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  1. one game short of a stanley cup, followed by the grey cup....we are spoiled....

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      What A game ! AHts of to the Bombers for making that one exciting GREY CUP

  2. around the league, the cream is starting to rise to the top of the standings...

  3. yes, i'm seeing booth with kesler's potential too....bodes well the rest of the season...gillis is the man....what do you think of the rumor of the canucks going after carle for their defense?

    and that they are shopping ballard....?

  4. Booth will get his sooner or later > with the way he is driving to the net he will inspire everyone on a line with him . Lovin' what I see right now :)

  5. the second line was boss.....i'ld still like to see higgins on with hodgson and burrows,,,,kesler between booth and raymond....and hansen and malhotra sharing time with the sedins....have manny take the important face off for them...the puck in the sedin's hands, could translate into more goals for them...hansen for grit...tonight, and cory....go canucks

  6. Looks like cooler heads prevail again huh Joe :) Corey is lookin to steal Lou's job I reckon' fine with me if the boys play like that in front of him . Great effort from all lines tonight :) Cheers buddy .

  7. i only got to see the first period....the thing i like about cory is that you get the same effort every or lose...with roberto, you never know which roberto is going to show up...right now i'm more concerned with the play of kesler and booth...kes can't seem to win a face off and has no finish around the net...i love hodgson and higgins..our defense needs to get better too.cheers mate.

  8. What a game ! A few more games like that from Corey and we may have a controversy brewing on our hands. COuld be worse , we could have no top goalies fighting for the spot . i bet it spurs the team on to greater things :)

  9. yah, i used to live in chinookville too..i don't like predicting because i think i jinx them...we know they will go on a tear and string some wins together...they just can't seem to put their talents together at the same time..booth and kes are similar players in that they both like to shoot first....that is why there is no continuity between them..they should play like they are on the power play.

  10. So it was -30 with the wind chill 2 days ago and now it is currently +12 ? This city is killing me Joe :( Being east of the Riockies is just hell in winter lol . But at least I can get the last of the yard cleaned up before Mr Frosty hits us again . So any predictions for next game ? I feel Kes is on the verge of 4 or 5 point game :) Lets hope !

  11. whoa! your living in japan now.....oh well, your still an island lady.....the canucks are going to turn it around pretty soon....go canucks...

  12. hi, island lady...i thought you married and moved to cabo san lucas....i hope you get to canada again....maybe watch some hockey's good to have you back...

  13. hi there! sorry for MIA lately but now i'm back! wish i could move to canada NOW! ;)

  14. playing for the stanley and grey cups in the same that any good?

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Seems pretty dam good to me JOE :) i hope the LEO's can do the same to the bombers in the finals

  15. what are the odds of double wins today?.....go lions and canucks...

    1. debluvscanucks
    2. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      I betcha she's singing that anthem with gusto, Joe! Roar, you Lions, ROAR!!