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  1. Orca Bay was a holding company created by the then-incumbent owner of the Canucks, Arthur Griffiths. I like the '98 uniforms. In 1998, specifically, the team wore an All-Star patch, and the uniforms lacked shoulder yokes. They looked sharp -- the white ones, especially.
  2. My soundtrack choices are a throwback to an earlier time when sports montages didn't only feature punk rock, death metal, hip hop, and trailer music. The music represents the personalities and style of play that these players possess; they also help to construct a narrative within the videos. I've featured an instrumental soundtrack in all of my videos since 2012.
  3. A few people seem to be having issues with the soundtrack. My highlight packages are paced and edited to suit the music, while the music is chosen to set the tone of the video. I prefer to select very neutral music with wide appeal, and so they tend to be instrumental tracks. Due to a tendency from YouTube to either geoblock or restrict viewership of videos with commercial music, I can not use any that might be identified by YouTube's copyright ID algorithm. I use music that I believe won't lead to geoblocking so that nobody has any issues viewing my videos. I also care about sound quality, so the music is sourced from CD to keep the audio as clean as possible in spite of some of the inevitable effects of re-encoding the audio during processing and uploading to YouTube. Jake is a quick skater who uses speed well, and I feel that there is a youthfulness to Jake Virtanen's game as well as a sense of optimism about his future. As such, the first track I have used is a driving track from the original soundtrack of the first Gran Turismo racing simulator. You can hear the track on its own here: The second track was a different arrangement of the first track. Of course, I wanted to show the other side of him as well, so I finished with a more intense track: For my Patrik Laine Liiga regular season package, I used this track from Gran Turismo 5 among others; I wanted to convey the very cool attitude that he presents and so selected the tracks accordingly: You can see my Laine and Puljujärvi videos below:
  4. Here are highlights from Jake Virtanen's 2015-16 rookie season. I feel that he is not appreciated enough as a young member of the Vancouver Canucks, so I have prepared this highlight package. Please enjoy.
  5. It isn't correct -- that's why it sounds awkward. The line is to be interpreted as "true, patriot[ic] love [is] in all [of] thy sons' command," considering the whole song is addressed to Canada, i.e., "O Canada / our home and native land / true patriot love in all thy sons' command / with glowing hearts we see thee rise . . ." You can't just swap out "thy sons'" for "of us" because the line then no longer makes sense. An example of a more appropriate alternative is "true patriot love in all thou dost command," meaning that the "true, patriot love" is in all of Canada's subjects -- "true, patriotic love is in all that you (Canada) command." Or: "true patriot love our loyalty commands." Or "true patriot love our faith to you commands." Or, better yet, return to the original lyric of "true patriot love thou dost in us command."
  6. It ain't ever coming back. Not even this guy could bring it back.
  7. Here is a 17-minute highlight package featuring all of Patrik Laine's goals and shift highlights from his 2016 MVP, championship Liiga playoff campaign with Tappara.
  8. Here is a 17-minute highlight package featuring all of Patrik Laine's goals and shift highlights from his 2016 MVP, championship Liiga playoff campaign with Tappara.
  9. He made some beautiful passes in spite of the slower pace. He is very aware of where everyone is on the ice, and he has the patience not to force the puck to the net. Yesterday we saw examples of his elite vision. He definitely thinks pass first, but we've seen him score with some big shots too. That said, his shot isn't quite on Laine's level at this point; while there is power on his shots, he lacks the accuracy at this point to be considered a very dangerous sniper. If I were to project his average goal totals, I would say perhaps 25 to 30 goals per season, with a chance to elevate his goal totals beyond that if he refines his shot. Of course, both possess great playmaking skill and can shoot the puck, but they think the game differently. Laine plays to his greatest strength -- his shot -- while Puljujärvi places more emphasis on his passing ability and tries to spot others if open passing lanes are available. Whereas Laine is clearly a goal scorer first and a playmaker second, Puljujärvi first thinks about where everyone else is on the ice and isn't as quick to be the trigger man. There are shooters with his speed and shot who just charge through the neutral zone all the time and throw everything on net, but he isn't like that at all -- he gauges his options. Puljujärvi will most certainly average more assists than goals, while Laine possesses a pretty decent chance of having a pretty even goal-to-assist ratio in the NHL. Vladimir Tarasenko, for example, has nearly identical goal and assist totals each season, and this season had more goals than assists. If I had the option to choose between them, I would select Laine over Puljujärvi. That said, I would still be ecstatic to have Puljujärvi. Both of them played as linemates last year at the 2015 U-18 tournament. These are Laine's highlights from that tournament. Laine wore #27 at that event. He scored 8 goals, 11 points in 7 games.
  10. Another incredible goal for Patrik Laine in Game 6 of the Liiga Playoff Semifinals. He ties the game 2-2 with one second remaining in the third period. It took two opposing players to shadow him, but in the dying moments he was free, and it took just one shot for him to tie the game up. He now has 8 goals in his last 7 playoff games; 5 goals in his last 3 games.
  11. I said in February that I believed that Patrik Laine should be the Canucks' choice. I now very strongly believe that he is the best player of this draft class. He is an outstanding talent, and I hope that the Canucks have the privilege of selecting him. Nothing about his play since I began watching him has changed my mind. He is an elite goal scorer who can dominate games with the puck. His size, shooting ability, and hands will make him a great threat for opposing teams. While several players in this draft possess good size, nobody in the draft shoots like Laine. He has the ability to score from anywhere, and he has the hands to finesse his way past defenders and still release a sizzling shot. He can bulldoze players too with his 6'4'', possibly 6'5'' frame. He has elevated his game even further in the Liiga postseason, scoring 7 goals in the last 6 playoff games and dominating with his presence on the ice. As a 17-year-old, he is single-handedly defeating Jesse Puljujärvi's team in the second round of the Liiga (Finnish Elite League) playoffs. Here are some highlights from one of his playoff games last week. I have linked to all of his playoff goals below: A few miscellaneous plays:
  12. Did you give up on hockey? I don't think the team missed either of you.
  13. Numerous close sources, including several well-informed Finnish observers and the fine folks at McKeen's Hockey. Your assumption that his height remained unchanged all season is wrong.
  14. No. He grew during the season. The height statistic used in the WJC documents, if that is your source, is outdated. No new measurements were taken at that event. McKeen's, meanwhile, has both Laine and Puljujärvi listed at 6'4''.