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  1. Ron McLean is one creepy bastard.
  2. Holy jeez entitlement issues. Doesn't bode well for his future. Meh, it all seemed a little too far-fetched to begin with anyways. If he wants to carry that attitude he better prove he can have a positive impact very fast once he draws into the lineup, any mistakes and it just makes him look a lot worse.
  3. 3-2 Blues in SO 22 shots Goals from Larsen and Baertschi
  4. I was extremely frustrated/disappointed when they picked Virtanen over Nylander or Ehlers. I've been hoping Virt proves me wrong ever since but right now it looks like at best he'll develop much slower than the others in his draft class. He still very well could end up being a first line guy though it's just probably gonna take a while. At worst it looks like we drafted Raffi Torres 2.0 over two future top line players. To be honest Jake scares me a lot, he scares with his commitment, conditioning, and drive. I just don't notice enough effort from him to believe he will one day become the 30+ goal scorer we all want him to be. What really bugged me is that we had and still have an organizational need for a top line, offensive center, which Nylander may end up being. Nylander - Boeser could've been a great duo to shape the post Sedin first line around. Didn't like the pick then and I still don't. I do like Jake though and am hoping he has changed my mind 3 years from now.
  5. Naslund Bure Bertuzzi Cloutier Morisson Ohlund Salo Edler Kesler Sedins WCE kid forever
  6. It's called reading comprehension, you should try it.
  7. This is why you'd make terrible general managers... Luca Sbisa currently doesn't have a high trade value, especially at this time of year. Currently, every team is trying to trim their roster. Teams are looking to drop bottom pairing defencemen, not add them. At the moment, Sbisa may fetch a 3rd to 5th round draft pick, if anything. Vancouver has been gifted with a denfenceman who is bursting with potential and currently looks ready to play in the NHL in Troy Stetcher. However, Stetcher does not have to clear waivers and could perhaps even improve on what he has already shown in the preseason by spending time in Utica. Vancouver also has another two young defencemen who need to be eased into full-time NHL roles in Tryamkin and Pedan. Keeping Sbisa allows this gradual integration to happen. At the trade-deadline Luca Sbisa's value will sky-rocket, potentially greatly if he has a half decent season, which he does actually seem poised to do. GMs wet themselves for d-men of Sbisa's breed at the deadline. This is when Sbisa should be moved. Moving him now would be terrible asset management and put an awful lot of pressure on players who may not be ready despite showing great potential. After the deadline Vancouver will have gained an asset much greater than the actual value of Sbisa in the trade and can then allow the young d-men to take a larger role at a time when they are much more prepared. This will limit the inevitable mistakes made by rookie defencemen, making the team better in the present and building our young players confidence to make the team better in the future. While moving Sbisa at the deadline will surely help the team in the future. It's called foresight, many of you seem to lack it.
  8. Personally this is what I'd do with the remaining players: Forwards: Sven Baertschi Alex Burrows Derek Dorsett Loui Eriksson Emerson Etem - waive, hope he clears for depth Brendan Gaunce Markus Granlund Jannik Hansen Bo Horvat Joe LaBate - assign to Utica, first bottom six call-up Anton Rodin Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Brandon Sutter Jake Virtanen - assign to Utica, call-up depending on progress Defense: Alex Edler Erik Gudbranson Ben Hutton Philip Larsen Andrey Pedan Luca Sbisa Troy Stecher - assign to Utica for now recall soon Chris Tanev Nikita Tryamkin Goaltenders: Richard Bachman Jacob Markstrom Ryan Miller PTOs: Tuomo Ruutu - sign Making the line up: Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertshi - Horvat - Hansen Granlund - Sutter - Rodin Gaunce - Ruutu - Dorsett Burrows Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Larsen Tryamkin - Pedan However, I believe one of Burrows or Dorsett should be let go to make room and that if Larsen faulters early his spot quickly goes to Stetcher.
  9. San Jose is the only Bay Area team lol
  10. Idk maybe ask their wives?
  11. Doesn't mean that much but it's worth noting that during the 04-05 lockout Henrik Zetterberg was one year younger than Rodin is now; Zetterberg led the SHL in scoring that season with 50 points in 50 games. The next season in the NHL Zetterberg posted 85 points in 77 games played. Rodin's SHL stats (37pts in 33gp last season) are extremely impressive, it's going to be very interesting to see if his skills translate to the NHL. It's quite apparent that he has an elite skillset.