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  1. My pet peeve with this team

    Peeves make terrible pets.
  2. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    Don't you mean 31st? You know, Vegas
  3. Using the Twins' strengths next year

    I've always been an advocate of splitting up the twins! Doesn't have to be permanent. Why they never split them up in the third when the offence wasn't going to try and spark two lines has always baffled me. You can always reunite them at any time. And since the powerplay has been so abysmal the last couple years, why not split them between the two units and force them to change things up. It's painfully obvious the same old thing isn't working anymore.
  4. Willie Taking Shots at Management

    Wow dude. Not sure where you are from but it HAS to suck. You know, because you're there. Can somebody please get this guy a pacifier and a clean diaper!!!
  5. Willie Taking Shots at Management

    Imagine if JB had sent Megna or Chaput down.... Willie would've lost his mind! But what a concept, AHL'ers playing in the AHL.
  6. 2016.17 Canucks Team Awards - Who Ya Got? (Poll)

    Is that you Willie D?
  7. 1 more year to go before we start talking playoffs.

    I personally just hope we don't lead the league in man-games lost to injury again next season. Around the league average would be such a treat. Probably wouldn't help the tank initiative but would be nice to see what kind of team we really have. No playoffs for a couple years, no problem. But hard for the team to gel for a playoff push down the road when half our team is injured at any given time. Please hockey gods, at least give us our health with which to better travel this difficult road before us!!!
  8. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    Hope he blocks me too. Guy can't be disagreed with. Gets all worked up and resorts to personal insults.
  9. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    I see intelligence and insight in all of your opinions and appreciate this thorough and well thought out response. Having said that I would argue that many people who understand the game have also shared my growing opinion that the coach has been late to realise at times when change has been needed and part of that is because he, as a coach, is a "players coach" and is at times loyal to a fault while also, simultaneously being reticent to give others a chance. I understand that a lot of his decisions this season are due to the fact his job could possibly be on the line and the safer options such as playing defensively sound Chaput whilst limiting offensively capable Boucher is more likely to limit scoring chances against and more helpful in MAYBE grinding out a win. But youth must be served eventually and we are seeing it now mostly due to injury. So I'm glad for the infusion of youth and talent over limited ceiling yet safer players. Just feel Willie D was a little late to the dance in this regard as well as in changing a stagnant powerplay. Sorry I riled you up a couple posts ago as I believe you to be one of the more insightful posters around these parts and I truly believe Willie should be given a chance next season. I am very excited to see what he can do with all these young players when he is not mandated by the higher ups to make the playoffs at all costs. Next season could be a very interesting and entertaining one!
  10. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    Any criticism of a coach does not imply one disbelieves in the importance of coaches in sport. That's a blind and self-serving assumption on your part. I don't hate Willie D. You said that not me. Another self-serving assumption on your part. I agree though. Definitely time to move on. Have a nice day!
  11. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    Not a kid and have played sports. But thanks for the nonsensical assumptions. All insults aside I still believe Willie D could have done a better job at said "player development" and none of your pointless personal attacks are doing anything to change that. Spew away bud!
  12. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    You take adverse opinions very personally there big guy. Is your last name Desjardins?
  13. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    I agree with much you say but if you think our first powerplay unit has been anything but predictable you need to take another look. I don't feel embarrassed in the least and I stand by my assessment I see good and bad in our coach and if you look at the post I was responding to you would see that I was providing a counterpoint to a very one-sided argument. I respect your opinion Alfstonker but it seems both you and the poster I was replying to seem to take personally anyone believing Willie D to have made serious blunders in player deployment and ill-conceived loyalty to players who didn't deserve it throughout the season.
  14. [PGT] Canucks @ Wild

    If Willie D was the coach you seem to feel he is, then why would he repeat the same process and expect different results where our powerplay is concerned. For 2.5 years it's been our achillies heel and he's failed to adapt in any meaningful way. As far as the growth of our young core, Stecher started in the minors and was given a chance only because of injury and his play gave the coaching staff no choice but to play him. Tryamkin started the season with the team only because he would bolt for the KHL if sent to the minors and was a healthy scratch until injuries provided him an opportunity as well. Horvat was described by Wille D in the off season as a defensive specialist not a scorer and was deployed on the fourth line to start the season after leading the team in scoring in the second half of last season as a 20 year old. Hutton actually regressed this season, at least through the first half of the season he was mired in terrible sophomore slump and has just recently regained some of the form he showed in his rookie season. Sbisa has been decent at times and mediocre at best but talked about highly throughout the season simply because he'd set the bar so low in his tenure thus far as a canucks. Bear and Granny are the only two of your examples I feel truly have succeeded/benefitted by Willies coaching rather than in spite of it. I feel that your love for Willie D has made you blindly overlook all of his flaws and failings. And I don't believe those whom are astute enough to see the the whole picture should be referred to as idiots! P.S. Did you notice that Reid Boucher scored 2 goals midway through the game but had only 6 mins of ice time after 2 periods. How much ice time do you think Chaput had? Sorry if I'm a blind idiot for noticing that.