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  1. [Official] Wii U thread

    The Wii was unable to match the gameplay of XBox and Playstation, and once people realized it many turned away from the Wii they bought. Wii U will sell incredibly well because it will bring in a whole new brand of gaming. Wether that new brand is exciting will determine if people continue to use it.
  2. Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    This guy was a steal, lots of sources had him going in the late 2nd round. Hopefully he pans out.
  3. Jannik Hansen

    I don't think anyone expects him to be a first liner... You see an NHL team has 4 forward lines, and if a player has the ability to contribute on one of these 4 lines they can stick on a team. Hansen is a great 3rd liner, and has the potential to be a serviceable 2nd liner when he needs to be. Yes you are certainly separated from the puck bunnies with the rose-coloured glasses because while you both may be idiots, at least they support the team. That is all.
  4. [Official] Wii U thread

    I think the Wii sold so well because at the time it was unlike anything else out there, but now with things like Kinect and Playstation Move the Wii really doesn't hold much of a market anymore.
  5. OMG Snow?

    I hope it snows a ton on the mountains, but doesn't at all down here. Every year the snow will be beautiful for 2 days before rain just turns it into disgusting slush
  6. [Official] Wii U thread

    The problem is though that a vast majority of gamers are late teens/early 20's and Nintendo does very little to appeal to this group causing it to lose a lot of potential buyers. Gamecube was fantastic, but it was a true console which I don't count Wii to be. Gamecube sold about 20 million copies Xbox sold about 24 million PS2 sold about 150 million So really Gamecube did quite well against XBox, but both failed compared to PS2.
  7. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Its probably going to be San Andreas with a few new tweaks and added areas, I doubt they would take anything out. Hopefully the in-game quality will be as good as it is in the trailer, that would be nuts
  8. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Ahhhh excited
  9. What are you listening to?

  10. Definitely an awesome avatar hahaha

  11. It wasn't a rock it was a...