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  1. San Jose is the only Bay Area team lol
  2. Idk maybe ask their wives?
  3. Doesn't mean that much but it's worth noting that during the 04-05 lockout Henrik Zetterberg was one year younger than Rodin is now; Zetterberg led the SHL in scoring that season with 50 points in 50 games. The next season in the NHL Zetterberg posted 85 points in 77 games played. Rodin's SHL stats (37pts in 33gp last season) are extremely impressive, it's going to be very interesting to see if his skills translate to the NHL. It's quite apparent that he has an elite skillset.
  4. I really want Matthews. Like really really waaaaaant Matthews.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      no harm in wanting.

  5. "Collie" Campbell is one sick f*ck. Not to mention a borderline illiterate apparently. Really makes me question why I'm a fan of this league.
  6. Good Game. One step closer to that top 5 draft pick. The team also showed quite a bit to be optimistic for in the first two periods. And Daniel scored, getting closer to 30.
  7. I wonder if Vey is going to take Cracknell's spot after the all-star break
  8. ^ Willie? That you?
  9. You must be fun at parties. if you really want me to respond to your suggestion that predicts vey stays in the lineup fine... i know Vey's play has been a little more positive lately and he did make a few nice plays with etem tonight but if he's here after Sutter returns I'll lose it. It's painfully obvious that Linden Vey is not an NHL caliber hockey player.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a few guys in Vey.
  11. I'd play him with Horvat and Beartschi. Very unproven line but I think the chemistry would be great. sedins - vrbata Baer - Ho - Eat em Burrow - McCann - Hansen Virtanen - Cracknell - Dorsett Prust
  12. Ayyyyyyyyyy definitely wouldn't have expected to find another fan of Ugly Mane on here. I was pretty into Mista' Thug Isolation and a few of his other releases. He's a pretty hard dude to keep up with, before these 2015 releases the last thing I had heard was that he shut the entire project down. I downloaded Third Side of Tape but haven't given it a listen yet, I'll try and find Oblivion Access as well. Dude definitely makes some of my favourite "weirdo" rap, really dig the mood sometimes.