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  1. Kole Lind | RW

    went back a few pages, looking for any updates on his size and weight if any one has this? elite prospects has him at 6ft1 and 185lbs but I am sure he is heavier than that
  2. [Signing] Canucks sign F Antoine Roussel [4 year x $3.25M AAV]

    Love this signing, welcome to the Canucks Antoine!! We have another sh-t disturber on the team again and he can back that up too!! had a down year last year but I think he bounces back big for us!!
  3. [Report] JVR is heading back to the Flyers

    Philly has a good core, would love to have someone like Provorov on our team... jury still out on Morin, out with an injury until what February next year, I like him, hope he doesn't turn into Greg Oden of the NBA
  4. what does he really mean?

    ok thanks for the heads up, wasn't aware of that...
  5. what does he really mean?

    Oh man, could you imagine if Hughes, (if he doesn't go back to college), Juolevi, Petterson and Dahlen started the year down in Utica.... I know, I know, Pettersons spot is basically his to lose at this point, the other 3 are up in the air, (Hughes could play the 9 games and see how it goes), but they would be joining Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, Palmu, MacEwen, and Demko, lucky lucky Utica fans will see some sick action!!
  6. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    I would be definitely be interested... He had good corsi%, (53.9%), playing with the Hawks, although a limited sample size at 23gp. I know his season prior with ARI was a gong show but not just for him, for the whole team. What peaks my interest with him, is in his time in the NHL, he has some good takeaway vs. giveaway numbers going back to his 1st full season in the NHL. Last season with CHI he had 10 takeaways to 1 giveaway, the season prior it was 30 takeaways to 22 giveaways, but again, as a whole that year was a gong show for the Coyotes. I know Virtanen had some great takeaway numbers last season, put them on a line together with someone like Gaudette or Granlund, and let them steal some pucks, burn up the ice on an odd-man rush, and score some nice goals.... all for nothing for the time being though, saw this tweet the other day from Rick Dhaliwal
  7. Toni Utunen | D

  8. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    I don't recall saying he was or will be in that post
  9. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    Just trying to think of good PKers so Coach doesn't put Granlund back with Sutter
  10. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    Doesn't matter now, looks like he might have agreed to play for the Pens
  11. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    anyone here interested in Duclair, LW, we could use maybe one more LW
  12. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    I'd say take a look at Comeau, he would be a perfect 4th line guy and PK specialist to play with Sutter
  13. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    that might actually do him good... go do the KHL rejuvenation and then come back like Kovy
  14. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    any bets someone on here will say let's sign Corrado?
  15. Jett Woo | D

    We all know Woo was a ppg player up until his injury, and then he lost his spot to Clague when he got back and this was the reason for his drop in the draft... does he get top pairing minutes next year? Will he continue with his offense from prior to his injury?