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  1. Could have been a good alternate third jersey worn ten games a year for the 50th season this past season had the clubs marketing department had some imagination and creativity but I know all you haters will just comment 'too beer league looking"! I was at the draft here in Vancouver and it'd have been cool to have seen the team draft Podkozlin 10th overall and put a Johnny Canuck new third jersey on him in front of the fans in attendance and the millions watching on TV. It'd have sold well as the kids love Johnny Canuck and one sees it on a lot of the teams merchandise so why didn't the team do a jersey in it? So I rest my case! No worse than the Islanders Captain Highliner fish sticks jersey they wore for 2 seasons! Later haters, go ahead and flame away with your comments for or against the jersey. I only come around here every once in a blue moon to read the stuff so whatever.
  2. Was sent an email buy them telling us we have to wait at least 30 days past the event before they issue a refund.
  3. keep trolling there you and all the other haters. No need to post a photo of it as I have already posted ones of the players in them. And you'd say the guy is an 'old geezer' or come up with some other vitriol remark about him wearing it so no point. You probably never attend any games live either to see fans wearing the green JC jersey or the fellow whom I mentioned wearing the Raymond jersey that was worn at the 2011 superskills competition, later, am done arguing with all of you. Being a long time yearly ice pack holder the team needed something new and different to kick start the lacking fan interest, etc. Even had they gone with this as an alternate jersey it'd have still been a success. The current rebrand big deal! Took "VANCOUVER" off the front of the jersey and kept the same ridiculous orca whale, enlarged it a bit, like BIG DEAL! And the new green they've gone with please don't even get me started on that! Totally ugly. Boring and no creativity whatsoever! Done arguing with all of you haters of the JC logo so if you wish to respond go right ahead as I won't even be coming back to read it. Enjoy the season and as my saying goes for the team 'hope for the best, expect the worse"! Just like the new supposed dull unimaginative rebrand the team has done.
  4. Baggins please stick to watching your Premier League english soccer as it is as dull and boring as our constipated looking orca whale!
  5. Got a photo of a guy in one wearing Mason Raymonds game worn practice jersey from that 2011 superskills day. Bumped in to this guy wearing it at one of last years games and he wasn't a 50 year old 'geezer' as you imply! Just a regular passionate fan like all of us are!
  6. Bull! The logo was just something thrown together quickly and hastily buy the former ownership group John McGaw. There was never any creativity or thought process whatsoever that went in to it. It was done rather quickly when Arthur Griffiths was forced to sell the team to John Mcgaw.
  7. I don't know if there is any truth to it or not that Benning was trying to work a three way deal which would have had him waive his no trade clause and we got James Neal from the Flames, Erikkson to the Oil, and Lucic to the Flames. He didn't want to waive his no trade clause and go to Edmonton supposedly? I'll be booing him loudly every time he touches the puck at any home game I attend this year. Sounds like he is selfish and doesn't want to be here so why he is still on our team puzzles me. Why doesn't he accept a fresh start elsewhere? Hopefully he is sent down to Utica or traded asap!
  8. Yes and the Pittsburgh Penguin and the Annaheim Ducks logos look just as 'cartoonie"! Especially the goofie looking Donald Duck! Think the constipated looking orca the team currently wears is just as cartoonish. When someone says 'canuck' to you does a killer whale come to mind? Team needed something new and different as fan interest seems to be at an all time low currently. As a long time yearly 11 game ice pack holder I see lots of empty seats at most of the games. Something new and different like a JC jersey would have helped spark some interest and put much needed rear ends into them empty seats. Later. @Baggins please stick to watching your premier league english soccer!
  9. UGLY and ZERO CREATIVITY from a clueless marketing department.
  10. Yes but ironic all these SOLD OUT QUICKLY after the 2011 superskills so what does that tell you? Something new and different was needed!