  5. I never agreed with giving up a second round pick in the Guds trade, but seeing Stetcher now and how we acquired him for nothing at least evens out the value we gave away in my books. Kid's looking like a stud. Hopefully he can be the next Tyson Barrie for us.
  6. I can believe that. As painful as it as to watch, Chara took the time to have a little chat with Henrik during the handshake line after game 7
  7. Pacific Division San Jose Los Angeles Calgary Anaheim Edmonton Vancouver Arizona Player performances - Eriksson pots 35 goals with the Sedins - One of the Sedins will sustain an injury this year, as it seems to be a tradition since Torts (I'm starting to have serious doubts about the quality of our training staff) - Hansen will regress, being taken off the top line - Sutter and Horvat will have similar TOI usage, no clear No. 2 centre option develops as Sutter is predominantly used as a shut down centre, he won't become the #2 option Benning envisioned. In Sutter's own words : “I guess after eight years, you hope people know what to expect from you. I know what kind of player I am and nothing was really going to change. Everyone wants to score more goals, get more points, things like that. But after being in the league eight years, you realize the biggest thing is just winning and losing. That’s all it comes down to and nothing else matters.” - Sbisa will be paired with Gudbranson, and it will drive us insane. Predicting Sbisa will soon find himself at the bottom of the depth chart. Or crazy theory, may get converted to a forward. - Pedan busts - Virtanen will hit 20 points - Hutton, not Larsen will be given the bulk of 2nd PP minutes by the end of the year Franchise guesses - Nothing of note will happen at the Trade Deadline. - By December, we will find out whether Willie D will still have a job or will be allowed to ride out the last year of his contract. Depends whether the coaching staff will actively manage match ups and minutes
  8. PK Subban was snubbed, Edler didn't make the cut. And looking at Sweden's stacked blue line, that isn't a knock against him. Maybe if it was 2011-12 Edler.
  9. I'll be honest, i'm not very optimistic at our outlook this season. That being said, i do want to see how eriksson jells with the Sedins and if the Kids can make the jump this year. And i want us to retain the same number, if not more, draft picks going into this year's draft. Other than that, looking forward to seeing more live games especially if prices drop!
  10. I was hoping that McCann and Horvat would become our Kreiji/Bergeron combo, but Horvat alone isn't enough, we'll need to secure a centreman in this draft. Stupid columbus and the lottery....
  11. If he can do for our faceoffs what Melanson did with our goaltending.....! Now this is one hiring i can get behind.
  12. Edler-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Sbisa-Pedan Tryamkin Larsen Dark horse - Stetcher, Subban Strengths : I think our defense is definitely more hard hitting/heavier next year. If Tryamkin and Pedan can show they belong at the NHL level, and with the addition of Guds in the top 4, under the right circumstances, we can physically punish teams when they take it into our zone and defending our slot. With the top 4 I'm also fairly confident in their ability to transition the play and carry out the puck as there is at least one strong D-man on the pairing to do so. (excepting the bottom 2) Concerns: Production from the D line is still a huge question mark. Gudbranson and Tanev does not have as high of an offensive potential, and anything past the Top 4 is questionable. Hutton and Edler are decent, but we need more. I'm also concerned about whether our defensemen are mobile enough to contend with the other team's elite stars. Being big and hard hitting is great if you can catch them. Elite scorers like Johnny Gaudreau or Patrick Kane can create space by simply being more nimble and faster than the big heavy D that are pitted against them. Lastly, deployment. All this tinkering with the roster is pointless if the coach is just going to roll the D lines without a second thought. I want to see Willie D actually apply some bench management this year. That loss in game 1 against the flames when the Flames purposely matched Monahan and Gaudreau vs Sbisa/Bieksa will always stick with me. Guds too, has his warts, and I'm still questioning his hockey sense and decision making. He struggled mightily in the Islander's series despite his ice time usage. Here's hoping he can prove it wrong. TL:DR - We got bigger/tougher, but whether we got more mobile/skilled as a defense remains to be seen. Big is useless unless you have some combination of mobility and skill.
  13. Wasn't he also the guy who went to the season ticket holder summit, had Linden pull him aside and talked some pretty confidential stuff with him, and the next day he crows about how the team wanted to get rid of Higgins? Basically violating Lindens trust. There is a difference between being a hard core fan and an attention whore. good riddance
  14. This trade would probably work if you replace JVR with Lupul. But yeah leafs have no reason to accept this