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  1. see edit
  2. In what world did the Sedins score 15 points last year? edit: nvm, assuming you meant combined
  3. Baertschi - Horvat - Gagner Sedin - Sedin - Goldobin Eriksson - Sutter - Granlund Virtanen - Burmistrov - Rodin Dorsett Gaunce Boeser Savagely average.
  4. If I wasn't from Vancouver it would be on my list but I'd probably get pretty bored playing in the same city I grew up in
  5. mtl, la, ny, San Jose
  6. Damn I can't remember ever being this excited about an entire draft class. Kudos Benning #makevancouverscoreagain
  7. perfect goalie pick
  8. Jesus Christ, Benning is absolutely crushing this draft. Gadjovich could beat Virtanen at his own game. Did we just draft a future top six line with three consecutive picks??? If all three kids reach their potential I don't see why not. So excited for GOALS again Thanks Benning for really trying to make Vancouver score again. Appreciated.
  9. Horvat was a bit of an exception in that regard. His improvement in speed is almost unprecedented. Yes, players can improve skating technique and overall speed with practice but not massively in most cases. A lot of it seems to be an inherent ability that comes from natural athleticism and lower body build, a la McDavid and Bure. You can't teach high end speed. If speed was something that could be so easily taught Cody Hodgson would still be in the NHL.
  10. Holy $&!# I can't believe they got Lind. Excellent pick. So stoked we're finally drafting speed and skill.
  11. Jim Benning needs to take a speaking class. His sentence structure and vocabulary reminds me of Trump without the blind confidence. Can't wait until he informs us he wants to make this team win "bigly".
  12. this
  13. Virts gone from absolutely the most overrated prospect in the system (which isn't his fault at all, rather the fault of the expectations that come when you're drafted way ahead of where you should've been drafted) to probably one of the most underrated or at least disgarded. I think Gaudette is the most underrated prospect in the system right now. Virt is just a victim of hype. I've said for a long time he's never been that good. Nothing about him ever said 40 goal power forward winger. Those are just the expectations fans put on a 6th overall pick with his skill set. And in Virts case, I think he started to believe the overhype himself. His cieling has always been a low assist, 20-25 goal, hit machine, playing in the middle six. He could very well still get there too. The problem is simply his draft position. If he was drafted 36th overall we wouldn't be having this conversation because he wouldn't be over or underrated just simply "rated".
  14. If they prove they still have value in the league after this year then sign them for 1 year at 2.5m and give them 3rd line minutes. If they can't take the pay cut and reduced roll then they're really just hurting the team, barring an unprecedented return to form. If you think 2.5 isn't enough for slow secondary scoring players that aren't gonna throw big hits or play scrappy then sorry I don't agree. Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen could be an effective third line to start the 2018 season but the top six needs to be rebuilt without the Sedins after the upcoming year. Hell, if we had the talent pool the top six should be rebuilt without them this year but unfortunately that's not the case. You can't blame the Sedins though, management should have had prospects ready to take their top line minutes years ago. In a perfect world the twins would have been anchoring the second line for the last two seasons and starting this season on the third. Too bad multiple short-sighted management groups forced them to carry the first line offensive duties for much longer than they should have. I'm fairly certain even the twins have stated something like they'd "love to see someone step up and take the top line minutes". This is also another reason the Erikson singing was so awful. It wrongfully convinced everyone that the Sedins could finish their careers as first liners with the help of another aging Swede, who they had past success with. Clearly that didn't work, very ill-advised stop gap contract that will handcuff the team way past the Sedins retirement. Would have been much smarter to just admit the Sedins aren't first line players anymore, rebuild the first line quicker, and play the Sedins on the second line with a speedy prospect. Oh well, I guess a small chance of achieving short term mediocrity is so tempting to our management that they would disregard the future.