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  1. Edler-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Sbisa-Pedan Tryamkin Larsen Dark horse - Stetcher, Subban Strengths : I think our defense is definitely more hard hitting/heavier next year. If Tryamkin and Pedan can show they belong at the NHL level, and with the addition of Guds in the top 4, under the right circumstances, we can physically punish teams when they take it into our zone and defending our slot. With the top 4 I'm also fairly confident in their ability to transition the play and carry out the puck as there is at least one strong D-man on the pairing to do so. (excepting the bottom 2) Concerns: Production from the D line is still a huge question mark. Gudbranson and Tanev does not have as high of an offensive potential, and anything past the Top 4 is questionable. Hutton and Edler are decent, but we need more. I'm also concerned about whether our defensemen are mobile enough to contend with the other team's elite stars. Being big and hard hitting is great if you can catch them. Elite scorers like Johnny Gaudreau or Patrick Kane can create space by simply being more nimble and faster than the big heavy D that are pitted against them. Lastly, deployment. All this tinkering with the roster is pointless if the coach is just going to roll the D lines without a second thought. I want to see Willie D actually apply some bench management this year. That loss in game 1 against the flames when the Flames purposely matched Monahan and Gaudreau vs Sbisa/Bieksa will always stick with me. Guds too, has his warts, and I'm still questioning his hockey sense and decision making. He struggled mightily in the Islander's series despite his ice time usage. Here's hoping he can prove it wrong. TL:DR - We got bigger/tougher, but whether we got more mobile/skilled as a defense remains to be seen. Big is useless unless you have some combination of mobility and skill.
  2. Wasn't he also the guy who went to the season ticket holder summit, had Linden pull him aside and talked some pretty confidential stuff with him, and the next day he crows about how the team wanted to get rid of Higgins? Basically violating Lindens trust. There is a difference between being a hard core fan and an attention whore. good riddance
  3. This trade would probably work if you replace JVR with Lupul. But yeah leafs have no reason to accept this
  4. Think we'll do about the same against the Cali teams this year. Probably a 50/50 split. It's the Alberta teams i think who have closed the gap.
  5. Provorov is as untouchable as Giroux or Simmonds in Philly. No way we're getting him.
  6. Is our roster better than it was yesterday? Absolutely, and combining that with Tkachuk/Dubois and whatever free agent he can get here we would be icing a much better team. But has it improved relatively versus the other teams in the west and our division? That remains to be seen. Benning is playing a very dangerous game here and if that was his intention all along then props to him because the thought of it is making me queasy. We know we need to fill that age gap for drafting between 2005-2010 but with all the picks he is trading away he is taking the risk of creating his own gap in the future years if our team flops. That means banking on finding gems with the minimal picks he has retained in rounds 3,5,6,7 to hit a player that can make the NHL and keep that flow of talent into our prospect pool coming. I liked what he did last year with his late round finds, but can he replicate this for the next few drafts. That'll be interesting to see.
  7. Part of it is also luck, teams like Dallas and San Jose were able to avoid complete rebuilds though by lucking out on their late picks. Where would Dallas be without Benn (5th round) and SJ be without Pavelski (7th round)? I'd love for something like that to happen to us...
  8. Assuming we buy out higgins, sign hammer Sedin Sedin Hansen Rodin Sutter Burrows Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Etem Granlund Dorsett Gaunce Edler Tanev Hamhuis Hutton Sbisa Tryamkin Larsen (or Stetcher depending on camp) Miller Markstrom please trade Sbisa....
  9. I'm interested to see how the defense shapes up next year. With Weber and Tank commander bart falling off our books...assuming we re-sign Hammer Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Tryamkin Sbisa (sigh) - Hutton Pedan/Larsen/Stetcher Seriously, JB should see that the odd man out here is his prized signing Sbisa. Better unload him to the GM who praised him for the contract (although to be fair, if i was a GM whose job is to play against Benning, i'd praise that contract off the rooftops too. To encourage him to sign more like those ;)) Also, Fire Doug Lidster
  10. As far as presser's go, it wasn't bad. I liked their answers. Just the part about how we need to build this team through the draft and we haven't acquired additional picks in the draft!! As soon as Benning got them (2nd for Bieksa) he trades them away. He needs to stockpile picks like Toronto. They have like 12 in this draft!
  11. Don't buy him out. he has one year left. Let him play it out, retire a canuck and teach the kids. And if you need to get rid of him, eat his cap and offload him to another team. DON'T BUY HIM OUT.
  12. Worst: Hard to say because while Benning's mistakes aren't outright disastrous, they a little mistakes that will add up over time. Little mistakes include Top 3 WORST: Failing to trade Hammer/Vrbata at the TDL Trading Shinkaruk for Granlund - if you HAD to trade shinks, package him with hamhuis for a better return 2nd for Linden Vey HM: Signing Bartowski, Sbisa/Dorsett Extensions, 5th for Prust Top 3 BEST Trading a 2nd for Sven Baertschi Drafting Brock Boeser at 23rd overall last year, Demko deserves a mention Kesler Deal - Should have squeezed more but i'm satisfied with McCann and Bonino
  13. In the spirit of Chris Kreider's hat trick and AV's Time out from New York..... Manny Malholtra scores the winning goal while GM MG watches on But seriously, this is another must win game against a 'weak' team. And I want Burrows to break his scoring slump. GO CANUCKS GO
  14. Yes, and I'm happy with even up to $2mil. He's a local kid though, so I'm hoping he would be willing to take a discount on his next contract (in this area, I have no doubt Gillis can pull it off)
  15. Totally agree with this sentiment. I have no doubt we'll be happy with Kass a few years down the line, but at that moment, in 2012, when we were poised to make a run, Hodgson was contributing and producing our secondary scoring, at the time, Kassian didn't make a difference. GMMG got too arrogant there, believing the Core could pull the same offense as they did in 2011 without Cody. Cody's absence is a loss the club has yet to fill (his 50 points would look good right now ) Kass though, I'll give him a few years. I'm happy with the flashes of what he's shown he coudl be. The only reason he's not being sent down at this point is to save GMMG face, but he could sure use some more minutes to develop his game.