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  1. Ramo could only keep the puck out so long as that first sensational save off the Sedins was only one out of one LOL
  2. Sutter what a pleasant surprise he has been tonight
  3. only one game but suck it TSN and sportsnet for your lovefest of the flameouts and coilers
  4. sportsnet is reluctant to give the hometown boys a compliment lol
  5. there you go Ferlund!! good shot of the kid and his effect tonight
  6. This is a big statement for the Flames!!!
  7. sportsnets is so far up the flames and oils butts its not funny hah
  8. well well how about that ferlund post now eh! hah
  9. Ramo over Hiller for the start, Hiller is pretty good option, thats too bad for him
  10. those 1st few minutes of the games will be electric, everyone hitting everything in sight