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  1. I wonder if Vey is going to take Cracknell's spot after the all-star break
  2. Emerson Etem Talk

    ^ Willie? That you?
  3. Emerson Etem Talk

    You must be fun at parties. if you really want me to respond to your suggestion that predicts vey stays in the lineup fine... i know Vey's play has been a little more positive lately and he did make a few nice plays with etem tonight but if he's here after Sutter returns I'll lose it. It's painfully obvious that Linden Vey is not an NHL caliber hockey player.
  4. Emerson Etem Talk

    Wouldn't be surprised if there was a few guys in Vey.
  5. Emerson Etem Talk

    I'd play him with Horvat and Beartschi. Very unproven line but I think the chemistry would be great. sedins - vrbata Baer - Ho - Eat em Burrow - McCann - Hansen Virtanen - Cracknell - Dorsett Prust
  6. Will Daniel hit 30 goals this season?

  7. Music of 2015 thread

    Ayyyyyyyyyy definitely wouldn't have expected to find another fan of Ugly Mane on here. I was pretty into Mista' Thug Isolation and a few of his other releases. He's a pretty hard dude to keep up with, before these 2015 releases the last thing I had heard was that he shut the entire project down. I downloaded Third Side of Tape but haven't given it a listen yet, I'll try and find Oblivion Access as well. Dude definitely makes some of my favourite "weirdo" rap, really dig the mood sometimes.
  8. Had to say bye to the coke boys. Richie, Kass and Stanton.
  9. Music of 2015 thread

    Meh, it's just simple, honest and clever. The honesty is so refreshing to me as I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by people who are creating false realities to impress others. I'm gonna guess most people who are hyping it up are around my age (early 20's) and feel similar. 
  10. Music of 2015 thread

      Can confirm. They put on one of the most simply badass shows I've ever seen.   Absolutely falling in love with Courtney Barnett at the moment. I wish more musicians were brave enough to write the way she does.  
  11. A good team would have one of either Dorsett, Prust or Cracknell as a 12th or 13th forward. We have all three on a line....
  12. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

  13. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Big dink Shink
  14. [POLL] Do you miss sbisa?

    Yes. I really just wish he would call me back. I didn't mean all the things I said that night. I forgive you Luca, come back to me.