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  1. always dreaded aug 15th. Can't believe it's been 5 years. Biggest fan of his. Heart of a true Canuck
  2. I'll be going!
  3. Bump for any new leads
  4. Yotes: been a fan for quite some time, EVEN during our dark times (Keenan/Messier era) diesel_3: haha! Thanks? The rack was from Target
  5. former and current Canucks, only.
  6. i primarily collect game worn jerseys and autographs, but this may be my oddest request from one of THE nicest Canuck, ever:
  7. No AriGold, it's like the official team book, that they sell at the store and at Chapters. They've got the players bio etc
  8. Anyone know why the team didn't put out a program this year? They did one for last year, so was just wondering why
  9. Hey guys, heard that the game worn skates jerseys were raffled off at Dice and Ice and wanted to see if anyone who attended the event got what jersey? lets see 'em!
  10. got any mclean, butcher, babych>???
  11. Round 1, pick 10: Evgeny Namestnikov
  12. oh no! lolz can you send us a screen capture of it? [face palm]
  13. First and foremost, this is a hobby of mine for many years now. The answer why I go to autograph signings, A) it's fun and the type of job that I have,with it being so physically and mentally taxing, is an escape for me. You could say it keeps me sane.
  14. anyone know what time the players were there yesterday at Brittania? and how about today??