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  1. Saw Gaunce walking around Ambleside yesterday. His arm was in a sling but damn his girlfriend is a babe.
  2. Aquaman comin' across like Trump. Nice one bud.
  3. Will be very nice choosing from these 5: Hischier Patrick Liljegren Mittlestadt Necas In that order please Benning
  4. Boeser clearly wants the chance to play on Hischier's wing
  5. Henrik not letting Bo take the scoring title away from a Sedin easily. Tied at 51 now...
  6. The quest for second last lives, yes!!
  7. Holy fn $&!#. Just realized the line of molino - shore - megna is a real thing?!?? Possibly the worst line this team has ever iced?? Can anyone think of worse?
  8. What a pos, was stoked we didn't draft the kid because I hate his face so damn much. Glad he finally got suspended. Hopefully someone gives him a good beat down real soon. Also it hurts to see how much better he is than Virtanen.
  9. Vilardi would be an ok consolation prize if we don't get into the top three. Don't think he has the potential to outscore Horvat though. I would pick from who's available in this order: Hischier Patrick Liljegren Vilardi Mittelstadt Necas Tolvanen Canucks desperately need to get into that top-three though. Hope we don't get screwed by the lottery again.
  10. Why are so many people putting Drouin above Horvat still? I personally don't see Drouin living up to his potential and Horvat brings so much more in aspects other than offense that Drouin doesn't. Mackinnon Barkov Jones Ristolainen Horvat Monahan Wennberg Drouin Lindholm Domi
  11. Douchebags win championships. Ambassadors of civility, not so much.
  12. you're delusional