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  1. [Waivers] Coyotes waive John Scott

    He's a great teammate too.    
  2. And we're on our way. I don't know if Hamhuis and Vrbata can fetch this team first round draft picks anymore; I would trade them sooner than later, though, so that this team can compete for the first overall selection.
  3. First, a Jook.

    What do you call a century egg that plays for the Vancouver Canucks?               Andrey Pedan.
  4. Reunited, the Brothers Hamilton.
  5. Kids leave high school knowing nothing about politics. Their political knowledge depends on their university education and the courses they took. Geography and History are both essential, but not everyone takes those subjects. Many young people do not vote because they do not have a confident grasp of the issues at stake. In a society such as this, there are no radical ideological differences between the parties. We have constructed a society in Canada that respects a core set of rights and values, and so the fight for basic civil liberties is over, unlike in other countries around the world. We vote to decide the more nuanced, minute details of the way our society runs, and we choose between centrist parties that are all relatively similar. For that, people need greater knowledge of the issues in order to make an informed decision. We have voter apathy because the issues aren't as obvious and people aren't confident enough in their knowledge of the issues to make a choice. Young people aren't going to learn from films unless these films are shown in grade school. Most aren't going to voluntarily sit through a political documentary.
  6. Somebody's got to coin the nickname "Superfries" for him.
  7. "Feel the Bern" [The Bernie Sanders thread]

    The CNN debate is going to bring Sanders more exposure, which is good. I like everything he has said, and seeing as everyone posting here is Canadian, I think we can relate to someone who wants to make their country more like ours. Universal health care is something we take for granted here. If the Democrats do not agree with Sanders' philosophy, though, I could see it difficult for him to pass laws through Congress. The socio-economic elite are going to make sure of it. If anything, it would be an eye-opener to the public.
  8. That's actually been disproven. At the Wembley concert, they played with a backing track, but the vocals were completely live. Whoever mixed the audio of the original television production of that accidentally dubbed the recording on top of the live audio. That gave everybody the wrong impression that the band lipsynched.
  9. Jeff with Eric Clapton, Elton John, and George Harrison. One of the most underrated British musicians of all time. Jeff's Electric Light Orchestra discography is full of great compositions. "Mr. Blue Sky," "Turn To Stone," "Telephone Line," "Showdown," "Evil Woman," "Don't Bring Me Down," etc, etc, etc. And those are just some of the singles. I actually like a lot of the cuts more than the singles. A New World Record, Time, Discovery, and Face The Music are all among my favorite albums. Eldorado and Out Of The Blue are excellent as well. A fantastic songwriter.
  10. He was one of the Traveling Wilburys, yes. In fact, he actually produced the albums for all of the other Wilburys at the time (except Bob Dylan). George Harrison's Cloud Nine, Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever, and Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl were all produced or co-produced by Jeff. So were both of the Traveling Wilburys albums.
  11. Jeff has always been the frontman, producer and the driving force of the band. He could have just used the name ELO since he owns it. The fact that people do not know who he is, though, in spite of all of his accomplishments is a worrying issue. He is a legendary music icon and is rightfully the "son of Beatles." It's about time people start to recognize him as an individual. The last ELO studio album was released in 2001. Throughout the 1980s, Jeff and his bandmates stopped seeing eye to eye, and by 1986 only three band members were left: Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy, and Jeff. After their 1986 album, their contract with CBS ended and Jeff put an end to ELO. Bev and Richard then formed their own group, ELO Part II, but eventually lost the rights to the name. The 2001 album, Zoom, featured Jeff performing most of the instruments on his own; George Harrison and Ringo Starr made guest appearances, and Richard Tandy actually played on one of the songs. Richard joined Jeff's live band as well. Bev did not participate, and although he still has not played with Jeff, he is now on good speaking terms with him. The rest of the band members have not played with Jeff either. ELO is just Jeff now, but to be honest Jeff has always been the songwriter, producer and frontman of the band. I compare it to Paul McCartney and Wings; Paul could reform Wings without having to bring back any of his old bandmates, since he encompasses the band's identity. There was a time when the band was called "Paul McCartney and Wings." ELO is Jeff Lynne. He has always written the songs and produced the songs. In the past, he just had other people play the parts that he had written for them.
  12. The new album from Jeff Lynne's ELO is called Alone In The Universe and is slated for release this November. The first single, "When I Was A Boy," just debuted on BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. About an hour before the full song's debut, a preview clip was posted on Jeff Lynne's official Facebook page. Jeff's Facebook team has been posting clues all day about the album's title and cover.
  13. Tom Cochrane + Red Rider on Saturday. Colbie Caillat + Christina Perri on Sunday. There are many people who I'm sure would like to see these performers live. Just wear a raincoat and some warm clothing. Don't bring umbrellas -- a sea of umbrellas makes a concert unwatchable.
  14. [Request] Leon Draisaitl Sig

  15. Ask Jazz Anything

    Charlie Byrd or João Gilberto?