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  1. Like I said....

    Keslerplayslikeacanadian - you still think cap space is irrelevant and not an issue for a team that is close to the limit? You still believe that Vey is a foundational player and will be around for decades? Baggins - You still think a 2nd for Vey is good? You still think a 2nd round pick is useless and well worth tossing away for a prospect who is waiver eligible? oh....and you still loving the Miller contract, still a great deal? Mattrek - You still believe benning is a good negotiator and always gets market value? Junkyard dog - You said Miller's contract would never be an issue? thoughts now... You said I was short sighted and you could see benning/linden's plan and the big still see things clearly? You still think the percentage of success with 2nd round picks are so dismal that we should toss them away for castaways that are waiver eligible? Sorry....I couldn't resist I got into some heated arguments with you guys in another thread..."Canucks four biggest non-mistakes over the last year"
  2. Like I said....

    Most of you said you stopped reading after I called benning/linden rookies at their new positions or I was upset with the firing of MG... In the future, maybe we should consider all points of view before we jump on any bandwagons. And for those of you who were open to listening to another opinion, I give you credit for being able to go through all this for the last few hair would be ghostly white if I stayed on this site or followed this team (closely) with this group leading the way. Posted July 2, 2014 · Report post I'm happy to see that some members have finally started to question Benning/Linden instead of granting him unwarranted/unfathomable support for accomplishing nil... mediocrity. I know that both these guys are well thought of and have a long tenure in professional hockey, but they are still rookies in their new positions...I think it's better to see some results before boarding their "hooray" train. I was never happy with MG's firing and I think it was too early, considering the main person at fault was the owners for last years debacle....However, I did support Benning/Linden (cautiously) and wanted to give them a chance because they deserved that at the very least. I doubt anyone noticed, but I haven't posted on CDC much cause I really didn't have anything positive to say and, like I mentioned above, I wanted to give the new brass a chance... One thing I know for certain... and any Canuck fan should as well, is that MG can definitely have a vision and has shown proven that he knows what steps are necessary to obtain it. In quick fashion, he turned the Canucks around when he arrived, turned us into a powerhouse in the NHL and got us to the finals... no ifs, ands or buts here. FACT! MG did a great job and should be praised for what he's accomplished. To the many posters here who think they're being witty with snide derogatory comments ending with **cough (Gillis)**, you have no clue. I really feel that GMMG was fired prematurely and wished he was given at least 1 more year. At least until after the draft.... Back to Benning/Linden. After a new coach, the draft, a buyout, trades and FA signings.... Here's my breakdown and the way I see things thus far. Coach I like the hiring. However, I think these two put their eggs in one basket and wanted to wait on one guy since the beginning.... if WD decided to decline, we would be up sh!t creek without a paddle. I would have been just as happy with one or two other coaches that were available at the time... it was a huge gamble or B & L are far too indecisive. I just wish the owners would have let MG pick the coach last year... The Draft 6th, I like the first pick. I don't mind going for a player with big potential that at worst....might fall to the 3rd line, he's a local boy so that's also a bonus. A solid pick from what was available. However, some of the following picks afterwards are the ones I question... 24, Jared McCann - looks very promising and is a solid pick I think, for a team that need a 200 player with skills to center a line. But, this pick seems redundant to me since we have plenty of players like this as prospects already... and I'm pretty confident that a few of these prospects will play in the NHL. What we needed with this pick was somebody who has shown some potential to be an elite player with high-end skills....a boom or bust kinda guy, we need potential 1st line players. This is what our prospects are my eyes, we have Shink (so happy he wasn't traded) and Jensen. Unless, B & L and have some secret plan to nab the 1st pick next year....I think we would be better off going for picks that have 1st line potential since we are loaded for the second line. 36, Thatcher Demco - Great goalie. Again....good pick for a team who is short on goalie prospects. We had an early pick in the second round and we use it to pick up ANOTHER goalie? We are up to our ears in great goalie prospects and I think this pick was wasted, now we're drowning and we only have options to throw a great prospect overboard. We got a great coach who is proven, but goalies take years and they are high-risk.... and isn't one player who needed surgery enough? 66, Nikita Tryamkin - Huge guy. If this pick turns out as planned than we made the steal of the draft... However, he was passed over twice and I don't think he was on too many GM's radar, couldn't we have picked him up a little later in the draft? I don't mind this pick but I think it was done too early... 126, 156 and 186 - a small D man with skills...but we have someone similar with higher potential (Subban). A huge C who had surgery and needs developing...but we have someone similar with Lain (minus the surgery). A huge D man...don't know much about the guy except that he's HUGE. I think the picks were OK....but only that. I would have preferred GMMG to make this years selection since he hit a homerun with it last year.... He had a vision and he was following through with it and might have picked up players that he envisioned we were lacking. Players with elite skills and potential... I thought that size & skill was already addressed when he picked up Kass, Lain, Bo, Gaunce, etc....and he would have been determined to address the combo of speed & elite skills this year (yes, we have JV now....but we still come up short in this area). Buyout From my point of view.... we had a fast player with size that played great with Kass on the 3rd! Sure, he was paid too much, but with the cap space that we had have had (now after Miller) he would have been fine for another year... Instead, we bought him out and replaced Booth with some players that we picked up trading a 2nd round pick for? Or was it to bring in Miller? (hate this signing). Why not just keep Booth... have him play with Kass and let Kass build some more confidence with Booth and sign him next year at a reasonable price? This way, we could have kept the pick that we traded and used it for the promising Dman that the Kings picked up....or any other players with potential? Leaving us with a promising big 3rd line pairing with past chemistry and a great prospect D man... Instead, we replaced Booth with a player we picked up in a trade.... and have no prospects to show for it? The 50th pick seems a little high to me seeing how Gagne was worth a 6th round pick? Maybe it's not the 50th pick to replace Booth but... Couldn't we have picked up a guy in FA? Don't like this move at all....not my money I know. Booth was fine for the 3rd line....we had the cap space so why buy him out? We seem to be back-logging ourselves with middle-line players... Trades I am on the fence with the trades.... nothing great and nothing bad. Just ho-hum with them... It seems that B & L were a little hasty though....trying to make their mark on this team with some big moves and focusing on that alone. This is not always a good thing... if done without perspective. Yes, the NM or NT clauses effected them, but for any person in the "KNOW"... and you only need to google search to be in the "KNOW", the Canucks were on par with most teams that had NT or NM clauses. I am absolutely against trading any high picks away for prospects/players who are gonna play on our second or 3rd lines! We are giving our current prospects no chance to actually play if we keep picking up similar players through trades of our valued picks in the draft... WE NEED TO FOCUS ON TOP LINE PLAYERS, FORWARDS OR DMEN. The ONE thing that I am absolutely positive about is that if GMMG made the exact same deals, CDC would be bytch'n and crying over every single one of them....Fact. I thought Garrison was worth much more than what we traded him for... RFA Signings Miller??? WTF! - do we need another distraction in net? And don't talk about mentoring Lack cause he doesn't like to mentor. For 3 years? WTF! - two years would have been ideal. 33 years old and ranked 22nd out of 43 goal tenders over the last 4 years....1st round loss to Chicago last year playing for St. Louis. At 6 million per year? WTF! - 5 million cap per year would be acceptable for an aging goalie who underperformed....and/or who Lack outperformed. Cap space gone.... With an amended NM contract? WTF! - Was this really necessary to sign Miller and could we have negotiated a better contract instead of him giving us a list of only 5 teams? Maybe 10 or 15 teams? Maybe no clause? Did B & L not go through a similar scenario with Kesler this week? This was the first and only offer Miller saw? WTF! - Was this just a nostalgia thing for Benning? He is so adamant on signing Miller that he just thought he would offer him everything that Miller would have asked for? I don't think GMMG ever made a move like this with such haste and abandonment... Here's one for all you Gillis haters out there....I hope you don't blindly let this slide and make your immense disappointment known that your beloved MG replacements offered a NM contract to an aging player who is in decline. AND, I am a little concerned with B & L ability to negotiate a fair contract now... do these two know anything about lowballing on the first offer and negotiating to an agreeable settlement? Calgary got Hiller for 2 years at 9 million? I'd be ok with this... And to me it seems the Canucks needed to address the top 6 positions....goal scoring. At the moment, all the big names seemed to have signed elsewhere since our focus was on signing Miller. After all is said and done.... it is still too early to judge B & L up till now. I hope that they are not human and have some sort of super human powers at play that will transform this team into a power house in the next few years! From what I've witnessed so far... they make mistakes like the rest of us and let feelings/emotions get in the way of their decision making. And to me it seems the Canucks needed to address the top 6 positions....goal scoring. At the moment, all the big names seemed to have signed elsewhere since our focus was on signing a goalie... One area that I hope B & L are exceptional at is FA signings cause GMMG was boss.... if not, so far not so good. 13
  3. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I agree 100%! This will be his legacy and will help this team out more than any other Canuck's GM has done for this team. Does this sentence make sense? hehe
  4. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Shink is the type of guy who will focus and work hard to achieve his goals....I think we need to try and put ourselves in Shink's shoes, and try and imagine what he sees and hears: 1st) The Canucks have preached defensive responsibility from the beginning and it comes straight from the top, and since we now have control of our farm team, defensive responsibility will be preached to all prospects....all day and all night. 2nd) I'm sure he's followed the Comets and knows all about Jensen...another 1st round pick like himself. Jensen had his chances with the Canucks last year and put up some points....but he's still playing in Utica and everyone comments about his consistency and 2-way game. Obviously, Jensen is not in the NHL.... 3rd) Bo is another 1st round pick drafted in the same year... hasn't really produced pre-season or during his conditioning stint, but everyone has praised his defensive game and face-off abilities. He's proven to have skill and scoring abilities, but it's his defensive game that receives the credit...and this has resulted in a chance to suit up for the Canucks. ** yes, I know about his special status and not being able to play in Utica....but still, he wouldn't have this stint with the Canucks if he was defensively responsible. After the draft, everyone loved the Shink pick and talked about his skills and scoring abilities.....the major negative Shink heard from the media or CDC (if he reads this) is that his size would be an issue to play in the NHL. This year, he enters the draft bigger and stronger....this tells me that Shink knows what his flaws are and he focuses on it, to improve and be able to play in the NHL. Rehabilitation = check Speed = check Skill = check Size = addressed...check Defensive Game = this years focus For me, I don't mind if his point production drops this year, I expect it to drop if he were to improve his defensive game....I honestly don't think skilled players lose their abilities so easily and it is easy for them to bring this "area" up to par again. If Shink improves his defensive game, he improves his chances to play for the Canucks...simple. Smart player in my books... labeling him as bust or claiming that he's disappointing is way too premature now. BTW, I haven't followed to close this year because of work....but isn't Jensen playing on the 3rd? To improve his defensive game too? Might not this be the same reason for his point production thus far?
  5. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Alright.... I'll reply back to this post and leave it at that. You seem to be changing your tune...but you also seem to have an issue with your memory. Ehrhoff - MG offered him the same deal Bieksa got....but he turned it down. He wanted the big PAYOFF! And he got it with Buffalo. Looking in hindsight is nifty when you want to "tweak" something here and there to support your belief....sure, a $4 mill cap hit NOW seems reasonable, but it did come with a huge payment up front! $10 mill the first year and $8 mill the second so the average sits at around $4 the Sabres $6 mill and $4 mill for those seasons.... could the Canucks have handled that at that time? NO!!!! So stop talking about the $4 mill cap hit now, it's irrelevant! The Canucks wouldn't want to sign him for 10 years and couldn't afford to pay his cap for the first two years and wouldn't pay him $18 mill in the first two years of the contract....all this was mandatory to get the $4 mill cap you see now. You're talking about Ehrhoff right? The same guy who was a huge defensive liability!!! So much so that he was deployed mostly in the O zone and coddled like CoHo... The same Ehrhoff who is seriously injury prone?...signing him to a 10 year deal is just foolish. BTW....another thing you forgot about, WHEN Ehrhoff retires prior to his contract agreement...lets say 35,36 or 37, Buffalo will have to deal with the cap-recapture penalty until 2021. MG should be applauded for not giving in to Ehrhoff's ridiculous demands..... Please check your own facts and stop using "pieces" of information to support your argument.... use it all and in context. Oh...and the Ballard trade, it was a good trade at the time and he was a highly sought after player. And Grabner was not a bone-headed move by MG....keeping him would've been. Grabner was redundant and didn't perform here.... AND, other teams obviously felt the same. I understand you have a hate-on for MG, but I don't think you know the reason why? If you think Torres wouldn't have had to tone his game down or he would have spent most of the season suspended or on the bench, than that's your perogative. Wearing Blue and Green puts a target on his back.... if you think it's just a conspiracy theory and not fact, fine. Go with it.... we will differ on this and no point in arguing. However, Torres was offered a reasonable contract, but he wanted more....fact. Yes, I blame AV. He was the coach....and he does play the players that "he" feels gives him the best chance to win. However! that doesn't mean he isn't ignorant, stubborn and doesn't mean he was right. He consistantly played his 'favorite' players that DIDN'T give him the best chance to win....he just had favorites. You also admitted that Gillis had to trade away Schnieds because of the controversy AV started..... but you still blame MG for something he was forced into by AV? "Gillis had to trade Schneider after 2011 to avoid the controversy looming"....this is your quote and you bolded "had". Your argument would have more merit if you didn't support my arguments... Obviously, AV 'thought' Schneids was the answer, but AV was WRONG.... or we would have won. News flash! Lou or Schnieds was not the was everything but. So...AV decides to try and save his own skin at the detriment of the Canucks! And he ended his last season here with the same mentality.....what was the point of playing Corrado? Now we lose a year.... Yeah, AV was as much to blame for our failures as MG, but I would put the blame on him more because he didn't utilize the players as he should have and he was too stubborn to change. Like I said.....AND YOU SAID..... MG was forced to trade Schneids because AV was wrong in his judgement. However, I'm happy with Bo so who cares..... You mention something about contradiction at it's finest? How slow are you????? You are the one going on in your original post about Nonis and Burke having all the credit and not giving any credit to MG even if the players he drafted are the key pieces... You are seriously daft! Don't try and play silly games with me and change the words around....and accuse me of something that you did Compared to your simple mind, you might think that I can read into the future, but unfortunately I can't.... if we win the cup within the next couple of years under the contracts that MG signed, I would give a lot of credit to MG plus the obvious credit to the new GM who added the other key pieces. If it took much longer and all of MG's players had re-signed with the new GM (plus other key signings), than I would give a majority of the credit to the new GM.... In your simple world everything is black and white.....but there are multiple variables involved. "How? How were we constant bottom dwellers?" This I quoted from you....very telling. I didn't bother quoting the other crap you wrote to follow this up because it has nothing to do with my original statement! Do you find people questioning your comprehension levels? wow.... I was talking about the Canucks being constant bottom dwellers (exclusion from the Playoffs) in the league prior (and I believe I said 'prior' in the original post too) to MG taking over as GM.... We sucked for a long time prior to MG's arrival and he turned the ship around and made us contenders....MG did this in such a short period and for an extended period that....unfortunately, it made some members of CDC (like yourself) believe that the Canucks have always been one of the elite teams in the league since it's inception and expect ludirous playoff contentions year after year Before MG we sucked....AV was hired prior to MG signing (thought I should mention this because of your lack of memory) and AV still failed with the same core pieces that you mentioned earlier, which shows that the added pieces MG put together were essential for this team to make it to the win 2 President trophies. think MG was detrimental to the Canucks and was a failure? The rest of your statement sounds like whining...."MG promised we would win with the cup with the Sedins"...."we didn't win the cup so he's a failure" wah...wah...wah... Look, I had to reply to your first post because your arguments made no sense and you seemed to have mixed everything up....I just pointed it out and straightened the facts. Than you tried to come at me with this post and you're arguing something different? What is your point? and if you want to taint the reputation of a GM that did more for this organization than any other GM or at least the equivalent of, than use real facts that support your argument! DO NOT make idiotic statements like, "MG was a terrible GM because he almost traded Kesler"..... FFS!
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Apologies.... I know this should be about Gaunce, but I had to reply to the that particular post.
  7. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    NO. Absolutely WRONG.... He will be credited for multiple things... The goalie trades for sure...the other things you mentioned? Not well thought out. Ehrhoff - wanted to get paid. Grossly over-paid. I'd be pissed if MG matched that offer Salo - he was old and risky. He found a great replacement with Tanev Torres - I like him and he's been good with the Sharks. But....if he played for Vancouver, he would have spent half the season suspended. Did you forget that were the Nucks? Not one of the favored teams in the NHL.... Etc...? Coho maybe? Please....I'm glad he's gone and that trade will be definitely one that MG will be remembered for. Lou - Blame AV for this mess. He stirred the whole pot when he designated Schneids as the #1 during the Playoffs.... Also blame the NHL for implementing new rules to screw up the contract that they approved. Schneids - Look at the latter part of Lou above. The new rules made any potential Lou trade impossible... hands were tied, had to deal a goalie and I'm happy with our return. We have some pretty good goalies in the system and I have faith in Lack.....had AV just stuck it out with Lou during the Playoffs, we could've kept Lou as our #1 and Lack as our backup. Kesler - "almost" traded Kesler and you think anyone will remember MG for that? The GM's job is to listen to all offers....if any GM didn't than I would say that they were doing a piss-poor job. MG did what any good GM should.... he listened to the offer and felt it was inadequate and didn't make a trade. You made a nice argument here... Draft picks - Horvat will be well worth the trade....if you want to retool on the fly, you NEED a player like Bo. He didn't go off the board like some other GM's and picked up Shink when he should've been taken earlier.... there is some credit due here. Cost of the present???? I could see your argument for Horvat....but I like this trade cause Bo will make more of an impact on the Canucks future than Schneids (mainly because we still have Lack and some other solid goalie prospects). However, how did selecting Gaunce, Jensen, Shink, and others cost the Canucks in any form....let alone your argument that it cost us the present? What MG will be remembered for is finally pushing the owners to own their own farm team. This move alone is huge and should've been done years ago.... developing our own players will yield huge results for our future, MG did this. No mention of the FA that he signed? MG will be remembered for bringing in key pieces like Tanev. The culture of this Organization to turn it into a destination team for FA? Previous to MG....I don't remember us signing many significant FA? MG picked the future stars of the Nucks....Kass, Bo, Gaunce, Jensen, Shink, Fox, Cassels, etc.... regarding last years draft, MG hit a homerun. He built a team that won 2 President trophies and made it to the Finals.... There's a ton of great things MG has done and I won't get into it cause I've mentioned them in multiple posts previously... but, MG has done more for this team than you care to mention or think about... MG will be remembered for his huge role in transforming this team from constant bottom dwellers with poor prospects into contenders and future SC champions You may not want to give MG credit for the key roles our prospects will play in the future...but every other Nuck fan will give him his due respect. I'm sure you are one of the CDC posters who always claim that this team was built by Burke and Nonis.... these two, like every GM in the league has their own share of blunders. However, not one of our previous GM's has made the significant changes that MG did because MG was able to think outside the box... Because Nonis still gets recognition, MG will be praised by CDC. The goal might be to win now and retool with young players on the fly...which is exactly what MG was I completely disagree with your assumption that this is the reason he got fired. Politics... that's all.
  8. Kassian RFA year

    haha I thought you were describing "Stormin" Norman Schwarzkopf.... wouldn't you say you've put CoHo on quite the pedestal here? get serious... Regardless of how you paint the picture.... MG has more credibility than any young kid in CoHo's shoes. I highly doubt that any GM would trade a highly touted player so quickly unless they had reasons for it... CoHo might have thought that what he said was reasonable and within his rights to do so as a "star" player, especially with a meddling father and agent egging him on and telling him to do so.... But, this is a professional sport and business and I would believe 100% in a professional seasoned lawyer who represents an Organization and has exceeded my expectations in improving this franchise. As well, MG is not a typical GM who makes decisions in haste or on a whim....he is a very calculated person and considers the benefits and repercussions of all decisions that he makes when it comes to his job. This is what makes him a great GM....he's improved this franchise in so many ways it's hard to name them all, directly AND indirectly. Do I believe a young kid in the spotlight who has everyone close to him telling him he's undervalued and needs...nay...deserves to be the center of attention? Or do I believe a seasoned lawyer who I've seen improve this franchise in multiple facets and who's only concern seems to be the improvement of this Organization? A GM who has everything to lose with his other players (and future players) by making up lies about an individual playing for his Organization....or a kid who is upset because things didn't turn out the way he expected and is upset that his reputation and fathers reputation has been tainted? for the input of others not related to him, I feel it's fairly easy for most people to abide to a picture of purity in front of acquaintances, people they respect or people who are in position to influence their future or their image. You want to know what's really interesting about your quotes.... It seems like CoHo's lines were scripted by his lawyers as he was very careful with his words: He's careful to say that his dad never "called" the team, but didn't say his dad never talked with the team... he never denied that his father brought this up in another form. He only says that he wanted to clear things up and it's been bothering him for a long time....the fact that his father "called" not that his father didn't speak to anyone. If he was being straight-up and there was absolutely no truth to this matter....I believe he would have been more clear, kinda like... "He never called, spoke, emailed or even mentioned anything, to anyone, about ice time....." Instead he was upset because people said his father "called"....nothing else. His words are too focused on the "call" and not that his father had nothing to do with meddling in some other way. And than he mentions that his agent, "handled stuff with the team...." usually most agents are used as a voice to represent their clients. So his dad used his representative to voice his concerns regarding his son's ice time....what's the difference? He's still meddling...CoHo is also adamant that he never mentioned anything about requesting more ice time, but what did his representative say to the GM? he was also very clear to mention that he never personally mentioned anything to the team or organization....but failed to exclude his agent. I find it odd that he is very clear on his words in regards to what he or his dad said and to whom....and he ends his sentence with "but, my agent (Ritch Winters) handled the stuff with the team". How come he slyly mentions his agent, but doesn't exclude his representative as another person who requested more ice time? And why not talk about his time in Vancouver when he's on the subject....when does he want to bring it up? Maybe never because the truth might come to light...that the topic of ice time was brought up, just not through a phone call from his dad.
  9. [GDT] March12: Vancouver @ Winnipeg

    That's not what he's're just putting words in his mouth to try and strengthen your point. I think his perspective isn't negative at all... this isn't a one and done deal, there are other seasons that follow this year. And considering what's happened this year, especially with injuries, the odds of us winning the cup are slim and none. Realistically, I doubt we even make it past the 1st round (I'm not saying I hope we get swept....just being realistic). So why not hope for a better order to secure a better future? Every team does this. We need at least one and possibly two early picks in order to be a serious playoff team in the future (I'm hoping with Bo here, one more is all we need). Where do you think the Canucks would be without having the Sedins?...early picks are essential for a any teams future. I want the cup as much as you or anyone else. From the beginning of the season, I was at peace with this team, regardless of wins or losses. Now, when you couple Kes' injury to the others...I don't see the point in sneaking into a playoff spot or fighting for it. I'd prefer to use the rest of the year to get some NHL time for the prospects, practicing the PP, getting rid of any and all bad puck luck (so happy for Bur), etc. Consider this year as just a battle....the war is still going on!
  10. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    I'll take that dare cause you obviously have no clue...A.D.D.? Too much crack? whatever the reason.... Florida thought that Markstrom would be their goalie of the future, their #1. They were happy with Markstrom at the time, so they weren't inclined to make a deal for Lou... I'm also sure that they saw more potential in Mathias and thought he was worth more at that time, for whatever reason he hasn't produced as they'd hoped this year...Hence, this deal was NOT possible last year!
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I have been grazing on the prospects thread a lot more this year due to recent upgrades.... I don't usually comment too much on here cause I don't get to watch enough games to make any sort of educated judgement. Having said that, thanks to those who give regular updates, I enjoy the read...and banter. Back on topic, I think I can make a fair judgement on your post....and what are you on??? Last stop for the J-train goes directly to the bottom of the barrel...No passing Go...No $200! There's so many arguments AGAINST your lineups...but I had to read it again when I saw where you put Sestito. C'mon!
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I have been grazing on the prospects thread a lot more this year due to recent upgrades.... I don't usually comment too much on here cause I don't get to watch enough games to make any sort of educated judgement. Having said that, thanks to those who give regular updates, I enjoy the read...and banter. Back on topic, I think I can make a fair judgement on your post....and what are you on??? Last stop for the J-train goes directly to the bottom of the barrel...No passing Go...No $200! There's so many arguments AGAINST your lineups...but I had to read it again when I saw where you put Sestito. C'mon!
  13. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I agree... but the surest way of having depth and succeeding in the playoffs is when your rookies play too good, good enough that we can't send them back. I really think that Torts will play Schroeds... and Bo and Gaunce might surprise us all. With Torts coaching and the Nucks not relying on Bo and Gaunce for goals, but solid checking and grit.... ? TBH, this is why I'm excited about this year! I really wanted to see what the young kids can do if given the proper chance and with a new coach, I'm hoping that my anxiety levels will drop a little without the unorthodox line changes, roster moves, sitting on leads, favorites, little to know faith in rookies, etc.... IF Gaunce and Bo crack the line up...and Schroeds gains chemistry with a healthy Kes and Booth. Our lines and our depth run DEEP.... Top 2 lines will put up points, bottom 2 lines will be solid checking lines and have plenty of scoring chances. If our D can play like we know they can play.... plus, Lou playing to prove himself worthy of a trade next summer, we might be back to the SCF! Ok...back to reality.... so many variables, but I think there'll be some unexpected surprises. Good or bad.... we're in for a wild ride!
  14. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Not likely but definitely a possibility....wishful thinking What if Bo, Gaunce & Schroeds are all ready? I think Schroeds has shown enough to be given a chance and with the right wingers, he would excel. Torts will, at the least, give him a chance and if he finds chemistry with any wingers like he did with Mason...Torts will at least ride the wave out. I think there's about a 80 - 85% chance he makes the line up. And Torts will look beyond his size and play him according to his abilities like he did with Zuccarello. Bo and Gaunce are both exceptional talents with heart, they have the size and they'd be responsible in the face-off. There's no questions regarding their defensive games and I think they're capable of scoring some goals in the least what we would expect from a 3rd liner. Torts is willing to give young guys a chance if they prove their capable...which makes me think that they have about a 70-75% chance of making it. I wouldn't want either of these guys on the 4th, but I think their development wouldn't be hindered if they played on the 3rd. Like I said, highly unlikely all 3 make it. With AV, I would be surprised if any of them made it...but with Torts? Sedins, Kass Booth, Schroeds, Kes Burr, Gaunce, Bo Hansen, Richardson, Higgy Tough to match up against this team and this would leave us with two solid checking lines that can score.
  15. Jason Garrison so far?

    ES seems to be very specific with his comments, so if he is talking about the length of the contract that he should have specified. I don't think he is... Regardless, you think that no team would have offered him 6 years? think Philly, Detroit, Edmonton, etc would have balked on the signing for Garrison because it was 6 years? And I'm tired of people saying he had "1 good season"! Sure, he had one good season for points....but we needed a big D man like Garrison who can play the shutdown role. His goal scoring and puck moving abilities is a bonus! Let's see...he's a great shutdown Dman with size who can move the puck AND we now know (from last year when they first tried him in this role) that Garrison also has a boomer of a shot and can put up points.... he has not played 4 years in the NHL by fluke! He actually possesses all the components that the Nucks and every other team in the NHL needs.... size, skill, can play both sides, can play a great shutdown role AND he can score! YES, $4.6 is a discount and he would have received 6 years + more money elsewhere..... TBH, I couldn't care less about his goal totals. As long as he hits, moves bodies and can play the shutdown role than he is more than worth $4.6 mill for 6 years....