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  1. Haven't heard the stat of the Canucks winning percentage with Loui Eriksson on the bench.. Seems things went south since his arrival from the pressbox

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Rather see Loui in Utica. 


      Maybe he'll retire then if he's forced to take the bus? 

    3. Alflives


      Loui is done as an NHL player.  I’m wondering if the owner is involved?  

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      @VancouverHabitant  I think it's more of a case where $6 million in a cap hit likely would have a greater (positive) impact somewhere else on the roster than a scrub.

  2. Bear-Cheese, doesn't everyone call him that?
  3. Does anyone else feel like the upcoming Blues game will be the first major measuring stick of how this team is doing?

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    2. bree2


      every game is a measuring stick of how this team is doing!

    3. coastal.view


      'nucks will be motivated

      to keep bo's streak intact

      captain's presence ensures a win

      i think the nucks will get to 5 in a row

      and then lose in the 3rd period of the following game

      just for the sake of symetry

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      not really, there's so much parity in the league that they're all pretty tough now for the most part. I like that we didn't put in our usual 20 minute effort against an inferior wings team. But more than anything I like the new pushback we're seeing. I love seeing Myers swat people away. 

  4. Does anyone know if tonights preseason game will be televised by Shaw?

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    2. Type R

      Type R

      Right, but given there is usually blackouts in different regions, I was basically asking if we will be able to see the game lol.

    3. debluvscanucks


      SPT04 ... whatever channel that is.

    4. BlastPast


      Here in Victoria it appears it will be on channel 353 (shaw) which is on free preview .

      Edit: not sure this channel is on free preview .

  5. Its a tough battle, wishing the whole family the best. He sounds like a hell of a guy.
  6. It would make sense to do it on Sedin night wouldn't it? To me, that would be the way to go. Sedin's aren't about themselves, I'm sure they would love transfering some of the attention that night off themselves and back to Bo.
  7. Hurricanes are probably working on a trade for one of their D, should be interesting.
  8. Didn't he PTO with us, and then jumped for St Louis?
  9. Ok, being an Island boy, I haven't been to many myself, but here goes. Nov 20 2009 Van 5 - Col 2 Apr 6 2015 Van 6 - LA 4 Dec 14 2017 Van 1 - NV 7 Jan 13 2019 Van 5 - Flo 1 The only major difference on the loss night from my perspective is my wife wasn't with me.
  10. Its scary, my kid is visiting his bio dad up in kitimat, and when he comes back, they have to drive down to Terrace and my wife is stressing hard about this. I don't think its the same highway, but man it can stir up the anxiety. I hope they catch the bastard.
  11. Very grateful I got to see Bobby Lou live once last year before he retired.  Wifey came through for my xmas gift.