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  1. Good afternoon everyone. It is with regret that I will be announcing I will be stepping down. It's been a fun league and I want to thank the league execs for all they do. Unfortunately, I just don't feel I have the same passion I used to for this league. I also have substantially less time which is the biggest reason at this point. Cheers all best of luck in the future.
  2. The Pittsburgh Penguins are open to moving the following players: Casey Cizikas Travis Konecny Adam Larsson (Retained) Trevor Van Reimsdyk Marc Methot If interested we are looking for picks in this draft. Another service that we are able to offer is that we are able to take on some salary for a price. 1-2 Year contracts only. We would also consider moving players like Charlie Coyle, Brady Tkachuk, and Sam Steel for young productive defensemen.
  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins release the following players: Markus Granlund Jason Garrison Calvin Pickard Hudson Fasching Mason McDonald Marek Mazanec Sergey Zborovskiy Cameron Crotty The Pittsburgh Penugins qualify the following players: Nick Cousins Andrew Hammond @Nail
  4. Announcement This will come as no surprise to most people, but due to my busy schedule I will be stepping down from the role of Commissioner. As a result, I am pleased to announce that @Tylez will be "officially" taking over as the new Commissioner. You guys have been in great hands over the past few months and I have full confidence things will continue to be run exceptionally well with Tylez in charge. Thanks to all for making this league a good one, and I'm sure we have many great years ahead. Cheers, Tigs
  5. The Pittsburgh Penguins are pleased to select from the Kootenay Ice Peyton Krebs! @Mr.Miyagi
  6. Just want to publicly thank @Tylez for all his work while I've been MIA for a bit. He's put in a lot of work and effort. Cheers buddy.
  7. Welcome to the Elite Keeper League! This is a new 31 team Fantasy league run by myself, @Patrick Kane, @Blue Jay 22, @Tylez, and @canucklax and we could not be more ecstatic to finally be presenting this to you guys. Our goal is to create a league that stands the test of time and is not just a flash in the pan. As a result this is NOT a first come first served league. Please PM the entire board with your application which should include prior fantasy experience and your top 3 teams. The list of GM's will be announced later on. Our fantasy draft will be a 36 round draft that will start sometime after the IRL NHL entry draft and run through the summer. Time limits will be lengthy in order to create a relaxed environment through these months - after all, it is the off-season. With years of experience among different leagues, the board of governors has put together what we feel is an ideal blend in regards to the scoring system, tracking rosters, contracts, and trading. Please see below for the link to our in-depth Collective Bargaining Agreement. Any further questions, please feel free to send myself a PM and I will be happy to answer. WEBSITE: http://www.ekleague.com CBA: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vu5wGiCZEXGEAVTGfuInkPqhq7noA1D5QE_sbZHaHXM/edit?usp=sharing Scoring/Point Tracking: http://www.pickuphockey.com Pool Name: EKL Password: ekl Trade Trackers: @Tylez + @Tigs Waivers: @Tylez (MUST TAG IN THREAD) FA Signings: @Patrick Kane + @Tigs Website Developer: @Patrick Kane Website Managers: @Patrick Kane + @Tigs CBA Specialist: @canucklax General Inquiries: @Tigs Injury Recovery Specialist: @Blue Jay 22 - @Blue Jay 22 - @Primal Optimist - @Dion Phaneuf - @gmen81 - @BM24 - @Tigs - @Patrick Kane - @Gally // @Miroki - @Tylez - @Drouin - @canucklax - @Ilya Kovalchuk. - @Canuck Surfer - @kj29 - @Monty // @D-Money - @Mike Vanderhoek - @maroe // @Watermelons - @Zach Parise - @Sergei Bobrovsky - @Spoderman - @Boeserific - @Mr.Miyagi - @OurTimeToShine // @Caboose - @_arby_18 - @*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* - @Master Mind - @Art Vandelay - @Jaku - @Nail // @JE14 - @Squeak - @inane Wait List:
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  9. fries before guys

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      weed before the need

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      They took his fries, he took their lives



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      smithers joe

      this is one guy who likes his fries before him...

  10. This is me in my profile picture.

  11. Go home gamer girl

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      girls can play games too though love

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      yah. just memeing ya

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      They leveled up.

  12. Have an extra Overwatch early access beta key available if anyone wants. Starts tomorrow.

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      Id love one too

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      @BI3KSA- Sorry......only had the one. Open beta starts in a couple days though!

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      NP, I hope to say you in open beta soon!

  13. It's over 9000!

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