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  1. he can hit like a freight train but his confidence for making hits seemed to take a huge fall when he was penalized for a late hit and went to the sin bin, needs toget his timing right to make hits on the move vs people running into him and him knocking them on their asses. I cant wait to see him come out and knock players over left, right, and centre.
  2. umm ok, whatev
  3. I'm glad they brought back the minus
  4. good god man, i am trying very, very hard not to laugh out loud and wake my kid.....
  5. was also going to add in that we didn't have our annual summer posting of 'we need a new jersey thread' haha adidas took that rug out from under their feet
  6. like the 'new' look, but I am ok with rocking my 'old' reebok jerseys haha or my flying V jersey. will see alot of peeps rocking their brand spanking new Pettersson or Dahlen jerseys before they even play a game though haha
  7. which champs? damn thats a low price
  8. kind of like in the NBA how they are going to start adding on ads next year...
  9. I am looking forward to seeing alot more of this for the foreseeable future whether it is overseas or in a Comets/Canucks uniform. He used the same manouver in the SO didn't he, he can probably change up and shoot before going backhand to throw the goalie off. Now get him some swedish meatballs stat....
  10. No no it doesn't does it, that's a pretty solid 3 centres for the Canucks future.
  11. Look what happened with tryamkin when he played, injuries happened and he was a top 4 for awhile. Might happen with the Tanman and Edler in our top 4 right.
  12. If he gets the chance to play with Pettersson in the SHL then I say let him ply his trade overseas develop that chemistry
  13. dude is 6'3'' and 200lbs and still looks like he can pack on some more muscle haha, I hope he comes in and takes someones spot, he is going to be a great player for us
  14. the only TV Dad who sticks his hand in his pants when he watches TV..... the only TV Dad whose hero is Psycho Dad Who's that riding into the sun. Who's the man with the itchy gun. Who's the man who kills for fun! Psycho Dad. Psycho Dad. Psycho Dad! He sleeps with a gun, but he loves his son. ****** his wife 'cause she weighed a ton... Psycho Dad!
  15. what you think Benning goes out and grabs hartnell for little mini CBJ reunion with Gagner