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  1. To St.Louis Tomas Hertl Kevin Gravel Ivan Lodnia Benoit Pouliot 2018 Calgary 1st 2018 Calgary 3rd To Calgary Paul Stastny (2M retained) Cody Ceci @Baer. @Patrick Kane
  2. Hadn't played in probably 8 months, enjoying the Mercy change though. The consistent rez is much nicer than waiting for 3 people to die before you use it.
  3. @oldnews I just +1'd you mostly because of how long that probably took you to write.
  4. Washington is looking to move Jaroslav Halak, Josh Gorges, and potentially Henrik Zetterberg. PM if interested - willing to retain 50% on all and looking for picks/prospects in return.
  5. Sounds like a great idea!
  6. thanks bud.
  7. The Washington Capitals would like to thank @Mr.Miyagi for the pleasant negotiations as always. We wish John and David all the best in Dallas as they join a team in hot pursuit of a Stanley Cup. Max Domi was someone that we've had our eye on for quite a while and the main reason why we felt we could work out a deal. He plays an up-tempo style of hockey, has done well on a team that hasn't had a lot of support in Arizona, and is someone we consider to be the heart and soul of that team. Lawson Crouse was also someone that we felt would be a great fit on our team. He has been a fantastic physical presence so far, and while the points haven't piled up yet we expect him to be a solid middle 6 forward for years to come. Henrik Zetterberg is a great veteran on a solid playoff team (@Drewismyname). We were fortunate enough to have lots of cap space to take on Z's contract and help Miyags out in this area. We expect him to be a solid veteran presence in the locker room and is someone that all our youth can look up to and use as a role model. The 2018 Vancouver 1st while being a later 1st is also something that will help us strengthen our youth. We'd like to thank @Master Mind for processing the trade as always!
  8. Hell yeah. Definitely going to have to remember this for my bucket list Europe trip. I accept your proposed compensation.
  9. Tampering, a matter of opinion (you've seen their goaltending situation, right?), and untrue in that order. @League Management Team - I'd like to receive compensation for this.
  10. Just fyi. Edit: Guess I should read the next page.
  11. Just a reminder that we are still accepting offers on 2 Goals, 1 Assist, + 3 John Tavares. Asking price is a solid young player (position does not matter), solid prospect, and a 1st. Would be open to other equivalent options.
  12. Halak looking great.
  13. Thanks to @oldnews for another set of solid trade negotiations. Always a pleasure to hammer a negotiation out considering we're both cheap bastards. We wish Mark and Jamie all the best in Winnipeg and expect them to bring home a championship to a city so desperately desiring one. On the flip side we very much welcome Colin Wilson and highly touted prospect Casey Mittelstadt to our roster! The picks will also certainly help us a few years down the road which is our current time-frame for even thinking about competing. The Capitals are still willing to take on cap dumps if it comes with some incentive and will continue to listen to any hockey deals people may have in mind. At this point in time however the roster is really starting to shape up the way we hoped it would!
  14. Panarin with 3 assists in his Blue Jacket debut!