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  1. Mike is a brick wall for Ottawa... too bad the games are not on TV, be awesome to see some future Canuck goalie action
  2. ok well then 7th, I would assume because he takes no shi_ from anyone and has that fear factor other players are afraid of and your opinion?
  3. Let's just say he comes over and plays RHD, who does he play with? Edler or Hutton.. I am assuming Green and Benning would want to keep Schenn chained to Hughes hip for the season for protection. You think that Hughes-Schenn can become the no.2 d pairing and a pair of Hutton/Juolevi-Tryamkin would work?
  4. Dipietro should be making more noise in this thread, man 12-0 going into the championships, as someone above said earlier, he is a brick wall when he has to be... Can't wait to see him go to Utica next year, kid is a keeper
  5. Have you seen his passes?? Boeser is a 30g scorer in his rookie year.... now he is going to receive some of these tape-to-tape passes and with a quick snap of his wrist, instant goal scored!! Boeser might just be a 50+ goal scorer with Hughes feeding him seeing eye passes right to him in his office
  6. when Svechnikov was picked, and they started talking about people talking about lying about his age, hahahaha, he looks like a fully grown man, and then he started talking at his draft interview and he sounded like a 28 year old man ahahahahha
  7. Aww my picture was so unique for a while..

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      Sugar baby watermelon

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