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  1. Watching the game tonight (the last period and overtime thanks sportsnet) I am wondering.. Who else think Brock is knee deep in sophomore slump, and if so, how much of an opportunity is this for GM JB to sign him sub 7m?

    1. RetroCanuck


      Honestly I don't think he's looked good this year and Pettersson in many ways has inflated his numbers.


      I think he will hit right at the 7M mark with his next contract if his play remains the same.

    2. -AJ-


      This season was a win-win either way. Either Brock was crazy good, or he had a slump and we got him long-term for cheaper. In all honesty, he's not really in that much of a slump. His points-per-game is nearly identical to last year's. Unless he gives a discount, I see him being around $7 to $7.5M per year.