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  1. 1st Round of Cuts

    Hmmm, It looks like abols might get canned. >.< One of our euros cant be traded. The other was brought here because hes projected as a high round pick this next year. Abols is also 20 making him take two limited spots (overage and euro) Apparently we have 2 weeks to decide but well probably play him a ton and try to rustle up some interest for a trade.
  2. 1st Round of Cuts

    Abols is making the winterhawks make some decisions. Were carrying two imports already, so one of the three is gonna get canned. I doubt it will be Abols, so I'll help keep tabs on him for fellow Canucks fans.
  3. What is the weirdest common English word?

    Terrific is one of my favorites... It used to be a bad thing... like horrific. Now, because of repeated sarcastic applications, means something great! WTF english!?
  4. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    when in Rome do as the Romans do › something that you say that means that when you are visiting another country, you should behave like the people in that country:
  5. The collector thread

    videogame systems. I work too much to play them, but i really like having them around. =) I have many all original systems and games. Im lacking in the sega department... other than that, im golden!
  6. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    Called "The Cruel" We played from about 2000-2005. nothing much in the way of footage as this was before the ease of phone recordings and you tube. We had one live album recorded and a bunch or random studio bits (we were poor!) so nothing ever really came of it. We opened for the "Misfits" when they had already spiraled into the depths of crap. But also opened for Graves (michael graves and dr chuds band) Both shows were rowdy and tons of fun!
  7. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    Lets see... I was the lead singer for a horror punk metal band for 5 years. When we opened for the misfits, I had a 13 inch mohawk, Held up with elmers glue (actually really good for your hair!). As a toddler i used to tell my mom that my OTHER mom was dead. It totally creeped her out. I told her that me and my brother and two sisters were following her and she got hit by a car in the street. Apparently it came out that my other mom was a cat. *shrugs* I have 10 Video game systems hooked up to my TV currently: Atari, Nintendo, super nintendo, N64, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBox, XBOX 360. All original. all work great. I met my wife in 8th grade. weve been official for 19 years. Shes been my only. I played Football, Soccer, and did American Kenpo all at the same time for 8 years. I invented my own LARP and had nearly 40 players in its prime. I started in middle school, long before i knew what i was doing was "LARPING"
  8. Post Your Job Thread

    Marketing Project Manager. Brand Management. Technical/Product Catalog Developer. (with a video game design degree, ha!)
  9. Pick 1-16 Your next big life moment.

    6. Win the Lotto... I would totally spend it paying old, out-of-shape guys to play hockey with me. Im 5'4" and 33 years old, but hey, i can play goal if I pay my team right!?
  10. Halloween Thread

    My nerdy ass is playing Dungeons and Dragons on Halloween. Take THAT cool kids!
  11. Your NHL look alike?

    I think this would be better if people posted selfies and other people found hockey players that they looked like... Hahaha!
  12. NHL Officially launches expansion process

    Dont take portland out of a relocation plan. Paul allen has said that he may be interested in moving a team to portland but he is not interested in expansion fees. He was in on bids for the yotes when they were in the air a few years ago. We have a beautiful arena and hockey hungry fans. I cant help but wonder why Seattle doesnt even have their WHL team in city limits. Paul Allen will be in if there is money to be made.
  13. Anton Cederholm | D

    Paul Allen has been pretty tight lipped about this. I doubt he would let the team play in the moda center if he didnt own it and hes not as interested in an expansion team as he is in a relocation. Anything is possible though, i cant pretend to understand rich investors and their whims. haha. They did take two, but i didnt think that really meant anything. When we got the rights to anton, we had two already and we waived one to bring his butt here. Im not really clear on the rules here, but im pretty sure we could trade one or waive one somehow... Also, i did know he had a girlfriend here, but i didnt know they had gotten engaged. Thats pretty cool. I think hes reliable enough defensively to play in the AHL. Im just not sure if hes offensive enough for Travis Green... though they did have a year together in JRs, so im sure Travis has an idea about Anton's Capabilities. I just watched the grouse grind vid and it looks like Anton has put on even a few more pounds! sheesh this kid is beefy!
  14. Anton Cederholm | D

    I hope we keep him another year in portland. There isnt much room in utica and he could use a year to really work on some offensive skills. i DID notice a huge difference in his confidence with the puck this year, but i think one more year could really do wonders. If he stays in portland, Ill come back around and give you guys little updates. Im a season ticket holder so i should be able to get a pretty good sample size. Go winterhawks!