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  1. Just checking in to say congrats Tanev! I'm super impressed with every move you made in this complete retool and GM of the year is completely deserved.
  2. I think I'm going to step down. Just not getting anywhere trying to upgrade my team and I'm just getting kind of burnt out on it. Of course no hard feelings at all to anyone I've recently been negotiating with. I'll probably be back eventually.
  3. Reagan O'Grady
  4. Tomas Jurco is available for a defenseman of equivalent value because i don't have room for him in my top 6. 24 goals, 24 assists, 48 points in 13 minutes per game. This guy is ready to break out into one of the leagues top scorers if you give him minutes.
  5. When you say that you mean season one right?
  6. If anyone thinks they can get anything out of Jimmy Howard, he is available for a 2nd round pick. He has a $3M cap. One year removed from being a starter. Still looking for top 2/top 4 defensemen as well. All picks as well as Mantha, Tyler Bertuzzi, and possibly one of Jurco or Sheahan on the table.
  7. Prospects/picks available in detroit.
  8. What a game seven! The Penguins were up 3-0 two minutes in. Congrats AV.
  9. thx dawg
  10. Hey Kaz, I've noticed that on your in game screenshot of the top Dmen scoring list Dekeyser is still listed as only an LD. I used a perk at the start of the year to make him able to play RD as well and have been playing him on the right side all year. Not a huge deal but it probably is affecting my chemistry a little bit. If it's not too difficult can you fix that?
  11. Detroit's Team Awards: Team MVP: Zach Parise Top Dman: Ryan Suter Unsung Hero: Danny Dekeyser Most Exciting: Gustav Nyquist Rookie of the Year: Andreas Athanasiou Biggest Surprise: Viktor Tikhonov Top Goaltender: Petr Mrazek Parise and Suter were both essential components of our bounce back year. I brought them in to be difference makers and they were exactly that, carrying us from the basement of the league to a tie for 4th place in the league standings and the Atlantic Division Trophy in little over a calendar year. Mrazek came into his own by the end of the year and is now the stud we'd hoped he'd become. Dekeyser has matured into a monster on defense. An all around stud who is overshadowed by Suter, but is honestly not any less valuable to us. Tikhonov was brought in as a depth piece to bring a touch of scoring to our 4th line and ended up outscoring the mighty Pavel Datsyuk, with 40 ponts. I'm not sure if we played above expectations or that we just played so below expectations last year. Nevertheless, the expectations have been raised and anything less than reaching the Eastern Conference finals will be considered a let down. And yes, the streak ended last year but this is the start of the new one. Good luck @CaptainCanuck001 You seem like an excellent addition to our league and I wish you nothing but the best.
  12. I have a feeling you'd like InSoM-
  13. UMB is so right though.
  14. New lines paid off in a big way and the Red Wings are one of the hottest teams as of late. No ppg players, but we have excellent depth scoring. btw, kaz you are a machine with those sims. Going above and beyond