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  1. This is pretty much how I've felt for years. Most of the media here are transplants from back east and it seems the rule of thumb is you don't have to do any actual journalism here if you just simply write something negative about the home team, then job well done, give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day. Ben Kuzma and maybe Ian Macintyre are the two exception. Personally I'd like to say to Ed Willes, if you're going to channel the ghost of Tony Gallagher, at least wait until he's dead. Thanks Dr. Doom. I believe he insinuated in the article you mentioned earlier, that it's still undetermined whether Bo Horvat will ever BECOME a difference maker. If he doesn't know the answer to that by now he should look for a change of profession. Or just go back to Ontario
  2. And this post contributes what to the discussion? Vague threads beget pointless posts is what we're meant to glean from this gem I suppose?.....Oh crap, now I did it!
  3. I do understand where you are coming from Elvis, I simply feel that in addition to that, the OP of "Etem" very likely does not share your compulsive desire for all discourse on any given topic to be confined to one be all and end all thread. 

    A lot of us are heathens when compared to you the all mighty and as such are happy to live our blasphemous little lives. 

    I know you are merely trying to enlighten us. But I feel you miss how superfluous you can be while accusing others of being so, albeit through your pure and magnanimous intentions.