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  1. This Team Has No JAM!

    Well the sedins do prefer peanut butter. so Ive heard
  2. Go Boeser! Tied for 2nd as of today, behind by one point
  3. Benning bashers

    As with our team in the last 3 years. If we can overcome our slump past november and the all star break, then maybe we have something this season that won't result in a bottom lottery finish. (though in the long term, that will help us get that elite talent we need. Don't wanna put all our eggs into Pettersen.) But for now, nothing has changed imo. Dorsett isn't going to continue to outscore McDavid and Ovie, this roster is on a streak right now but can it sustain it? You aren't the first person to create a thread after a winning streak my friend! I do like how Travis Green is getting the most out of what he's given though. So props to him!
  4. Canucks Playoff Watch

    Let's have this discussion in January
  5. We need a #1 goalie...

    At this stage of the rebuild, we just need a body in net. Give Demko time, don't rush him. And let our scoring rookies take control! :D
  6. Go with the Hot Hand!
  7. Loui Eriksson do we really need him?

    If the canucks aren't planning to be competitive within the next four years, or heaven forbid we can't draft any elite studs that are worthy of a pay raise (i.e Dahlin). I will agree to this statement. But i don't imagine management is thinking that way. The margin for error in handling our cap is smaller because of this contract. Eriksson right now represents 8% of our team's cap hit. Benning needs to be more careful going forward, or pray for substantial increase in the cap by the NHL to mitigate this mistake. Or we hope that a 31+ year old Eriksson can find his game again and become a 60 pt player.
  8. Loui Eriksson do we really need him?

    Considering he has an NMC, he doesn't need to be afraid of being waived or traded haha
  9. Loui Eriksson do we really need him?

    Isn't his contract buyout proof? (ala David Clarkson) since it is loaded in bonuses? Edit: Looks like it https://www.capfriendly.com/buyout_calculator/loui-eriksson No point in carrying $5.5 mil of dead cap for four years, i'd rather ice the body. Make him work at least.
  10. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    In the context of this team today, we're sitting at the bottom unintentionally. That's the reality. Since we're there, I'd rather not throw away future assets to prop this thing up. let it run it's course. End the year with more picks that we started and accumulate for the future. You can tell i'm not a fan of the 4th for Pouliot trade. And this is going back to the context of Benning's quote. "Since the team that had the 2% chance of winning won it, we may as well compete." That's fine, just don't give away future assets. I just don't prescribe what we're doing now. As a general manager you have to make an honest assessment of where your team is now and what it's looking down the pipeline. The fact that we've had 2 prospects graduate after three draft classes, and how our farm team went from the Calder cup finals to sitting in the bottom half of the league since this mgmt group took the reins just tells me they spent too much time propping up the old core and not enough on stocking the farm. We need to acquire picks. not projects (draft 3+ year players that didn't pan out to their draft ranking)
  11. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    The 17% represents the lottery odds of our 2nd last place finish in getting 1st overall in the 2017 draft. 2% was phillys odds of picking top 3. Which they hit last year. The players/picks in question are the top 3 picks in this year's draft. Benning was implying it's pointless to purposely have the higher percentage odds since it's still possible for lower percentage odds to win. Which is true. But you shouldn't be actively lowering your odds based on that, regardless of how stupid the league lottery rule's are.
  12. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    A ticket that has a 17% chance of winning (us last year) is better than a 2% chance of winning (philly) every year. Just because the 2% ticket won one year, doesn't mean it's pointless to try and get higher odds and have the 17% ticket again. That's an emotional response to a rational problem. And i think that's the main critique he's giving on Benning.
  13. Fans at Rogers

    I don't think so, because Benning can realistically point to everything pre-2017 Trade deadline and say 'ownership mandated it'. I think he's given a year extension to prove what he can do without interference. It's Linden that needs to go IMO. And i hate to say it because he was part of my favourite team, but he's been more of a yes man than doing his part to shape a coherent strategy or message for the team and acting as a gatekeeper between Ownership and the Front Office..
  14. Fans at Rogers

    I think the fact that trades had to be approved by ownership (Kesler , Hamhuis) tells you how much rein management have had. They need to step back and leave it to the professionals they hired. That being said. They wanted the library atmosphere without any rowdy fans. As well as charging premium prices for a sub par product that was marketed as a playoff team. They made their bed. They should sleep in it. They should have no problem with that, there's plenty of room now
  15. Why do you watch?

    Because i love this sport and this team!