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  1. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    Just my biased opinion watching other teams around the league . Speeding up a rebuild and taking shortcuts doesn't usually end well, since it usually involves trading away futures for help now. If it works, you end up a bubble team that's stuck in the middle like Minnesota. At worst, you end up like Calgary, coming into the draft with no picks and no playoffs. I'm with Benning in the sense that you need to draft and develop your core 5-7 guys, make them home grown. No quick fixes on this one.
  2. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    If Aqua is forcing something that is harmful to the team, it's Linden's job to get between ownership and Benning and let the GM do his job. Aqua is a pretty big fan of Linden so I don't think that should be an issue, he knows firing Linden would look pretty bad on his part.
  3. Same boat, not a fan of the price we paid for him, or the contract we are paying him now, but if the offer isn't there, you don't take it, simple as that. He still is a useful player for this team.
  4. Where are we now?

    Two to Three years from a playoff berth IMO. But we'll get there.
  5. Tank Thread

    I think tankers prescribe to that part of your favourite quote more than you do. Agreed, but you can also improve your odds with shrewd trades, accumulating picks. Develop well, that remains to be seen. I think we have some catching up to do in that department but i'm loving what Cull and Green are bringing to the team in that arena. versus what we had in the past when we didn't control our own affiliate. I think this is addressed? All these deep, well built teams have elite talents as well that are acquired near the top of the drafts. Both concepts can work in unison and leads to a better chance of success IMO. We should do what we can to maximize that. Our pro-scouting results (Larsen, Clendenning, Vey, Holm, Etem, Prust, Eriksson) leaves much to be desired when it comes to acquiring good depth, but it is improving. I agree in that regard, but again, are we moving in the right direction faster than our competitors?
  6. Tank Thread

    That's basically a variation of the Hot Hand Fallacy. Just because 8th last won the lottery one year doesn't change the fact that it's better to go into next year with lower odds and a higher finish. The 5% ticket that won last year is not preferable to the 20% ticket next lottery. Past results doesn't affect a probabilities in a random event the next year. (The last place team has still won 1st overall 2 out of the last 3 draws) But this goes past the lottery. Finishing higher does harm our draft considering it bumps down the standings of our subsequent picks in the next 6 rounds. It's not just 1st overall, i want Benning to have the pick of the litter for each round. Using last year as an example. I'd like Benning to have the ability to choose between Kole Lind, Anderson-Dolan, or Poague, rather than have another team decide for us. We're only having this argument about picking what's left over from Dobson/Bouchard/Wahlstrom because other teams are picking ahead. Do you believe winning in garbage time (When our opponents rested their best players and only focused ahead on playoffs) is character building? Do you believe that it is worth drafting after Detroit this year who has almost the exact same needs as us in every round going into this draft and are probably looking at the same players we are? We're essentially hurting our draft because we want to pat ourselves on the back and thump our chests and say 'we didn't cheat'. There isn't a tangible benefit to this as far as improving our draft odds go. For the record, this doesn't entail telling players to lose. They need to play their hearts out. Management just needs to be more proactive managing their assets and roster players and see where the trends are going. I.e let's say...trading Ryan Miller in 2016 TDL and letting Markstrom get more starts since we knew Miller wouldn't come back and we needed to give Marky that experience and to see what he had, win or lose. Giving rookies more opportunities to make mistakes and learn. It's a delicate balance for sure, but that's why Gms get paid so much. You mean lottery teams Chicago (2007 lottery - 1OA Patrick Kane) Pittsburgh (2005 lottery - 1OA Crosby/Fleury) who've won 6 cups between them in the last 10 years? Yes, the odds of the lottery have changed, but the reward of a lottery and the premise of bottom teams having the greatest odds (however lowered) haven't chagned. We're moving in the right direction purely on the basis that we are gifted 7 picks each year by the league and a higher drafting position based on low finishes. The question is, are we moving in the right direction at a faster pace than all the other bottom feeding teams who are receiving these identical benefits as us? I don't believe we are. but that's another discussion.
  7. Can Benning nail the pick?

    50/50 chance (Virtanen/Juolevi vs Boeser/Pettersen), but i'll take it! Think we'll get a good player at that range.
  8. [Discussion] What is Tanev's value?

    I feel like the window to trade tanev at his greatest value has passed. We have to be content with lower than our expectations. I agree with the 2nd plus prospect.
  9. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    I'd take the 2nd over Gudbranson anytime considering where the team was in 2016. we'd still have McCann in the middle, sign another UFA like del zotto, and have a 2nd rounder from a deep draft (Dahlen was a 2016 2nd rounder, look how good he's doing! I was hoping we'd draft Jodran Kyrou or Alex Debrincat with that pick (one is a 50 point rookie on an aging blackhawks team, the other tore up the world juniors) I wish to heavens we'd kept that 2nd rounder. Benning would have done more good with it than what Guds brings to the team. And that's something I acknowledge we'll never agree on, but don't you find it concerning that it was Florida that reached out to us first to sell us Gudbranson? They knew that physical players of his type peak out at a certain age, and as soon as they trade him to us, he get's more injured than ever vs his previous seasons? We were read like a book and played with that trade. I can appreciate the value of having an almost certain NHL plyaer on the roster today in Leipsic or motte versus an unknown that could never make the NHL. But it's just my opinion that those guys will just top out as depth players since they're already several years into their development. Of the star players in the league, most of them are high picks and drafted and developed by one team. How many players had breakout career years after being average after their draft plus 2/3 years on a hockey trade? I'm genuinely curious. I just think drafting is your best chance to land star players, and those are players you build a team around. Draft picks are an absolute good for a team, especially in a rebuild. The point is that management is paid millions of dollars to be forward thinking and have foresight to ensure that the team is prepared to deal with these situations. vrbata deliberately gave us a list of teams that didn't want him because he didn't want to upend his family on short notice. Had we done it earlier in say, december, he'd may have been more cooperative. Management didn't even approach Hamhuis to waive his NTC until the day before the trade dead line. The point is, it doesn't seem like management had a contingency plan in place last year for something this basic. And it costed the team a chance to recoup assets. And if management couldn't do this basic planning, how can we as fans trust them to manage any other aspect of this team when we are primed to contend? --------------- On an unrelated note Oldnews, i kinda want to see you get into a debate with your twin opposite Y2kCanucks from HFboards. You're literally 2 sides of the same coin. the debate would be like the Foreman and Ali of the Canucks Fandom haha.
  10. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    I prefer a Satin couch myself To be fair, i've heard Willie D was more of a Linden hire than a Benning hire due to the medicine hat connection, and JB's plan was to groom Travis Green for the role. I have no source aside from the interweb rumors but if that's true, I think it's more indicative of how Linden's vision hasn't worked than the GM. He certainly hasn't done his job the 1st 3 years in insulating JB from ownership pressure.
  11. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    We are trending in a positive direction, by virtue of every team being gifted 7 picks each year. The question is, are we improving our prospect pipeline at the same rate as our other rivals. The D Pipeline is looking a little bare right now (come back Tryamkin!), but the forward and goalie crop is very good. So far i think we're trending to be like the Islanders, but with better goal tending. A way i can see us going back to contention is to at least try and replicate what Pittsburgh did, stack the forwards, no big names on Defense (Letang aside) but good serviceable dmen who excel at moving the puck to the forwards. The 2nds we gave up for Vey, Guds, Sutter would have been useful here at replenishing the pipeline in that department. Again, i argue you can still shelter the youth with UFAs. What's the difference if the goal against is scored with Guds on the ice versus a UFA? Except that we keep our picks. More Vanek/Gagne/Del Zotto signings in the transition period, less trades for complentmentary players like Sutter/Guds at premiums.
  12. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    But what if they trade Hutton?
  13. Tank Thread

    Hoping this lines us up for Boquist if we can't get Dahlin.
  14. We're on the hook for 8.5 Million in Cap for Luongo's contract I believe, this is the 8 mil divided over the number of years left on his contract when he retires. If he retires with 2 years left, we get hit with 4.25 mil for 2 years If he retires with 1 year left, we get hit 8.5 mil, 1 year. I'm hoping we appeal to the league and win on this when it does come, since it was a retroactive rule.
  15. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    The Thread Necromancy is real nowadays haha People know stuff about hockey, they just value different things than you that's all. I'm perfectly fine with Sutter as a player and his contract is bearable considering where we are now as a team. It was the transaction that brought him to us that i have issues with. We had the leverage over pittsburgh considering their cap situation but we ended up paying the premium. Same with Guds, Florida read us well, called up our GM and wringled more picks out of us. He costed us a 2nd in a pretty good draft class. I'm mentally considering acquiring Dahlen for Burrows a do-over of the 2016 2nd round, but how good would it have been to have Dahlen and Kyrou/Debrincat/Asplund/Benson. Debrincat is a 50 point rookie right now in the NHL. We'd be blowing our minds and praising the sky on that pick. Same with Kyrou i feel, considering how similarly hyped we are about Lind. Having Sutter and Guds didn't prevent us from losing and being at the bottom. With the reality that we're at the bottom anyway, i'd rather be at the bottom with more assets. It's really just an opportunity cost. We're hoping what they bring to the team in the locker room and on the ice can make up for having potentially 2-3 more high producing prospects in the pipeline (has Benning ever missed a 2nd round pick? I don't think so). I just hope it is, i just don't see it yet. I'm just of the opinion that the Sedins/Edler/Tanev were enough of a veteran group to mentor the young kids. But just because some of us don't see it doesn't mean we're 'whiners' or we aren't open to being proven wrong. Yeah it's all stop gaps this year really. Don't foresee another Eriksson contract. That being said, hope Benning has Luongo's potentially looming $8.5 mil cap recapture penalty on mind when he's dishing out contracts. I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just wondering what your take is on holding this opinion that Benning has an above batting average, yet when Benning trades away picks, it is explained away by the statistic that having a 2nd round pick being a 15% chance at being a good player comes up. If we have a higher batting average over other league GMs, shouldn't a higher % apply to us and thus, picks are more valuable to us? It just seems contradictory to me.