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  1. @wallstreetamigo // @*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* skipped. @Zach Parise up.
  2. Does this mean you're ready to pick?
  3. How do you know that it's not an actual pic of me.
  4. Pleased to select from the Dallas Stars: Devin Shore! @wallstreetamigo // @*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS*
  5. @kj29 selects Philip Danault via list. @Sergei Bobrovsky is up until 1:08.
  6. @Caboose // @OurTimeToShine Skipped. @_arby_18 up.
  7. @Canuck Surfer selects Madison Bowey via list. @Dion Phaneuf
  8. @Canuck Surfer selects Ty Smith via list. @Spoderman
  9. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    Praying this pays off.
  10. We will be at 4 hours per pick now.