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  1. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Meh, good game. Could've gone ether way against one of the best teams in the division despite our depleted line-up. All we can really ask is that the team stays competitive and they did just that. Plus we're two points closer to a better chance at Dahlin.
  2. Ah knew I was forgetting someone. Granlund would probably take Goldobin's spot then. Or maybe Gaunce's.
  3. Baertschi - Horvat - Goldobin Vanek - Gagner - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Virtanen - Sutter - Gaunce Could be fun
  4. Vanek's Value (Circa Jan. 2, 2018) Discussion

    I don't care what his value is, re-sign him. Give the 2 year contract he'll want. The value of having him here greatly outweighs the value of a second round pick imo. I don't think a lot of people are realizing the influence Vanek is having on Boeser. He's the perfect mentor. Boeser clearly loves playing with the guy and has spoken very highly of him and his guidance. Their careers are actually very similar. Despite being from Austria, Vanek came to play in the USHL and absolutely dominated just like Boeser did. He then played at the University of Minnesota (Boeser's home state) for two seasons and put up eerily similar numbers to Boeser's at North Dakota.
  5. [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    God I wish we could drop Eriksson and sign Vanek for 2-3 years.
  6. 2017/18 WJHC Thread

    This Czech team could be for real
  7. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Blackhawks Dec 28th 2017

    6 - 3 Hawks 3 points (1 goal 1 assist for Kane and 1 assist for Boeser)
  8. "Players of their country" Don't think he was talking about a parody Danny Heatley twitter
  9. wtf..... the fact that many of you, like this guy above, seem to be taking this seriously concerns me quite a lot. this is a joke from a parody twitter account called dannyallstar15 to make that clear. the media literacy skills of people today is truly horrifying. plus how do you not know of that twitter account?? $&!# is freaking hilarious.
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    man it's crazy how much pettersson's stats blow out everyone else in that top-six
  11. Brock or Bo ?

    I choose... Bobrock!
  12. I'd honestly re-sign him. I'd definitely re-sign him if the Sedins retire. We've all seen how quickly injuries can decimate a forward group. Depth is essential. Vanek is still a very good player who can score. He's also still obviously very passionate about the game. I think he's a good guy to have around. Gagner is the one I'd be looking to dump. I'd also look into moving Hutton at the deadline just because we've seen how much teams overpay for d-men that time of year.
  13. Favourite Canucks of all time!

    Naslund, Cloutier, Bure
  14. Pettersson Horvat Boeser - You call it.

    I'm hoping Pettersson ends up playing center in Vancouver. Virtanen - Pettersson - Boeser Baertschi - Horvat - Dahlen Goldobin - Gaudette - Granlund Gaunce - Sutter - Gadjovich Obviously leaving out a few players there but I like that lineup, all currently 25 or under except Sutter. That could end up being one of the best 1, 2, 3 center combos in the league. Would love to see it happen.