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  1. Hmmm, It looks like abols might get canned. >.< One of our euros cant be traded. The other was brought here because hes projected as a high round pick this next year. Abols is also 20 making him take two limited spots (overage and euro) Apparently we have 2 weeks to decide but well probably play him a ton and try to rustle up some interest for a trade.
  2. Abols is making the winterhawks make some decisions. Were carrying two imports already, so one of the three is gonna get canned. I doubt it will be Abols, so I'll help keep tabs on him for fellow Canucks fans.
  3. Oh the shame... *sighs*
  4. Im pretty sure that fans who stop giving their money to their team find that they lose their team... If you guys dont want the Canucks up there, Ill take them in Portland. >=)
  5. Saw him live a good number of times. Also worked on a movie with him. "Down and out with the dolls". Filmed in portland oregon. Pretty good B-flick. RIP.
  6. Terrific is one of my favorites... It used to be a bad thing... like horrific. Now, because of repeated sarcastic applications, means something great! WTF english!?
  7. when in Rome do as the Romans do › something that you say that means that when you are visiting another country, you should behave like the people in that country:
  8. videogame systems. I work too much to play them, but i really like having them around. =) I have many all original systems and games. Im lacking in the sega department... other than that, im golden!
  9. Called "The Cruel" We played from about 2000-2005. nothing much in the way of footage as this was before the ease of phone recordings and you tube. We had one live album recorded and a bunch or random studio bits (we were poor!) so nothing ever really came of it. We opened for the "Misfits" when they had already spiraled into the depths of crap. But also opened for Graves (michael graves and dr chuds band) Both shows were rowdy and tons of fun!
  10. Great they had to put out a BOLO. so the suspect(s) may be at large.
  11. How many more times does this have to happen before i can become a refugee and move to Canada!? Im ashamed and disgusted. *sigh
  12. Lets see... I was the lead singer for a horror punk metal band for 5 years. When we opened for the misfits, I had a 13 inch mohawk, Held up with elmers glue (actually really good for your hair!). As a toddler i used to tell my mom that my OTHER mom was dead. It totally creeped her out. I told her that me and my brother and two sisters were following her and she got hit by a car in the street. Apparently it came out that my other mom was a cat. *shrugs* I have 10 Video game systems hooked up to my TV currently: Atari, Nintendo, super nintendo, N64, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBox, XBOX 360. All original. all work great. I met my wife in 8th grade. weve been official for 19 years. Shes been my only. I played Football, Soccer, and did American Kenpo all at the same time for 8 years. I invented my own LARP and had nearly 40 players in its prime. I started in middle school, long before i knew what i was doing was "LARPING"
  13. Just to break the topic down a bit and work on a collective solution (we actually CAN do this (amazingly)... there are a few major debates going on... Is changing a team name hard? Should we care when others are offended? should a call to action (or a request) that is not justified by your own logic be considered whining and disregarded? My simple answers are... Yes, changing a team name might be a little difficult. Especially when you have fans that are attached to the imagery. But it certainly is NOT insurmountable. Infact, you might find more fans than before since likely many HAVE been boycotting you and not buying in because of your stupid team name. Portland is pretty progressive and i see american indians attending Winterhawks games with shirts that say (we love the team but not the logo). People always stop to chat with them and come away with a better understanding of their stance. Should we care when others are offended? Hell yes. Why shouldnt we be!? Sure, some people need a thicker skin, but most of the time, its not hard to show some common courtesy. If you think your opinion must be right because its yours, then you should give your head a shake. People deserve respect (most of them anyway) and as long as it doesnt directly harm me any, i tend to honor the wishes of others... usually they return the favor. For the last topic... If someone comes up to me and they say "Im offended when you do "X" because "Y"..." and I just cant wrap my mind around their reasoning, I dont automatically assume that their reasoning is flawed or incorrect. It COULD be that I am wrong, That MY logic is incorrect. At the VERY LEAST i should ponder the topic and TRY to understand where they are coming from.
  14. Yeah i dont think either of us have the answer. I just know that no matter how you slice it were both being done pretty dirty... One thing that stuck with me is after i procured insurance, i ran to the dentist to try to catch up on my dental care... The sign outside said "New patients 20 dollars for exams an Xrays!" I was like Hell yeah! so i go in and do it... They say, okay so you insurance is covering some of this but you still owe us 50 bucks to see us today." I said "excuse me there must be a mistake. your sign outside says..." She cut me off at that point and said, "oh thats for people without insurance" I was LIVID for more reason than one... Im paying more for having insurance than i would if i had kept that pretty card in my wallet AND they can charge my insurance whatever they feel like charging, and someone else a completely different amount. My 50 bucks pays for the next few people that dont have insurance i guess.