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  1. There are rumors that the canucks aren't too high on him and may look to acquire another centre like Ryan Spooner for him. Hope that isn't true. I love Hutton. And with tryamkin gone our defense isn't as deep. We need to keep all our Dmen
  2. If two years is your window, then this year is going to be a big one. It's one thing to have a good pool of prospects, but we need to see some of our prospects graduate from prospects to Full time NHLers to have the new core come into shape. I think Brock is the closest, and Tryamkin unfortunately had he stayed with us. (Lockwood, Gaudette, Brisebois, Virtanen, Dahlen, Goldobin) I'm personally on the timeline of 3-5 years, because the chance all those names make it is slim. Not impossible, but slim.
  3. the team with a 2% chance of winning jumped us this year you'd be cheering for the leafs to make playoffs!
  4. Calm down with that straw Man, no one said they didn't need any more D prospects. I wouldn't sleep too much on Reilly, Gardiner or Zaitsev, it's a solid foundation. And as Edmonton showed with Taylor Hall, having an abundance of scoring forwards gives you the luxury of trading one to still net you a top 4 D. Maybe not Marner/Matthews/Nylander, but certainly they can explore it with Kadri/JVR/Bozak their two new Swedish Defenseman ELC signings look interesting too
  5. Really really really want to see Jordan succeed here in van. Hope This bodes well for him
  6. Wishing I could up vote more than once
  7. Yep i can appreciate that sentiment, but it just seems to me you're artificially raising your floor rather than taking the chance at maximizing your future potential ceiling. A 3rd traded for Dorsett might net you playoffs in years 2-3, but that came at the cost of potentially drafting a Viktor Arvidsson who could been your first line player in 4-5 years. (Vikor Arvidsson could have been drafted with that pick as well). Also, in trying to fill an age gap, my fear is that you could unintentionally be creating one of your own down the road. At this point, Demko is all we have left from 2014, Gaudette, Boeser, Brisebois from 2015 if we go with picks we've kept. Players like Bae, Sbisa, Granlund may be awesome players to take you to the 1st round, but as of now they're later in their development curves than players you would have drafted, at this point, i don't see them having that second gear that can carry you past the 1st round. Especially with players like Brandon Sutter. I just didn't think it was necessary to trade for these players considering everyone's faith in Benning's talent as a drafter. If he is truly as good as he is, then the best cost controlled solution would have been to let him draft, get these players that could crack the roster in 2-3 years, and have the team pay them cheap for their first three years rather than acquire players with lower ceilings but guaranteed floors, but much closer to their RFA contract years. They were retooling on the fly. Burke and Nonis had the mandate from ownership to keep making playoffs, this resulted in the 2013 run in that shortened season. They were so convinced they were a playoff team, they committed to a $36 million contract to UFA David Clarkson the following offseason. If the Canucks had continued their plan of trying to make playoffs and rebuild on the fly like the leafs, then Horvat would be the equivalent of JVR or Kadri in our version of that story. Thankfully that looks to have changed this TDL. Again, i'd argue it wasn't necessary to fill the void. you could have done that via free agency or AHL call ups/waiver wires,and kept those high picks and cap space. The only difference is maybe instead of finishing 27th and 29th in 2016/17, we'd finish 28th/29th, but with 6 extra prospects and $10 million more cap space to utilize from not getting Sutter/Loui/Guds. I will say one thing that Shanny had to start with that Benning didn't. Complete autonomy from Ownership. And with this year it looks like the reins are finally being let go by the Aqualinis. i'd dip into free agency, short term contracts with medium term that could be used as trading chips down the line. More like Lou Lamerello picks, but there's context here. The Leafs are letting their prospects cook in the minors at this point, there's no need to have them on the roster when their current players are doing alright, similar to what Detroit did. Again, it's entirely possible that you are correct. I concede that their prospects could bust vs us being safe with players like Baertschi/Granlund in the line up, but the Leafs have stacked the odds in their favor. They have 18 players in the last two years outside the top 10 versus our 11, and we've potentially lost 4 of them already (Zhukenov, Olsen, Neil, Olson). They're hedging their bets and acquiring enough assets to give them room for failure, something the Nucks have not been doing as well. Yes Toronto had a better base to build on than us and were further ahead, but the last two years haven't shown that we are gaining ground on teams like them, even teams around us who are competitive, and that is my main concern.
  8. There doesn't seem to be an interest in vilardi from all the talk coming out from mgmt due to skating issues. According to nucks army the canucks draft board at 5 is : Middelstadt Liligren Glass Hope that they're wrong in this case. Vilardi could be a stud if he falls to us
  9. Yup. Could have had Dublois/Laine and Patrick/Hischer by now
  10. The next 2 drafts 2018/19 have franchise players in the top 2-3. The timeline can change if we get some lottery luck. Yeah I know right. Luck and us
  11. Shouldn't we play to our GM's strength in producing a higher ceiling cost controlled NHL player via the draft?
  12. People calling for what kind of things to happen? I remember even during the day that contract was signed people were saying it might not have been the best deal and the general vibe was pretty good. But the people who are critics now where critics then, not really hindsight. I think my own opinion was that it would be awesome for 3 years, but the last 3 years it would hurt. Not saying he wasn't a good addition but the term didn't sit well with me considering how he's trending downward. But even I was shocked at his abysmal production this season, i'm confident we'll see better scores from him in 2018/19 but i still maintain that for the long term cap structure of the club, we could do better without him, especially when we pay our next core. (which is why i hope the cap goes UP!) I was tired of the negativity in 2012-14 when we were competitive, but we're at a point in our team's life cycle where the negative nellies at least have a point. Nah, it's not that everything has to be in perfect place, but the moves have to make sense and trend in the same direction. The direction being timing your core to peak at the same time so you can have that window to contend. Assuming 27-28 is the peak of a player Benning's key acquistions in Sutter (28)/Gudbranson(25)/Sbisa(27)/Baertschi(24) represent a peak that will arrive in the next one-three years, obviously these were meant as a push to the playoffs in 2015/16, considering the stated goal of making playoffs and Benning's assessment that he believes this is a 100 point team. Goldobin (21) /Dahlen(19) represent a peak that will arrive in the next 6-7 years. By the time they get to their primes, Gudbranson/Sutter/Sbisa will be gone or overpaid depth players. Their acquistion marks a departure from the planned window to compete. The past three years was completely spent chasing playoffs, as evidenced by trading picks for these guaranteed NHL players with lower ceilings. No need to call anyone delusional as you so eagerly label anyone with a different view. It's just that, a different view. But it's a view that is backed by Linden and Management's messaging and actions since they got here in 2014. There is a fundamental difference between Pre 2017 TDL 3rd for Dorsett 5th for Prust Kesler, a 2nd , a 3rd , a 4th, Bieksa, Mallet and Forsling for Gudbranson, Sutter, Sbisa, a 5th, and Pedan. And 2017 TDL Burrows for Dahlen Hansen for Goldobin and a 4th One represents a short term injection of NHL players to make playoffs in the immediate future, the other is a long term plan for a future with a higher ceiling. One represents converting older assets into newer ones, the other is mortgaging the future. (tomorrow's higher ceiling for today's higher floor) Not absurd. Just a different viewpoint from you. 'Turnover' needs context here. If we replaced 19 of 23 roster spots with 25 year old Ryan Spooner type players who will peak in 3 years. If the turnover was primarily through futures for players trades rather than drafting, Will you consider that a rebuild? That's a retool to inject your roster with NHL ready players to push for a competitive window that is <2 years down the timeline. That type of roster turnover is a one and out in round 1 of the playoffs in 2 years if you're lucky before you face reality. [Note: It's not impossible to build a contender through this route, you could acquire core players for cheap if you time it right, but very VERY few GMs have pulled it off (Poile in Nashville being the prime example, but even he had to move top 4 drafted players). And Benning just hasn't shown that level of acumen YET for me to consider that.] Now, if turnover were from actual kids you drafted from the picks you kept and acquired and they end up in the top rookie scoring lists? That is a bright future. So far, only Boeser has the potential to fit that bill. I hope to see more down the line. Rebuilding teams do sign veterans, but at shorter contracts that can be offloaded for picks down the road and increase assets (Polak - Toronto, Vermette - Arizona, P.A Parenteau - New Jersey, Carolina - Viktor Stalberg) Eriksson resembles the kind of long term commitment contending teams are comfortable to commit to because they care about production during that window to contend in the short term rather than think of how ugly the cap would look down the road. (Hossa - Chicago, Clarkson - Toronto). Is everything doom and gloom? Hardly, I'm pretty encouraged by what we've seen since TDL and my faith in management has been renewed by their recent actions, especially with Management's blessing on the rebuild now. (Tryamkin was unfortunate, but I pin that on Willie D more). But it certainly hasn't been smooth sailing 4D chess as some make it out to be.
  13. In the 20s, i feel like the road to the cup will be through mcDavid in the west and Matthews in the East in their primes. Nucks will need to work twice as hard to get past them.
  14. HERO charts are pretty good for measuring the stats of skaters, One particularly good stat that makes Tanev so valuable is his shot suppression stat (shots conceded/hour) http://ownthepuck.blogspot.ca/2015/02/horizontal-evaluative-ranking-optic.html And of course the Eye test to put it into context. One stat that I am pretty much against, besides +/-, is hits. The context being that the more you hit, it just means that the opposition has the puck more than you. Hence my cringe when we signed Sbisa because he was good in scrums...
  15. So Linden is now 0-2 at the draft lottery. Who should the Canucks send as the representative next year?