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  1. How about we keep out Megna if thats who is coming back and keep Goldobin on the 3rd
  2. The Granimal will not be exposed!!
  3. Too bad Pedan not good enough to play on the 3rd pairing, they don't come much tougher than him
  4. Right on, cheaper tix for us although I just buy mine game day off of CL
  5. Nice write up today from Canucks Army regarding Casey Middlestadt.
  6. I think someone else goes off the board early on in the draft and takes Rasmussen, please, one can only hope haha...... like New Jersey
  7. I would be happy if we stayed pat at 5, being realistic with our lottery luck. Hoping Middlestadt is available.
  8. Hischier at no. 1, no thanks to Makar at no. 3
  9. This thread reminds me of that scene in Moneyball where all the old baseball dudes are sitting around talking about bringing in new players to the organization, they are all saying, yeah, this kid is a real good looking kid, real square jaw, his girlfriend is a 10, and Brad Pitts character is sitting there thinking what the hell is going on here, what does this have to do with baseball....... haha
  10. Harold Druken
  11. 1-0 Kings scored by the always happy Drew Doughty
  12. From what I read Glass is a great playmaker, what we need for Boeser and whomever plays the 1LW
  13. Cody glass stock keeps rising
  14. This latest mock draft has vancouver taking Cody glass and Rasmussen going 4th haha
  15. If we land the 3rd spot and Patrick and Hischier are gone, do the Canucks draft Tippett? Isn't he going pretty high in most mock drafts, we already have a glutton of RW